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11+ Brag Sheet Templates & Examples

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Brag sheets are a secret to achieving a ridiculously amazing letter of recommendation! All the hard work during school will pay off – all you need to do is keep a record of these brag-worthy achievements!

A brag sheet template is just the right way to score perfect recommendation letters.

Free Download Brag Sheet Templates in PDF & Word

For Letter Of Recommendation

Submitting this application to your recommender allows you to sum up your skills, test scores, academic achievements, and other details.

Printable brag sheet template for letter of recommendation

The recommenders might not have the time to recollect your past achievements and personal information. In such situations, these sheets help the recommender to craft detailed and unique recommendation letters.

However, remember that these forms are not alternatives to the letter of recommendation. The purpose of this sheet is to serve as a reminder of your high school accomplishments. The recommender might also ask you for this form to write a character reference letter.

These days, most high schools ask for such documents before offering letters of recommendation.

So, ensure that details such as test score, address, awards, and academic records are up to date. Also, know that each school might present you with different questions to support LORs.

For College

When curating your first ever brag sheet for a high school diploma, the experience can land you puzzled and confused. You can use a template to solve the dilemma.

The templates offer you a gist of what should shine on your admission application.

Career recommendation sheet

Remember, this form is a starting point. Once you start thinking about your career and academic goals, you may discover many things about yourself. These forms also help you to organize your details better.

Moreover, using ready-made examples is an easy way to make your sheet scannable and skimmable. So, fill in information relevant to your academic and career path.

Brag sheet example


  • Keep the details concise and to the point.
  • The track records should be chronological (wherever possible).
  • Don’t go beyond one page.
  • Use bullet points to enhance readability.

For Parents

This free printable parent brag sheet example will make it easy for parents to highlight the best skills of their children. These reference forms are in high demand because parents don’t have enough guidance to complete them.

Parent Sheet for counselor letter of recommendationParent brag sheet example

The examples will help parents understand the basics of this document. They can guide a parent better as to how and to what extent they should mention their child’s achievements.

All the questions in the form are generic and include some of the most-asked questions by recommenders and counselors.


  • Positively showcase the weaknesses.
  • Don’t exaggerate.
  • Back up your assertations with real-life examples.

For Navy

By using the template, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

It’s natural that as a navy person, you must’ve had a busy life. You can use a pre-made template as a source of inspiration to showcase your achievements.

Navy sheet sample

The first rule of a good application is to round up your growth as a professional in the field. Using this ready-made college application, you can have a well-polished brag sheet. One of the purposes of these forms for navy persons is to procure a promotion or a better job opportunity.

Besides, such templates can help procure letters of recommendation for the first time.


  • Focus on growth and achievement.
  • Write it honestly and keep it brief.
  • It should sound professional.
  • Mention updated contact details.

For Seniors

Ultimately, a good brag sheet can make a difference in your application. All the information you put in your senior brag sheet will help your coach, counselors, and advisers write you a “good” LOR.

Drafting this form isn’t as simple as it looks. Since it can affect your competency in a scholarship contest, you should try to be extra cautious.

Senior sheet for high school including community service


  • Ensure the font and format is according to the requirement of your school.
  • Be professional and organized.
  • Explain achievements beyond the school boundaries.
  • Jot down any leadership positions you held.
Senior brag sheet example

For High School

High school brag sheets are a version of a resume for the academic world. You can complete this sheet manually or electronically!

High school sheet example

This form contains necessary details about your high school laurels and honors.

By using templates, you can have proper guidance as to what goes into a form. We recommend gathering your test scores , transcripts, and other relevant documents before proceeding with the templates. It will save you a lot of time.

High school BS sample for letter of recommendation


  • Mention future goals that align with your current activities.
  • Answer all questions humbly.
  • Make it resourceful.

For Professional Use

Career brag sheets are one of the most challenging in the category. Typically, you’ll have plenty of information to include for a background check. It’s obvious for any person to feel fixated while curating their list of achievements.

Example of professional brag sheet

The reason to create a professional brag sheet is that it’ll help you keep track of your achievements. In the middle of your busy 9 to 5 job, you might lose track of these accomplishments. What’s more, using templates is advisable as you might not know or have the time to build one from scratch.

These templates ensure that you are knitting your achievements in a polished and neat style. Keep adding your professional success milestones to the templates and keep them handy!


  • Don’t skip the little details.
  • Write result-oriented activities.
  • Make it skimmable with bullet pointers.
  • Validate your claims with an example.

Fillable Template

The fillable templates allow you to replace the information in a nearly completed application. You can use a fillable version if you find the format and content of the templates to be suitable for your purpose.

These fillable templates are free and easy to use. Having a fillable variant saves you the hassle of creating a new format.

Fillable and printable sheet

Typically, fillable templates will have headers such as personal detail, grade, extracurricular activities, awards, clubs, community service & volunteer, etc.

After filling in all the details, you can directly print the document and submit them. Hassle-free and convenient, isn’t it?


Question: What is the purpose of a brag sheet?

The brag sheet is like a track record of your achievements. The primary goal of using one is to jog the memory of your recommender. You should present your academic and extracurricular success in the form of quick highlights.

These forms give more insights into who you are and details related to academic and extracurricular achievements.

You should hand a brag sheet to the teacher while requesting a recommendation letter. The teacher you may have in class may not be aware of your accolades and extracurricular achievements.

See this as an opportunity to shed light on your most prominent professional and academic skills. Another crucial purpose of this form is to allow professionals to hold records of their achievements.

Essentially, students prepare these when college admissions are nearing.

From your school grades to accolades, don’t shy from including every noteworthy achievement!

Question: What should brag sheets include?

There is no golden rule to what should go into a student’s brag sheet. Your aim should be to make your letter of recommendation unique and distinct! However, here are a few things that can be helpful for students:

  • Name and contact information
  • Your GPA
  • School information
  • All standardized test scores (For example, SAT, ACT, and PSAT scores)
  • Any extracurricular activities
  • Leadership roles
  • Work or employment experience
  • Any academic or athletic awards you’ve received
  • Additional details

Question: Is a brag sheet a resume?

In essence, this sheet is much like a resume. However, a student’s brag sheet will be drastically different than a professional with five years of experience.

Like the resume, the brag sheet helps to highlight leadership skills, GPA, career achievements, participation in community and clubs, etc.

In a nutshell, it is a quick point of reference guide with key details and accomplishments for colleges or employers. If you’re wondering, yes, the structure of a brag sheet and resume are slightly different.

Question: What is a brag sheet for letters of recommendation?

The brag sheet for a letter of recommendation (LOR) is a document that can help colleges.

These forms give colleges and employers an insight into your key competencies and showcase your achievements. You can share the sheets with teachers while asking them for LORs.

These sheets help the recommender have a thorough understanding of your skills. Conversely, they act as a supporting document for teachers writing LORs.

Question: How do you write a brag sheet for kids?

Try to be concise and honest while writing this college application. For any questions concerning your child’s weaknesses, be honest and try to keep the tone positive.

The highlight of this application should be the accomplishments of your kid and how they’ve grown. A brag sheet from parents should be realistic and humble.


A brag sheet is a fantastic way for the recommender to highlight your excellence in extracurricular activities and different skill categories.

Hopefully, this brag sheet template guide could help you pick the perfect one for unlocking a bright future. If you find this ready-made brag sheet template guide to be useful, don’t forget to share the article!

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