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7 Free Homeschool Report Card Templates

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Education shapes the personality and identity of an individual. Whether learning occurs through an established institution or homeschool, every student needs a proper assessment to determine how well they perform and grasp the knowledge being imparted to them.

Thus, as a responsible parent cum homeschool teacher, you must create a detailed progress report for your learner. But starting from scratch may leave you feeling blank.

So, referring to a homeschool report card template can simplify things and help you gain a better idea about giving proper feedback to your child.

Fillable & Printable Homeschool Report Card Templates in PDF & Excel

Homeschool Report Card

Many people assume that feedback is not necessary for home-based learners. However, creating a schedule and keeping track of your child’s progress is highly critical as it enables you to determine their areas of strength and weakness.

Thus, here are some relevant templates you can take inspiration from. Being available in PDF and Excel formats, you can easily edit and print them according to your requirements.

Sample Report Card Fillable Report Card Editable Report Card for High School

For Kindergarten

Providing constructive feedback to your KG kid through a grade card is beneficial. It helps them analyze and improve their overall performance for more effective future learning.

This kindergarten template contains essential details like the student’s name, grade, days attended, days absent, year of study, and homeschool teacher name. It is followed by separate sections to highlight your child’s social growth, personal growth, work and study habits, and academic records for different subjects in each quarter.

For KG

For Elementary School

A report card can help you focus on the areas where your child needs more attention and improvement. It is pretty easy to create, but checking out samples can be helpful if you cannot figure out where to start.

This elementary school transcript allows you to be creative and make the progress report engaging for the learner. It is neatly organized, with 2 semesters a year. You only have to enter your kid’s details, attendance, code of conduct, academic subjects and grades, and remarks. Besides, it has 2 different grading scales to evaluate the conduct and academic performance separately for better assessment and growth of your student.

For Elementary School

For Middle School

A sample progress report can be handy for offering positive feedback or constructive criticism to your home-based learner. It allows you to determine the quality of your child’s academic and behavioral performance throughout the year.

So, this customizable middle school template comes with a section for recording the personal information of the learner and different slots for entering the corresponding subject names, grades, attendance details, and conduct metrics. At the bottom, there’s also space for you to give the final verdict, i.e., whether your kid is promoted or retained.

For Middle School

For High School

Recording the annual performance of a high school student is critical because it serves to be an essential document for their higher studies. But since it holds such importance, you may feel overwhelmed preparing it. This is when a homeschool grade card template can be of great help to you.

For instance, this high school transcript contains an easy-to-use spreadsheet having separate sections for a student’s details, subjects, course titles, credits, semester-wise grades and GPAs, and cumulative totals. Using this sample, you can also prepare a brag sheet to get a letter of recommendation for your child while applying for diploma or graduation courses in universities.

For High School


Are homeschool report cards important?

With the help of a proper grade card, homeschool students can become well-aware of their learning progress, helping them realize the subjects in which they are good and the ones in which they need to put in more effort.

It makes you understand your child’s potential instead of judging their performance based on standardized testing. Based on the results and analysis, you can thus develop the right learning approach and pace for your child.

Besides, creating report cards for home-based students allows you to offer your child incentives and rewards, encouraging them to work harder and perform better.

How to calculate homeschool grades?

Homeschool grade calculation is nothing different from the rule of regular schools. You can convert the grade of each assignment into a percentage by adding up all the correct answers and dividing it by the total number of questions. Then, multiply the quotient by 100 and evaluate the percentage grade.

You can further calculate the GPA of your child’s academics for better performance assessment. First, determine the average score of all tests and assignments. Then, set up a credit value and numerical grade for each class.

After that, multiply each credit with the numeric figures of grades to obtain the grade point of the learner corresponding to the particular class. Finally, divide the total grade points of all subjects with the respective numerical credits and get an accurate homeschool GPA.

Wrapping Up

If you want to know the competence level of your child and see if homeschooling is working for them or not, you need to consider recording their progress in documented form and provide the necessary feedback to them.

A homeschool report card template can help you assess a learner’s academic performance in a simple and comprehensible way. It will effectively unfold their talents and skills, and you can help them enhance the same.

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