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    Obituary Template

    When that special person in your life passes away, the best way to send off is by writing a special obit. Of course, you cannot bring back the person but you can relive the happy moments and make others feel the specialty of the person just like you. So, how to draft this special obit? You cannot get an external help at this tough time but you can download obituary templates that let you fill the data and pass them on for publishing.

    Blank obituary templates

    Some may prefer it to be short and complete and do not like to convey emotions through this piece of paper. Do you feel the same too? In that case, there are a few templates here that would help you out.

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    fill in the blank obituary template fake obituary template obituary template pdf

    obituary template word

    Obituary template pdf

    These templates are blank and you can just fill them with the help of word processing software and print as many copies as you want. Furthermore, these are aligned well so you don’t have to spend extra time to format and make them ready to print.

    Funeral program templates – Guide on Writing an obituary

    How to Write an Obituary? Some people may look forward to including the funeral program schedule to the obituary. If you fall into this category, then it is important to add the obit on one side and the funeral program on the other side of the document and circulate it. This type actually saves time and efforts as it avoids the need to print again and again and can be created in one go.

    obituary template with date of death and place of birth

    obituary template obituary template funeral writing funeral writing funeral writing funeral writing funeral writing funeral writing


    You can notice that all of these formats are two-sided and have complete information about the funeral program.

    How to create an effective obituary document sample?

    After having seen many formats, there is a chance for getting confused about which one to choose and how to enhance the effectiveness and convey emotions through this document. Here are a few tips to achieve the same.

    • It is always a good idea to include the person’s photo so those who see can quickly relate and rejoice the old memories. Choose a picture that is full of life as this creates better vibrations.
    • Convey the detail through a story filled with events and emotions. This attracts people rather than the plain one. Even if you wanted to fill up the blank obituary template in the previous section, you can still fill and portray in the form of a story. When you write the story, focus more on the achievements and the social circle so people feel about how they lost a special one.
    • Based on the age of the person who has passed away, correct the color scheme and theme of the design. If it is a baby, you can add simple clip arts around the border so the receiver can instantly understand.
    • If you prefer to include a poem, keep it short as not many can understand the poetic language.
    • When you detail the funeral program schedule, make sure to include the timings and the contact information so people do not waste time in finding them out. The schedule can either be added in detail or just the time duration can be specified. However, ensure that the output you create answers some commonly asked questions like when what, who and where.
    • In the end, inform the receiver how fortunate one has to be to attend this event.

    All these simple changes can enable the receiver to feel special about the invite and attend it without fail.

    Obituary templates based on a person’s role

    In this section, we would list the templates in particular to the category of a person – mother or father or child or an industrialist. This makes your job easier in narrowing down to one template and improving it further.

    Mother is the building block of a family and the loss of her can be so depressing. You can choose one of these templates and enrich by adding your mother’s photograph.

    death date templates death date templates

    Father is as important as a mother. It can be disheartening to feel the void all of a sudden in your family. Also, it is extremely difficult to think of apt words to fill the obituary document and invite people for the funeral program. In such a situation, these templates can help you out.

    death date templates death date templates

    If it is your grandparent who has passed away, you need to connect with people of their age to invite them for a funeral program. Most importantly, families prefer to publish information in newspapers to reach a wider audience. The words you choose will have to reflect the grandeur of the person and the design can be of the vintage style.

    ob 24 death templates with name death templates with name

    When you choose to publish in a newspaper, it is important to keep it short and include a brief about the family members followed by the funeral schedule. The reason to keep it short is you pay for every line to the publisher and the more you lengthen, the more you pay and the less attractive it is.

    There are also instances when an industrialist passes away and the entire organization mourns for his demise. Now, creating this obituary involves additional work as it has to look classy and also be professional. Similarly, it can be a doctor or an engineer or a person playing a specific role who has passed away and the organization has to post the funeral program service in its notice board.

    obituaries templates obituaries templates

    In this case, the funeral program has to be detailed so people who would want to visit can go ahead without thinking further.

    So, every family that conducts the funeral service prefers to follow the religious traditions. For example, if the person belongs to the Catholic community, the order of service is different.

    obituaries templates ob 30 free deceased funeral templates with birth place and name details

    It can also be in generic like the one below.

    free deceased funeral templates with birth place and name details

    When the person belongs to the Muslim community, alter it accordingly by adding the religious symbols and colors. You may also mention their children names or his loved ones in it.

    free deceased funeral templates with birth place and name details

    All that you will have to ensure when you create a religion-specific funeral or memorial service is to follow the same old routine encouraged by the pastor. Some prefer to conduct a private ceremony and invite others for anniversaries.

    Information section

    Here comes the most important part of the obituary which is the content.

    • Always include the full name of the person
    • The birth and death dates are important
    • Order of service should be included as per the religious preferences
    • Make sure to highlight the personal traits of the person when you describe him/her
    • Remember to add limited pictures. The key is to stick to one. However, if the person is a family man, a collage works better.


    The obituary document that you create has to convey some value as well as emotions. Some prefer to add hymns or verses to the document. However, this is completely optional. Similarly, you can choose to add quotes instead of a poem or a Biblical verse and this keeps your obituary document unique. In the entire scenario, uniqueness doesn’t matter. It is the message in the document that is of major concern.

    The templates suggested in this post are easy to use and can be customized based on your requirements for which you need to have a basic understanding of editing software. Read through the examples in this post on how an obituary is written and then apply the same tactic to your document too.

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