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37+ Fake Doctors Note Template Download!!

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Planning to take sick leave? It is time to know about the doctor’s note before you take leave.

The purpose of a doctor’s note is to inform the supervisor or head that the person has really been sick and the doctor has given suitable health advice for the same.

The best part about this note is it looks real that you can sometimes fill it by yourself and then carry on with your priorities.

Sometimes, you may have to attend a family occasion and your head doesn’t seem to encourage leave for such reasons. In these instances, this doctor’s note is all that you need to submit to your head and perhaps, none can deny a leave due to sickness.

Here are a few templates that look professional like medical history forms and are ready to print.

Blank Fake doctors note template free download

Blank doctors note template free doctors note template

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dn 4 fake doctors note template Blank doctors note templates free

Each of these templates in this section is easy to fill and looks complete just like a high school diploma template. There are a few things to keep in mind when you fill a blank doctors note template.

  • Don’t strikethrough any content and be clear about what you wanted to fill
  • Never add suggestions of medicines in the note unless you are extremely sure of it
  • Keep it simple and don’t add too much information in your free doctor note template.
  • It is a good idea to add the header of a community health c05enter of your choice if you feel that it is apt
  • Recheck before you submit this free doctor note template to the head/ supervisor

Following these tips can result in a hassle-free leave approval from your superiors.

Doctors note templates for work

When you zero down the doctors note for work template for your requirement, make sure to choose based on the purpose. The format changes if you are using it for official purpose as the look and feel should be professional and detailed as it is maintained in the employee records forever.

dn 7 dn 8 doctors note for work doctors note for work doctors note for work

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doctor's note

You can notice in these free doctor note template that they are already ready to print and some of them have separate placeholders for clinic logo, doctor’s signature and detail about the return to work.

Common mistakes to avoid

It is absolutely fine to submit a fake doctor’s note to your supervisor and portray as if you were sick and a health expert has acknowledged the same. However, in an aim to fill it quickly, there are mistakes commonly committed by the people. Here is one such list of mistakes.

  • Some people tend to skip the company policies. Certain companies demand the employee to attach the supporting documents and submit them to HR. On the other hand, some organizations keep leave forms handy for download and demand the employees to use the same. In such instances, don’t download fake doctors note. Instead, maximize the use of the form issued by your organization.
  • Some organizations request for return to work request from the employee. Sick leave happens unexpectedly in most of the cases and the employee has to take a longer leave duration than expected. It is important to stay connected with the employer and also submit a return to the work request form. Eventually, HR is prepared to greet the employee back and manage projects accordingly.
  • Be prepared to submit documentation of the treatments if you have taken a longer leave. Before you actually mention a health problem, store supporting and download X-rays and prescriptions.

Doctors note templates for school download

Parents need to be extra cautious when you are planning to use fake notes as doctors excuse for your kid’s leave. The absence can affect the grade if it happens frequently. As long as the reason is justifiable, you do not have to worry. To achieve this, you need to download a professional fake doctor note for school and mark it properly in may calendar with holidays.

Doctors Note Template dn 19 dn 20 dn 21 doctors excuse Doctors Note Template Doctors Note Template for school Doctors Note Template

Download Printable Doctors Note Template Medical Excuse DOC (Word)

Download Printable Doctors Note Template Medical Excuse PDF

So, the free doctor note template listed here can be used for based on how strict the administration is. For simple cases like running nose and cough, it is okay to stop with a basic doctors note. However, when your kid is engaged with something important and needs leave for a week, you may have to portray how important this leave would be for him/her with supporting documents.

If you are planning to portray it as an injury, you need to affix prescription, checkup, and eligibility to return to school. All these can make the purpose complete without any suspicion.

Filled doctors note templates with medical excuse

To avoid mistakes in your Doctors Note Template, it is a good practice to glance through the already existing prescriptions issued to real patients. Here are a few examples to let you understand.

dn 26 Doctors Note Template Doctors Note Template Medical excuse letter

Doctor fitness note – Free doctor note template

Free doctor note template is issued after a fitness assessment for a particular reason. Let’s say a person is pregnant and wanted to travel and the airline demands a doctors note stating approval, you may have to fake it as you may already be in the last minute.

Doctors Note Template fitness letter Doctors Note Template letter Doctors Note Template Doctors Note Template

Likewise, you may mention to your supervisor that you have been injured and your doctor has prescribed certain things to prohibit at the workplace and you have been doing it for long. How do you inform that you have completely recovered and wanted to bounce back to your previous position? That is when the fit to work doctors note come into the picture.

The final case is to use this note to apply for paid sick leave. Several companies apply loss of pay to those employees who have a high absenteeism rate. All rights reserved of images.

Tips to submit a professional and legal note

Legal Professionalism plays a major role in getting your day leave approved. Unless and until it looks as per the acceptable standards of the institution, you are still penalized. To make yours look professional and eliminate chances of doubt, there are some tips to follow.

  • Go for a high-quality template based on the expectations of your institution. This can make yours look unique.
  • Don’t use templates that are commonly used by others to apply for leave. This practice can create a bad image of Further, it stays as a black mark forever. Also, check your company’s privacy policy before using these.
  • Research the health condition that you have mentioned in the document and find out the treatment and medication and then fill the note. Accuracy matters to add value to the note.
  • Say no to designing! Don’t choose formats that have fancy designs and color schemes. If you are adding the logo of the clinic, follow the same color scheme. It is appropriate to go with a black and white color scheme to keep things simple and neat.
  • Select professional fonts. Browse the fonts commonly used in the prescriptions and use the same. Don’t try modern fonts. If you are going for handwritten, keep it consistent.
  • Proofread! If you ask where professionalism lacks in the whole picture, it lies in the framing of the message. Grammatical errors will have to be negligible. On the other hand, read the note and check the spellings. Doctors do not commit spelling errors of medical terms as they have got used to it. When you fake it, assess the spellings and read the message.


KISS (keep it simple and short) is the key to use fake doctors note for all your absences from school or work just like a work order template. Right from the choice of language to printability, take extra care and save multiple copies so you can refer in the near future when someone questions you!

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