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11+ Free Background Check Authorization Forms

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When you come across a new person in your life at work or as your tenant or as a friend, what is the first thing that you do? An identity check!

Performing an identity check professionally involves making use of background checks template that can also be considered as a legal document and information collected can be regarded as evidence.

Background Check Authorization Form Templates in Word & PDF

Before verifying a person’s identity, there are 3 things to keep in mind:

  • Always take consent from the person before you verify
  • Make note of minute data as well about the person as that can be useful at a later time
  • Include the legal regulations that are applicable in this process so only honest information is shared by the person

For Pre-Employment

It is mandatory for organizations to study the employee background and assess the presence of criminal activities before actually hiring and confirming the candidature.

Perhaps, this investigation is conducted to know if there are character references, drug abuses, employment history, the validity of credit report (fair credit) and criminal background.

Background Check Authorization Form Background Check Authorization Form Background Check Form Background Check Background Check Authorization

The verification process is nearly the same for employees and volunteers.

Hence, these templates can also be used by social enterprises that are hiring volunteers for societal development projects.

For Tenant

If you are looking out to rent your space to a tenant, a check plays a role here as well. When it comes to the assessment of the tenant, their social and financial statuses are studied.

For instance, it is important to know about the validity of national proofs issued by the tenant and the credit report to understand if the tenant has any pending amount to be paid to the previous owner and the affordability of rental fee to the new place.

Alternatively, the tenant’s employment proofs are also collected after taking consent from him/her.

Here are a few templates for you to guide you in this process.

information checks criminal legal law Background Authorization information fair credit reporting act check consent form with adverse action warning and criminal record social security

The advantage of performing this background checks is it can be used as legal pieces of evidence.

As a result, when the tenant denies paying rent or damages the property, it is possible to sue in the court and seek justice.

For Other Purposes

If you simply wanted to know the identity of a person for a different purpose, then you can access one of the templates here.

bca 10 employment applicant state rights for fcra compliance employment applicant state rights for fcra compliance

All of these contain clauses and allow you to receive a signature from the person before you verify the confidential information.

It is also noticed that some of the templates give a clear picture of how the collected private data will be used and what will be the impact on the person upon issuing consent.


Based on the purpose, choose the templates and file the data. This is one way to promote the legitimacy of a person.

Background checks are highly valued because of the regulations adhered to. So, beware of legal implications if you breach the privacy of a person.

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