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7+ Free Funeral Program Templates


Organizing a memorial service is never an easy task. It is because the grief you have on the loss of a loved one is too much to handle.

You still have to make all the arrangements for the funeral program with a heavy heart.

There is a lot to arrange, sending funeral program invitation to friends and family, a good funeral service, and the right funeral program template to honor your loved one.

Download Editable Funeral Program Templates in Word & PDF

Sample Pamphlets

A funeral program pamphlet unlike an encouragement letter is an integral part of a memorial service as you hand it out to the attendees.

You must put great care while drafting an obituary for a loved one who has just passed away.

You have to create a template where you can convey all the relevant information about the funeral service to the attendees.

Pamphlet Sample

If you organize a religious memorial service, the perfect funeral pamphlet provides info such as:

  • Religious prayers
  • Order of upcoming programs
  • Scripture readings

These pamphlets serve as a guide to all the attendees as they get a clear idea about the programs in the memorial service.

A funeral program pamphlet, in general, should contain the following information:

  • The name of the deceased person
  • A brief obituary
  • Family details
  • Age, place, and date of birth
  • A photo of the deceased person
  • Place, time, and date of the program
  • The person leading the funeral program
Funeral pamphlet sample

Memorial Service Program Examples

A memorial service program is a printed document handed to the mourners.

This document helps people to understand what they can expect in the memorial service.

It also talks about the deceased and gives an insight into their life.

Memorial service sample

For a Friend

Losing a close friend can be devastating.

After all, a good friend is like a family on whom you can rely for almost anything. Even if you have attended a memorial service program earlier, the prospect of writing one for a close one can be very challenging.

A funeral program template is not just about the announcement of their death but a final document about them and it should do them justice.

When organizing the memorial service of such a friend you should celebrate their achievements. How good as a person they were, and what they liked to do, should be included in their funeral program template.

Memorial service

For a Parent

It is a very emotional moment for anyone to organize a memorial service for a parent. They have done so much for you all through your life and have been closest to you. Organizing a funeral program for a parent cannot be easy.

It makes you remember them and how they have always been by your side in the ups and downs of life. How they have cried with you in your every failure and how they celebrated your every success.

You can create custom funeral program templates for your parent. In it, you can include information such as:

  • Their name, birth detail
  • Favorite prayer, poems, or quote they always said
  • The events that will be covered


Funeral flyers are handouts that are crucial in funeral programs. They outline the order of events for the funeral service.  A funeral flyer must include precise but complete information about the program.

It is usually one sheet of paper that is printed front and back and contains a photo and pertinent information about the person for whom the service is being carried out.

Here are some general flyers that most people use for a funeral service.



The beauty of funeral cards is that each page can contain text accentuating your loved one’s personality.

The memorial or funeral card includes a verse or prayer and photographs of the person who has passed away.

These cards are handed out to the attendees at the funeral programs.

If you want you can personalize the funeral cards according to the deceased’s family tradition, their hobbies, pastime, or things they loved to do the most.

Maybe you can add a line of their favorite song that reflected their philosophy towards life or a saying that will always make you think of them.

One-Page Card

A single page funeral card template can have the following information:

  • An opening line with a beautiful message like: ‘In fond memory of…’
  • Photo of the deceased with a suitable color background
  • A small yet elegant description like: ‘Dedicated father, loving husband, a dear friend…’
  • The order of service below

Foldable Cards

A sample funeral card template with four pages can have the following information:

  • 1st Page: Photo, dates, location of funeral service
  • 2nd Page: Detailed biography, highlights, career achievements
  • 3rd Page: Order of service
  • 4th Page: Message of gratitude or a poem

Be mindful of the personality of the person and your relationship with them. It will help you to find and download a funeral card for their memorial service that will do justice to them.

Sample Card


Question: Does Microsoft Word have funeral program templates?

Microsoft Word doesn’t have free funeral program templates. However, this software is highly accessible to the majority of people. Hence, you can create or download free templates for a funeral program.

You can edit the templates and customize the information with ease. MS Word offers quality features to edit the border, text, graphics, and template colors. You can create beautiful effects with MS Word design options.

Question: How do I make a funeral program in Word?

Making the perfect funeral programs in Word is an easy task. You do not need in-depth knowledge of colors and graphics to create funeral program templates.

You can follow these steps to make a funeral program template:

  • Download a compatible free or paid design card template
  • Open MS Word
  • Use the existing options to insert photos and text
  • Save the created doc and view the print preview
  • Take a demo print on a paper

Remember to include all relevant information that should be there on a card.


Every funeral program needs a finely designed and printed template. You can download any of the templates available here.

If you liked the article, share it with those who might need them. You can end up helping someone with planning and organizing a funeral service.

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