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19+ Printable Secret Santa Form Samples {Download Free Templates}

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Christmas is nearing and it is high time that you begin planning for the big day right from today.

If you are unsure what to do, we have a great plan that is ready to implement.

Fillable Secret Santa Gift Exchange Form for Adults

Before you actually plan to be a secret Santa and gift your pals for Christmas, you should find out who is interested and collect basic information.

You can make them fill a Santa gift exchange form. Its purpose is to collect the interests of the people and plan for a gift exchange, maybe.

Holiday Season Secret Santa Gift Exchange Form Secret Santa Game Form Secret Santa Form Christmas Party Form Secret Santa game idea form

In this gifting journey, you get a secret Santa who wishes to surprise you and you also get a chance to surprise as many people as possible with the simple sign-up form or a secret Santa card.

It is a confusing situation to choose the perfect gift when you pick a person’s name and you don’t know what to get them. It can happen even if you know them for years or they are your closest pals.

You cannot get someone the same gift every year. Right?

You now land yourself in a situation where the fun gets taken out of the equation as you want to get that perfect gift.

If you want others to know you as the best gift buyer you have to download a secret Santa form.

The forms you use are different for different people. When using for a young adult, your form must focus on their favorite games, books, cloth brand or the food. The idea is to know about their likes and dislikes.

Make sure, you pick the right form because they are very picky about their gifts and may not like receiving something they don’t like. It can ruin their holiday season.

If you are gifting a woman, you should try to collect details like their favorite perfume, cloth brand, footwear, and anything else they like.

Make sure to choose something depending on their personality. Never choose anything flashy for a woman who prefers to wear simple clothes and make-up.

Your form can include questions like – what do you wish to get for Christmas?

As your pal fills up the data, you can add her/him to the secret Santa game, and may the gift rain begin pouring just like in the case of the secret Santa questionnaire.

Free Printable Secret Santa Form for Teachers

If you are a teacher, this section is for you.

As a favorite teacher to your students, gifting them on this special occasion is mandatory.

However, if you will have to gift for the entire class, you cannot purchase things as you wish as some students may not like what you buy for them.

If you prefer gifting something uniformly, a lot of students might not value your gift. So, what is the solution now?

You should use one of the secret Santa sample forms listed below and circulate it among your students.

Based on the age of your student, you can ask questions as their priorities vary.

In the sample listed below, there are sections that will give you an idea about what your students prefer.

It will make it much easy for you to select a gift for each of the students.

Never miss out on these points as your mission is only to keep them happy and surprise them with something that is on their bucket list.

Santa gift exchange form Christmas Party Gift Form Secret Santa Survey Form Secret Christmas Game Form Secret Santa Survey Black and White Holiday Form Holiday Gift Exchange Sample

There is something else too that you should know about these forms.

If you are planning to party hard with your students and probably arrange a potluck, restrict your secret Santa questions only to likes and dislikes in food.

This will quicken your job and you can plan things easily.

Secret Santa Form for Work

With Christmas knocking at the door, you need to start working on your secret gift ideas for coworkers.

Are you thinking whose name would you draw this Christmas? Would it be your closest friend or someone you barely know?

If it is your coworker, you must know they observe and watch you all the time.

It is important to find a gift that will leave a lasting impression. But it is not an easy task.

You are under a lot of pressure when choosing a secret Santa gift for someone you only know professionally.

Are you trying to figure out the gift for that one guy who is always late to work and whose preferences are unknown to you?

Looking for an answer to this would be quite a task.

How do you know if you have the gift that your colleague wishes to receive?

You need a gift exchange form to collect this data. The key to letting your colleague happy is to keep the questions short.

For instance, you can just ask ‘what do you need?’, ‘your favorite scent’ and ‘favorite collectible’. This saves your time and effort.

If your target is to collect as much information as possible and then shortlist the gift for your co-worker, you need to ask them a number of questions.

Help Out Secret Santa Gift Form North Pole Gift Ideas Printable

The best thing about these forms is they give complete information about the other person. It, therefore, becomes very easy to select the gift they would like.

Thanks to these ideas, they make secret Santa so easy. You buy the gift you are sure will be loved by the receiver. So, no more embarrassments.

Festival Gift Exchange

If you are new to the secret Santa game, then you may have to look at the forms below to know how it works.

  • Choose the criterion for a gift exchange
  • Exchange the gifts
  • Unwrap the gift you received
  • Make sure that you have a list of givers and receivers so the same person does not receive gifts multiple times
Secret Santa Game Ideas Holiday Gift Exchange

One more trick to make this happen is to set a budget.

If you are planning to exchange gifts within your family or with your friends, set a budget and encourage everyone to find out what their partner likes and buy within the budget.

Just a week before Christmas arrives, it is a good idea to reveal the partner’s name.

Meanwhile, ensure that the gift is already sent to the receiver.

If you still wanted to play fun in this game, ask your partner to guess you with a few clues. Make it more fun and exciting with your innovative ideas!

Holiday Gift Exchange Form Secret Santa Basic Exchange Form December Dice Game

Almost all families, schools, and offices play secret Santa games during the holiday season.

Christmas is meant to be fun and you should never miss those peppy, happy moments with poor gift ideas. It without a doubt is the time to spread holiday cheer.

It can be tricky to get a gift for someone you don’t know much. With the secret Santa’s present exchange form, you can never run out of ideas.

You can certainly hit the goal within your budget and with minimum effort.

Companies play secret Santa as a part of the holiday tradition to keep the fun alive.

If you work for a big company, chances are you haven’t even met the person you have to get a present for.

Before you waste hours buying a meaningless gift for the person you picked, give them one of the forms and ask them to fill it out for you.

It will help you understand them better.

Secret Santa Game Ideas

If you think you need more game ideas, then we have some for you.

  • Play musical chairs which is a traditional game.
  • Coffee mug’s game where you gift the winner with a coffee mug instantly. It can be a question list or a game as you wish.
  • Never have I ever game is another interesting game.
  • Holiday dice exchange game
  • Create a scavenger hunt by leaving a trail of notes


What do you put in a secret Santa form?

One of the most exciting parts of holidays is taking part in a gift exchange game. It is equally important to get the right present for the person you pick.

It may be possible you do not know another person much and buying a lifeless gift won’t serve anything.

A gift exchange form gives an idea about their linkings and makes it easy to select the right present.

A form must contain following information:

  • What is your favorite color?
  • What is your favorite food?
  • How do you spend your spare time?
  • Do you play sports?
  • What video games do you play?
  • Who is your favorite actor?
  • Do you live alone or with your family?
  • What is one gift you do not want to receive this holiday season?
  • Any other information you want your secret Santa to know?


Secret Santa gift form samples mentioned in this post can be used on the go.

You can replace the Santa gift exchange concept with a Christmas cookie swap or rotating gift box idea or a ‘gift for all’ technique.

Choose what fits your bill and get set for the dazzling occasion of the year!

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