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How To Write A Character Reference Letter? Help Examples Or Download FREE Templates

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When you are joining a job or know a friend who is joining one, the first thing to give to the employer to gain trust on the person is a character reference letter.

When a person recommends the other, it gives utmost credibility and helps in relationship building.

This letter is not just used for employment purposes but at several other instances like higher education, legal and immigration.

If you are new to the concept, you should never even think of taking a risk by attempting a format of your choice as it can bring down the reputation of yourself and the person who presents it to the higher authority.

It is important to know the ABCs of this letter and different formats and then crack some tips to give the letter a professional output.

Character Reference Letter For Job

When you attend an interview at a new company, it is important to carry your character reference letters handy.

Some recruiters would prefer to take a look at those letters on the date of joining. This letter can change your life and decide your association with the new company.

Whom should you ask to offer a reference?

Ask your colleague for a reference if the person is at a higher position or has worked in the same project as yours.

However, what is even powerful is a reference from a manager or a recruiter of the previous firm as this can strengthen the content inside the letter and convey your trustworthiness with their authorities.

Here are a few examples of such letters for them to follow and for you to verify for professionalism and quality of content.

Character Reference Letter for job job Reference Letter job Reference Letter job Reference Letter

You may notice that every job reference letter has begun with the period of acquaintance to first build trust and then progress to your professional accomplishment.

The added benefit is that some past employers tend to attach the employment letter that was actually issued to you or an achievement letter to display a piece of evidence.

This can double the chances of getting yourself hired for better pay and a designation.

Tip- Remember to have your job character reference printed in a letterhead format with seal/sign just like in an authorization letter

Character Reference Letters For Immigration

If you are planning to immigrate to a different country in search of opportunities and for higher education, a character reference is mandatory. This can give the immigration office of the destination country confidence that your entry to the country is not meant for destructive purposes.

Whom should you seek it from?

Choose your employer who is highly authoritative and request for a letter.

This can inform the officer that you are a genuine purpose and your purpose of the visit is equally genuine. This letter can ease the entire process.

Thinking of a format? Here are a few examples.

Reference Letter Reference Letter Reference Letter Reference Letter

Character Reference Letter For The Court

Yet another instance where this letter can turn life from a miserable state to a better state is under the law.

If you are convicted for a reason like theft, your life can get miserable and you may need a recommendation from an authoritative guy to get away from prison and lead a normal life.

This reference letter has to be really strong such that the receiver decides to instantly relieve you from the punishment just for the sake of the recommendation you have received.

Before you request someone for this reference, you may have to take a look at the samples below.

Reference Letter Reference Letter Reference Letter

You would have noticed that all of these character samples provide info on personal traits such as utmost honesty and the closeness with you and these are just sufficient to produce at the Court.

Character Reference Sample For College 

Just like the reference letter that you need to get a job in the best company, you may need to provide one for educational purposes.

If you are applying for a scholarship program or taking up higher education, it is important to seek references from one of the following members:

  • Principal or the best teacher of the previous school
  • Any official in the field of education
  • Your neighbor (Let this be your last option)

When you choose an esteemed member to write the recommendation, it can convey their qualities and support your work to a better extent.

write a Character references letter samples write a Character reference letter samples write a Character reference

In the letter, the official recommends you for your morale, achievement, and capabilities and these are the ones that a new school or an education program will require from a student.

Free Character Reference Letter For Landlord

One last instance when a free recommendation letter is extremely useful is when you are renting a new place.

Though there is a fair housing act in place within the country, the housing regulations are becoming complex day by day.

Hence, owners tend to out-rightly reject a tenant who does not meet the criteria.

If you are the one who has been hunting a house for a long time but has been denied at all the places, then you need to try out with the character recommendation letter.

Here are a few references for your understanding.

feel good Reference letter sample with years of family details and terms for jobs resources personal Reference sample write personal Reference sample personal Reference sample write

The choice of the person who recommends you is crucial.

It can be your roommate or your previous owner or an employer who knows you well.

This type of letter will have to include the following information:

  • Period of acquaintance
  • Source of income
  • Regularity in rental payments
  • Behavioral or disciplinary issues
  • Reason for recommendation

With all these in the letter, you certainly get a place to rent and lead life happily.

Reference Letter Writing Tips

Thre are several things to keep in mind if you are planning to draft a character reference. Here are some writing tips:

Choice of positive words: The letter you draft talks a lot about your value, skills, and position and it is essential to display your confidence on the person’s tenet through words.

Use positive words while writing and focus more on the person’s strengths and achievements over the years over shortcomings.

Include their qualities, how they are with their family, other people he is working with in their business etc. This can serve the purpose of questions.

Keep it brief: No business owner/receiver likes to read a long letter.

When you recommend a person, keep it short but complete and good.

Personal references should never exceed a page and make it as interesting as possible with essential data that can leave the receiver read it entirely.

Ask for information: Before you recommend someone, gather enough information about the person and the due date.

In case they already have a resume to share, collect the data and present it in a professional style.

Being accurate in the reference is important as it can affect the future of a person.

Limit your private information: When you recommend someone else, it does not mean that you should share detailed information about yourself. It is absolutely fine to just limit with your name, designation, contact email address, number and office address.

Sometimes, it is just enough to limit with name, designation and phone number as the receiver can contact you when required.

Be specific: Learn the purpose of the recommendation and take a look at the samples before you create one.

Do not focus on too many abilities or achievements as it can confuse the receiver.


When you draft a letter or ask someone to recommend you, never forget to proofread the content as this can take a toll on your ability and presentation skills.

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