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9+ Return To Work Letter Templates & Samples

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Employees use a return to work letter to intimate their employers with the details of their absence before or after joining. Such letters are more important to ensure that people are following proper procedures in an organization.

Here’s everything you need to know about writing the best return to work letter using the right templates!

Printable Return to Work Letter Samples & Templates in Word & PDF

From Employer To Employee

If your company allowed you to work from home and wishes you to resume work from the office soon, a return to work letter is just what you need to welcome your employees back.

Employers need to convey this message to their employees and create a smooth transition from work from home practices.

A return to work letter to an employee informs them about the working conditions once office reopens.

It is crucial for the management to formally contact their employees using a return to work letter to guide them about office rules.

Sample Letter for Return to Work After Leave

Editable retrun to work letter from employer to employee

What should you write in the letter template?

There are certain things that you need to add to the return to work letter template for an employee. Here’s what they are.

  1. Welcome your employees back to work with a warm greeting and ensure you make them believe that you are prioritizing a healthy environment at work.
  2. Brief your employees about the new policies they will need to follow at work. Inform them if they need to be following a dress code or if they need to carry specific files, equipment, etc., to work every day.
  3. Make sure to add any resources that they will need to get back to work. Please help them by making this transition easier.
  4. It would be best to talk about any changes made to the various office insurance policies over time.
  5. Finally, don’t forget to add essential details like the date of reopening, office timings, company address (if it changed), contact of the hr department, contact of any other important resource, emergency situations contact etc.

This letter template will be a formal document that all your employees will look up to. Make it detailed and mention all the necessary points they need to know before they resume working.

Printable letter from employer

As for the communication of the return to work letter, you can forward it to your employees in many ways.

With most business operations going online, you can send the letter with the help of an email broadcast or make it part of a meeting agenda.

The return to work letter must reach your employee on time and must have a company name on it.

It is advised that you use online means to communicate it to your employees.

From Doctor After Leave of Absence

If you have taken leave from work due to a medical reason, you will have to attach a doctor’s note to your return to work letter. It is standard procedure in many workplaces to ask for a doctor’s note for medical leaves.

Physician's release note Fillable doctor's note

This certificate is attached to your return to work application for proof of the reason for your absence, be it a maternity leave or a medical emergency. While you write your letter, you must contact your doctor and request a note explaining your illness or the reason for the leave.

Diseases that persist for over a week or two can require you to bring a doctor’s memo to your office. If you take sick leaves longer than what is allowed by company policy, you must consult with your physician and contact them for a certificate.

Apart from this, if you are taking sick leave from your workplace, you must provide your employer with a doctor’s certificate. Every business has different policies regarding sick leaves and work-from-home opportunities.

When you draft it up, mention the severity of your illness and back your claims with a certificate signed off by a physician which may or may not mention the company name.

You can send this via email to your employer (return to letter email template given below) and attach your certificate to the returning letter.

When companies have started to prioritize the importance of health and well-being, many employers are a lot more understanding of lengthy sick leaves. However, make sure you return to work with a letter explaining your absence and a doctor’s certificate backing your reason.

Blank note Excuse slip sample from doctor

Here are a few examples of acceptable forms of a doctor’s memo that may work!

  1. A physical letter from a physician could be handed to your employer.
  2. You could forward an official email from your general practitioner or request them to forward it to your employer.
  3. You can ask your physician’s office to make a phone call to your place of work testifying to your medical reasoning.
Doctor's note template Doctor's note to return to work Printable excuse slips

Returning to Work After Covid-19

You may write a return to work letter after recovering from COVID-19. As an employee, you should explain your experience with the virus with the help of this letter.

Return to Work Email Template

Return to work after covid-19 from employer to employee welcome

Here’s everything you need to mention after recovering from COVID 19.

  1. Express gratitude and thank your management for their patience and understanding.
  2. Mention the date you will be able to resume your office or returning to work.
  3. Ask if you may transition back to work gradually, specify the time you will work for.
  4. Request for any help you will need as an employee.

Some physicians might also ask their patients to submit a medical history form before signing off on their memos after COVID-19. They use this form to understand if you are physically fit to start working again.

This is because COVID 19 has shown severe side effects in people who possess underlying conditions. Your physician needs to examine you thoroughly before they deem you fit to work.

An effective letter contains the following details. Use the following points to create a comprehensive document.

  1. Mention the date of your return. It would be best if you mentioned the accurate dates of your leave or extended leave too.
  2. Do not forget to address it to the correct person. This could be your HR head at the office.
  3. Be grateful and mention how beneficial this time off has been for you.
  4. Add all the required documentation, for instance, a doctor’s memo.
  5. Talk about how you want to phase back into work one step at a time and if you are free to take up more responsibilities.

One thing to remember is that you need to be very candid and genuine while writing this. Do not give any excuses and use proper documentation to back your reasoning. This way, you will be free of any negative consequences in the future!


While every business might have different requirements from their employees regarding return to work letters, you can still use templates for assistance.

Write perfect formal letters and be as professional as you can with the help of these templates.

Feel free to take inspiration and guidance from the templates too!

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