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5+ Printable Eulogy Templates in PDF & Word

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A loved one’s departure is always hard to get through. Reminiscing the moments you shared with the person through a heartwarming farewell message is perhaps the best way to appreciate all the meaning they have added to your life.

However, composing a speech may be tough during a funeral, so referring to a eulogy template can be helpful.

Download Free Eulogy Templates for Friends or Relatives

At a funeral, you are expected to deliver a moving speech at a limited time while you are overwhelmed with grief. Coping with the sorrow of losing a loved one, you may not be in the best spirits to express your feelings. The entire experience can take a toll on you. Thus, we bring you some heartfelt templates to guide you on the path.

For Mother

Preparing a homage for your mother is perhaps the most difficult thing in life. There might be many experiences you’d want to share, but during the funeral, you’d neither have the courage nor the words to express how you feel for her.

This template journeys through the significant details of the relationship shared by a mother and her child. It allows you to connect with your listeners by talking about her family details and life history.

You can share how she was as a mother and how she took care of you so well. From the struggles she went through to the things she accomplished in her lifetime – this template covers everything to help you give her the best farewell.

For mother

For Father

Delivering a speech for your father can sometimes be more challenging than for your mother because dads tend to express little. But deep down in your heart, you know you meant the world to him.

Thus, to bid a perfect goodbye to the hero of your life, you must pen your words carefully without missing out on anything. This is the time for you to be brave and share with everyone why he was the best father and what made him so.

The following template helps you include every detail about your father, from his ambitions to health, personality to longevity, active life to old age, and everything in between.

Father's eulogy example
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For Brother

Siblings are the few people we can rely on blindly. So, letting go of your brother is akin to losing a part of you. Times can be tough during such a loss, but your brother’s soul deserves to know how much you loved him.

A brother is always there to guide you, defend you, and ensure you are always happy. The best speech you can deliver to celebrate this love is to remember all the moments you shared and the lessons of life you learned through him.

This eulogy template is perfect for the eloquent expression of feelings you share for your brother, letting the world know how important he was for you.

For brother

For Child

Composing a farewell message for your child might be the most heartbreaking experience a parent has to go through. But this is the time to pour your heart and let the departed soul be aware of your unconditional love.

While mourning, you may seldom have words to translate your emotions on paper. Hence, this editable template will give you the strength to deliver a stirring speech. It includes an opening piece, a brief paragraph about your baby’s life, their memories and stories, and an ending with a quote that resembles your child.

For child

For Adult

Preparing a homage for a deceased adult does not have to overwhelm you. The grief surrounding you during this phase of loss may leave little room for you to pen down how you feel about them. Nonetheless, conveying your thoughts to remember the deceased is a must.

You can use the following outline to give a speech filled with meaning and reminiscence. It is structured with details, covering all aspects of a perfect eulogy. It will help you deliver the best farewell message because goodbyes are another way of saying thank you.

For adult

Fill in the Blank Template

When everything seems blank amidst the loss of your loved one, referring to a fill-in-the-blank template can help you get rid of writer’s block. With a generic pre-defined template, you’ll be able to come up with more ideas for the speech, eventually composing a meaningful message for anyone, irrespective of their closeness with you.

Thus, a fill-in-the-blank template like this one can help you shed considerable thinking by penning a perfect heartwarming speech. Its outline rightly covers the introduction, early life, schooling and work, marriage and family, hobbies and services, and memories of the person, summing up with a beautiful poem.

Fill in the blank eulogy template

Eulogy Outline and Format

The passing away of someone you love so nearly and dearly can leave you with a huge baggage of emotions. Whether they have breathed their last or are on the verge of it, penning a poignant speech is challenging.

Thus, following a comprehensive eulogy template and outline can make things easier for you in such difficult times.

Why Should You Refer It?

The primary purpose of a eulogy is to reminisce and honor the loving memory of the deceased. It serves to mortalize the person in their loved ones’ hearts for eternity and provides some comfort and comic relief during such a heart-rending moment. So, referring to a proper outline and format can be of great help.

When you have a reliable source for guidance, it becomes easier to recall the important details and focus on the message’s theme. The funeral ceremony might be recorded too, which is another reason why you must put the best effort into your speech.

What are the Steps to Create Outline?

Most of the messages you involve will depend on the person you are honoring. Regardless of who you are delivering the speech for, it has to be personal and connect with the deceased. You may aim to highlight certain parts of their lives while slightly touching on the other aspects.

Here are some steps you can follow to create the outline.

1. Duration

Your speech should not be too long as it can distract listeners’ attention. On the flip side, if it is too short, it may come across as insignificant. So, keep it within 8-10 minutes.

Segregate the timing as per the sections of your message. For example, keep 2 minutes for the introduction, around 6 minutes for the middle section as this would be the part where you would do storytelling about the departed person, and lastly, reserve 3 minutes to end your message.

2. Sections

Divide your write-up into important sections, including the opening, body, and closing paragraphs. This will make it easier for you to think of what you can include in each section.

The opening section shall correspond to the introduction. The body or middle section must contain all the stories and your shared memories with the person. Finally, the closing paragraph shall comprise your ending statement.

3. Start Writing

Fill each section with content related to the deceased person. Keep it personal. You don’t always have to start with the introduction. If something that goes on the conclusion strikes your mind first, you can start there too.

Writer’s block is a common occurrence during this tough time. So, taking references from some samples and templates is undoubtedly a good idea.

Here are some ideas you can include in your draft.

Opening Section

In this section, first, you must mention the person to whom the message is dedicated. Then, you can add a quote, poem, or song lyric that resonates well with the deceased to offer your condolences.

Through this section, you must set the tone of your speech, following which, you can give a brief introduction of the person and your relationship with them.

Middle Section

This portion may turn out to be longer than you expect. Here, you need to recount the memories you shared with your loved one. Include their accomplishments, stories, and life experiences. You can tell these things in chronological order.

However, as everyone would be sad during the event, adding a funny story relating to the deceased can be a good way to lighten the atmosphere for a while.

Closing Section

In this ending section, you can sum up the reiteration of your speech’s theme.

Show your appreciation to everyone who attended the ceremony. You can also dedicate a piece of poem or song to the departed. Lastly, wrap up by saying, “You will be missed” or any other similar yet meaningful phrases.


A eulogy is an eternal message you dedicate to the departed soul, and you have to ensure it is touching. Sharing your final words for the deceased should be characterized by perfection. Hence, referring to a printable eulogy template can aid you in delivering a heartwarming speech.

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