13+ Avery 8163 Shipping Label Template Download!!

    Avery 8163 Shipping Label Template

    From labels to cards to name tags, who doesn’t like customized ones that are attractive and easy to print too? Avery design turns out to be an excellent solution if you are looking to prepare customized labels for yourself or business.

    Avery 8163 labels are quite popular and it is extremely easy to create one for yourself. However, the advantage of choosing Avery 8163 templates is you can eliminate misalignment and event jams during the printing process. Ink smudges are quite common but you can eliminate such instances with ready-to-use Avery templates. Most importantly, these templates are cost effective too as you can directly print in huge volumes in one go.

    Blank Avery 8163 templates

    Avery 8163 template

    Avery 8163 template Avery 8163 template Shipping Labels

    Shipping Labels Shipping Labels Shipping Labels

    If you are looking to print shipping labels, Avery 8163 template contains about 10 labels in one sheet where each of the labels is 2 inches in width and 4 inches in height. These labels contain rounded corners so you do not have a tough time in cutting the labels to stick on packages. In one A4 sheet, it is possible to create 10 labels but if you are planning to create more, you may have to change the dimensions that can, in turn, affect the outlook.

    Instead of usual rectangular labels, you can go for oval labels too. Though these oval labels can incur excess wastage of the sheet, they are still worth if you are keen about creating unique labels. All the templates listed here can be used as address labels as well as name tags. Here are a few more for your reference.

    Shipping Labels Avery 8163 Shipping Labels Shipping Labels Shipping Labels Avery 8163 Shipping Labels Shipping Labels

    Do you still want to create Shipping Labels on your own? Here are the steps to be followed.

    • In your Microsoft Word application, select mailings tab and then choose Options under Labels.
    • You are displayed with Avery US Letter as one of the options under Label vendors. Click the same.
    • Look out for Avery 8163 product number and then click OK.

    Right now, the dimensions are ready for your label. You can apply designs, colors, and patterns of your choice. Find this to be a long process? Choose one of the templates above and make it look better with the following ideas.

    • You can draw lines on a label to enter the address or different rows based on your need.
    • If you are creating Avery label for your business, append logo on one side and contact information on the other side. Finally, leave space for you to enter the customer’s address.
    • If you are creating the label for children, play with colors and cartoons and make it look attractive.

    Looking to print limited labels? You may have to adjust the paper size accordingly to A5 or A6 in Word processing software.


    It is interesting to use customized labels to display the uniqueness of your business. At the same time, using one of the templates listed in this post can help you manage frame size effectively and make the text readable. That’s it! Your business is all set to fly high with attractive filling labels.


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