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19+ Fake Doctor’s Note Templates in Word/PDF

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Everyone has required a fake doctor’s note at some point in time.

Whether it is to get a day off work or board a flight, it isn’t always easy to get a legitimate doctor’s note.

If you have no idea where to find a doctor’s note, this post is your treasure chest.

Find a myriad of fake doctor’s note templates for every situation. There are even some tips and tricks to make them seem extra legitimate!

Free Download Fake Doctor’s Note With Signature

For Work

A doctor’s note for work states a medical reason you can’t participate in your daily duties or are missing work.

There are multiple reasons you could require a medical note for work:

  • Missing work for multiple days due to sickness or some disability.
  • Being unable to complete the necessary duties of your job in the required time due to health reasons.
  • Requiring accommodations to be made by the employer.

A medical note for work would include all the standard details of a regular doctor’s notes but with the proper authorization for any accommodations that need to be made by your employer.

When getting a medical note for work, keep your company’s policies in mind. Look for any forms to fill out in addition to the note or different types of benefits that you might qualify for.

You can download a doctor’s note template free online or find a sample that you can tweak as per your requirements.

Download the sample that looks the most authentic.

Also, mention a clinic or health care provider that is real.

Using the doctor’s note templates, you can quickly create a fake doctor’s note and easily get the required accommodations.

Doctor's note for work, stating fever and throat infection Blank medical excuse template Medical excuse note for work Blank medical excuse slip template Blank doctor's note for medical ability to return to work



For Paid Sick Leave

If you have a high absenteeism rate, then there are ample chances that your pay is being docked.

By providing the appropriate medical excuse documents and the necessary forms, you can apply for paid sick leave instead of losing out on any money.

Blank doctor's excuse template to unable to join work due to fractured arm

For School

Parents handle a medical note for schools. However, a fake doctor’s note is always more convenient than a doctor’s visit.

Having a note also saves on the number of unexcused absences being taken by a student.

It allows for several absences to be taken without extreme action being taken. But, avoid health issues that the school could have accommodated.

It includes health conditions such as:

  • Mild colds
  • A cough
  • A headache

While such medical problems are generally taken seriously, many academic establishments tend not to view these as valid medical reasons for missing school.

A fake medical note would have to have a valid reason for your absence.

For a better idea of what would be accepted by your institution, take a look at the school handbook or equivalent.

If you are trying to get an extended absence of leave, then it is prudent to use a condition and doctor that seem plausible.

Do your research on a health condition that would work best for your free fake doctor’s note.

There are separate excuse templates for schools. You can get them filled out word for word or blank.

The doctor’s notes you find online are always more believable.

Blank school absence form Absentee note and doctor's excuse for school Doctor's note stating high fever and cold Sample doctor's note to return to school Doctor's note to return to school with multiple options

For Urgent Care

There are some situations outside work and school where you may be required to provide a fake doctor’s note.

For example, a pregnant woman may require a doctor’s note to board a flight, but faking the note is the only way to make the flight if it is last minute.

A medical excuse may have gotten you out of work, but the right fake doctor can get you back to work.

You might require different clearances before you return to work or even apply for pay!

The regular doctor’s note templates cannot address all these situations.

Doctor's note for air travel during pregnancy Doctor's note for air travel Doctor's note for urgent care Excuse slip for urgent care and leave from office

For Last Minute Situation

When you’re faking a medical note to board a flight and other such last-minute situations, it takes a different type of doctor’s note template to make it believable.

  • Get the date on the fake doctor’s note and any form you have filled right. If you have the wrong dates on the medical excuse, it can quickly be revealed that you have submitted a fake note.
  • Make sure it is specific to your situation. If you’re trying to board a flight, the fake doctor’s note needs to have explicit permission to fly.
  • Don’t leave room for questions. Getting the note notarized is the best way to avoid suspicion.
Excuse note for last minute travel cancellation

Real Doctor’s Note Examples

In case, if you are wondering what a real doctor’s note looks like, below are couple of examples for reference.

Return to work note Sample medical absence form

When Is Doctor’s Excuse Required?

You may require a leave of absence and the best way to get it is with a doctor’s note.

Here are some times you might need a fake doctor’s note:

  • A sudden bout of sickness that is gone before you can document medical proof of it or get any medical care. Explain your absence using a printable, free excuse note.
  • If you’re missing work due to personal reasons that you don’t want your employer to know about, then using a fake doctor’s note excuse is the perfect way to get them off your back.
  • If a family member is sick, a lot of workplaces don’t give their employees time off. But, if you have to take care of them and need some time off, you can fake your health issues. Getting an excuse note from a fake doctor is a great way to legitimize your fake health conditions and get time off.
  • A fake doctor’s note is an excellent prank whether you’re at school or work. They are funny, not very serious, and you can’t get in trouble for them if you don’t hand them in!
  • It is necessary to apply for paid leave at work.

What Should It Contain?

A fake medical certificate for whatever purpose requires too many minute details to be created by oneself.

Luckily, there are hundreds of free printable doctor notes available online.

They are available in multiple formats for specific hospitals, clinics, and providers.

Depending on the situation, you can pick a suitable template and fill in the additional details yourself or find a pre-filled note.

There are multiple examples and samples of fake doctor’s notes, and they all require essential information.

Download free fillable fake doctor's note for work or school

An excuse note needs the following elements to seem more realistic and valuable.


Make sure that your note has a title.

Titles can be anything from ‘Authorization for Sick Leave’ to ‘Medical Record Certification.’

It needs to be chosen as per the circumstance. It is different for a school setting and a work setting.

Medical Provider Information

The most important part of a doctor’s note is the health provider’s information and facility that you have gotten the doctor’s note from.

Make sure you choose a real hospital or clinic when creating your fake doctor’s notes.

Also, mention the degrees of your doctor or medical professional right. You can’t go to a dentist for a broken arm.

Date of the Document

To make the note look authentic, you’ll need to fill in the appointment date and time.

Use a reasonable time and choose a date that makes sense for the leave you’re about to take or have already taken.

Patient Information

You’ll have to include your details in the note.

It means simple details such as age, gender, date of birth, the purpose of visit.

Purpose of Appointment

Make sure you put the purpose of your visit separately.

Be clear about the symptoms such as a cold, flu, injury, accident, and more. You can check SOAP note’s examples to get an idea of how your medical history is documented.


The certification ensures your employer that you’ve gotten checked up and the symptoms are legitimate and are being treated.

A certificate needs to have a doctor state that the symptoms are legitimate.


An employer is going to focus on the recommended absence that the doctor is providing you.

The authorization also includes information about the kind of activities you can perform.


The most important part of the whole document is the signature of the doctor.

It appears towards the bottom of the page. Just to be on the safe side, include the full name and title.

Getting it notarized will be even better.

Doctor's note for work or school with prescription

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Faking a doctor’s note is fine, but one might a few of these common mistakes when filling it in too quickly.

  • You might skip company policies: If HR requires additional documents to supplement your doctor’s note, then just downloading a fake doctor’s note isn’t going to work. There might be a form or two that you’ll have to submit alongside the fake medical.
  • If need be, submit a return to work request. Stay connected with your employer and HR to make sure your manager can hand your projects back to you safely.
  • Keep supporting documents before you commit to an illness on your fake note. Whatever medical issue you have chosen, make sure it is plausible.
  • Choose the right doctor’s note template. Doctor note templates are available online for free. You can even look at a sample before filling in your free printable doctor’s excuse.

Tips to Submit a Professional Note

A fake doctor’s note aims to look authentic and professional. Erase any shred of doubt using these tips.

  • Use a high-quality free fake template that seems the most legitimate.
  • Don’t use common templates.
  • Be sure to do your research on the ailment.
  • Go for something simple yet high quality.
  • Select professional fonts for your note.
  • Proofread your fake note before handing it in.


Is it illegal to fake a doctor’s note?

Using a fake doctor’s note for school, work, or administrative purposes is illegal and morally wrong.

What happens if you fake a doctor’s note?

Since faking a doctor’s note is ethically, morally, and legally wrong, there are consequences. You could lose your job, face heavy punishments at school, pay fines, or face jail time.

Can your job verify a doctor’s note?

While it is legal for your workplace to call and verify a doctor’s note, they cannot ask any additional personal questions about patient’s medical history.

They can only question its legitimacy but cannot question any of the medical information provided in the note.


Multiple situations require a fake doctor’s note.

With all these fake doctor’s note templates at your fingertips, you’re all set to get through any situation in your way.

Not only are they available to download, but they are free printables you can download whenever you need.

Make sure to like and share the post to help fellow friends and family with their medical necessities!

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