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5 Free Funeral Invitation Templates

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On the unfortunate death of a person, it is necessary to inform their relatives and friends so that they get the opportunity to pay respect to the lost soul and offer condolences to their family.

Funeral invitations primarily serve two purposes: proclaiming the demise of the respective person and notifying guests about the ceremony’s location.

But writing an invitation letter during the grieving process is not easy. From choosing the correct wording for the message to aligning it to the correct layout, everything seems too daunting a task.

This is where a funeral invitation template can come of great help.

Download Funeral Invitation Templates

Memorial services bring all friends, family members, and loved ones to a community space to mourn and honor the deceased person together. Thus, a funeral announcement card must be compact, precise, and emotional that can easily connect to the acquaintances of the said individual.

With the inscribed full name of the late person, their birth-death dates, picture, and the date, time, and venue of the ceremony, these templates convey your message explicitly. Some samples also offer adequate space to add the RSVP to confirm your guests’ attendance at the gathering.

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Funeral Invitation Word Examples

The wording is an integral element of a memorial card. If you want to draft a proper invite, you must take care of the wordings and details incorporated.

Here are some examples you can take inspiration from to properly shape your thoughts and feelings in the message and make it more innovative and relatable.

# Example 1

After a long fight with Cancer, we announce with a heavy heart that Joe Doe passed away in hospital on 2nd November.We cordially invite you to be a part of his final journey.

The last rites will be performed at Botanical Gardens, 158 Main St., Ohio 12798, on 15th July 2022.

Please bring your loving memory with my father to share with friends and family.

# Example 2

In the loving memory of Jane Doe (1950-2022), a beloved wife, caring mother, and great friend, you are respectfully invited to her interment on 23rd April 2022 at 2 pm at The Jamieson Chapel, Hanworth Crematorium.A reception and gathering will follow thereafter.

Instead of sending flowers, kindly send donations to the Middlesex Savings Charitable Foundation.

# Example 3

We are deeply saddened to announce the passing of our father, Joe Dane.He will be greatly missed.

Please join us for the funeral program held on 17th May 2022 at St. Francis Church, Lincoln Road, to celebrate his life.

May Joe Dane’s soul rest in peace.

How to write a Funeral Invitation and what to include in it?

We understand your grief about the loss of your beloved and how heart-wrenching it might be to break this news to others. But this is the time to be strong and celebrate the glorious life and achievements of the deceased.

So, draft a concise letter announcing the person’s heavenly departure to their close ones. Ensure that the obituary you make invokes soft emotions with a seamless balance with reality.

Here’s a comprehensive guide on writing a funeral invitation and its elements.

Styles of Funeral Invitation

Memorial cards often serve as a token of remembrance of a beloved’s demise. You must style it to the best layout of your choice. The following are the two most commonly used styles.

Bifold Cards

As evident from the name, these cards are designed to fold twice like a book. It lets you include every intricate detail of the deceased person’s life. Moreover, you can adorn it with nice font styles, colors, and graphics.

Flat Cards

These invites are simple and elegant, having a front and back side to put down a short description of the funeral. Unlike bi-fold cards, these have lesser writing space but can be easily used without an envelope.

Apart from these, you can also opt for double-sided colored postcards as formal invites.

Things to include in a Funeral Invitation

Nothing is more difficult than doing the funeral program planning of a dearest person. Coping with your loss and informing the same to the acquaintances of the demised person is overwhelming.

Thus, memorial invitation letters must be written in a simple yet readable way that can rightly express the grief of the person without being too sentimental or apathetic. Ensure to use the following wordings in your message to make it more thoughtful.

  • RIP or Rest in Peace
  • Celebrating the Life of…
  • In the Fond Memory of…

However, here are a few more basic things that your draft must include.

  1. The full name and life-death dates of the deceased: As this is a formal invitation, you must include the person’s full name and their birth and death dates. If you want, you can also mention their nickname or pet name alongside.
  2. Short brief about the lost soul: Ensure to add a short statement about the person’s life, highlighting the noble activities they performed and milestones accomplished while alive. It will let the invitees relate to the individual more.
  3. A photograph of the person: Imprint a high-quality picture of the departed on the letter. It will add an emotional and personal touch to the invitation.
  4. Surviving family members: Put down the full names of all the surviving family members who typically act as the host of this program. Make sure to share their phone numbers so that people can contact them in case of any queries.
  5. The interment location: It is obvious to highlight the venue where the gathering will take place so that guests can come and give their last regards to the person.
  6. The time of the ceremony: Do not forget to mention the interval of the event. Include the starting and closing times for the convenience of the invitees.
  7. Program outline: You can mention the associated events like eulogy sessions, prayer offerings, meal gatherings, etc. A detailed program structure will make attendees more prepared for the same.
  8. Additional Information: Lastly, you can incorporate details like the name of the invited family, charitable donations, the venue’s code of conduct, family wishes related to the ceremony, and other things that people must be aware of.

To make the invitation more impactful and well-presentable, you can adorn it with floral designs or religious symbols. Additionally, you can send forget-me-not flower seeds along with these letters to cherish the eternal memories of the lost soul.

Whom to Send Interment Invites?

Based on whether you are arranging for a public or private memorial service, you need to send invites accordingly.

If it’s a public program, it shall be an open invite for all mourners. These are usually published in local newspapers. Nowadays, many publishers use online platforms to post the invitation, mentioning all related details.

Sometimes, the family wants the gathering to be consumed by only close relatives and friends; it is said to be a private interment invitation. In such instances, personal memorial cards can be published and sent to the following people.

  • Friends
  • Colleagues
  • Extended family members
  • Loved ones


Invitations play a crucial role in funeral planning. But drafting one in such a tragic time is not easy. Thus, referring to an editable funeral invitation template and following the aforementioned writing guidelines can save your time to mourn and prepare yourself to celebrate your loved one’s life journey.

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