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9+ Printable Homeschool Schedule Templates

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Having an organized study timetable is crucial to homeschooling. The primary focus is on studies in school, but there might be many other preoccupations at home.

As a parent, you may have to juggle household chores and office tasks at once while attending to your kid’s needs. So, following a routine based on the homeschooling guidelines set by the U.S. Department of State is beneficial.

You can easily create one by referring to a predefined homeschool schedule template and managing your time optimally for work and your child’s academic development.

Free Editable Homeschool Schedule Templates in Word, Excel & PDF

If you feel lost about where to start when creating a schedule for your child, shed your worries. This article will introduce you to some of the simplest and most productive templates you can take reference from. These templates are free, printable, and editable. They are available in all file types, including Words, Excel, and PDF.

Daily Schedule

Setting a schedule is vital to establish a regular learning habit and induce a positive work ethic in your child from an early age. Sticking to a daily routine can help your child avoid procrastination.

It will enable you to focus on developing different skills in your kid, such as reading, writing, practicing maths, performing self-care and exploration, and doing physical activities.

A few daily homeschool schedule templates come in a table format that helps you segregate the subjects or activities for all weekdays. On the contrary, some creative templates come with checklists for marking your child’s activities executed in a specified time.

Sample Schedule Colorful daily homeschool schedule Schedule 3 Schedule 2 Sample Schedule

Weekly Schedule

To ensure regular homeschooling takes place without any hassle, creating a weekly routine is necessary. It helps you and your child prevent delays in learning and organize weekly tasks beforehand.

A weekly schedule also helps you spend your day according to the routine without compromising your child’s early education. Thus, it prevents you from replacing your child’s study hours with other preoccupations.

Besides, it is observed that after having a relaxed sleep at night, morning is the most productive hour when kids can receive the best learning. So, most weekly routines include a well-planned timetable for early morning, late morning, and afternoon sessions.

Weekly routine Blank Weekly schedule template in excel

By Grade

Subjects keep advancing with every grade of your child. As your kid gets older, your schedule for Grade 1 may not work for Grade 2. Newer subjects will come up.

Hence, you must revise the same and accommodate extra time for those additional subjects. You can choose from any Word, Excel, or PDF homeschool schedule templates and download the one that fits your child’s grade.

For Preschool

Preschoolers love to play games and indulge in imagination. So, you need to find a rhythm to spare some time from your work and attend to their games and imaginations. But without a defined schedule, this will leave you exhausted. So, following a template exclusive to preschoolers is beneficial.

Most preschool templates include creative graphics to help you blend academic learning for your baby with fun and entertaining games. This lets them enjoy a refreshing break. It also gives you ample time to enjoy and engage in productive sessions with your child.

For Pre-K

For Kindergarten

Kindergarten is the stepping stone of a child’s academic development. So, setting a schedule that includes their interests will develop their liking towards learning. It will encourage them to learn in the future.

Creative and kid-friendly designed printable kindergarten templates focus on building a child’s basic knowledge. Using their easy-to-follow structure, you can schedule different important subjects for each day to emphasize your child’s skills.

For kindergarten

For Grade 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th

Once your kid is past the preschooler and kindergarten phase, it is time to level up their skills. It becomes imperative to opt for a grade-based routine to accommodate more subjects. This prevents your child from getting overwhelmed as they start learning more.

Templates for grades 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th include all days of the week. Each subject is assigned with a limited time, so your kids do not feel tedious or bored. These schedules also have a separate section to keep track of their assignments, projects, and exams.

Free printable schedule


How to make a schedule for homeschooling?

To create an effective schedule for homeschooling, look at your child’s grade and the subjects necessary for the particular standard. Following this, you can choose a simple template to refer to.

Start by segregating the subjects and activities. You need not include all subjects every day. It can become hectic for your child and often impede your busy schedule. Add breaks between the schedule and keep it realistic and enjoyable for your kid.

How to stay organized?

Homeschooling’s primary benefit is flexibility. You are the master of your time, and you get to create a schedule based on your lifestyle. However, you may stray from the routine at times and start procrastinating. It can disrupt your kid’s learning sessions. So, following a simple and effective routine is necessary.

You can use an editable template to create an easy-to-follow schedule. It should include all the subjects, assignments, and other aspects of your child’s learning to keep them and you organized. It will also make your child’s homeschooling a success.


Homeschooling allows your kids to learn in their comfort zone. It helps you focus on developing their skills according to their pace. However, this flexibility can lead to procrastination and irregularity in learning.

So, a homeschool schedule template that suits your child’s grade and fits your lifestyle can help you put in place constructive learning. We hope you received some good recommendations through this article.

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