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27+ Fake Transcripts For High School & College

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Fake transcripts are lifesavers when you are not at home and you need access to your transcript all of a sudden.

While this can sound appealing, there are a lot of chances when you get hold of misleading transcripts that can do more harm to you than good.

Fake ones are available widely for high school and college students.

However, there are a lot of aspects such as credibility, design, choice of words and readability that need to be taken into consideration before we finalize one.

Free Fake Transcript Templates

If you are running short of time, you cannot go through the available options but quickly choose one.

Understanding your situation, we have listed the best ones under each category that can blindly make use of. They are reliable and do not develop suspicion on you.

For Homeschooling

It is quite easy to find fake college transcripts for people who have just completed high school or college education.

Consequently, it is hard to find trustworthy templates for homeschoolers.

With a growing number of homeschoolers in the country, it is important to have a group of quality templates to use whenever required.

Unlike other college transcripts such as high school diploma template, where you may need to fake college signatures and of your teachers, this is going to be the easiest option as you can ask your parents to sign and it is, in fact, a quicker process.

Here are a few templates for your use.

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If you already have records of your grades at homeschool, creating a replica is going to be a hassle-free task.

Can you fake a college transcript?

Well, Yes, you can. But there are a few things to keep in mind before you submit the transcript.

  • Your transcript has to highlight that you have undergone a home education program. This clause is mandatory.
  • Even you forget your grades, never create a contradictory list of subjects. Check out the list of subjects you actually studied and then generate the transcript. Clash in the subject list can arouse suspicion on you.
  • Notarizing the document is essential. Make sure the college transcripts have an option for the same.

For High School

A common instance when people look out for fake transcripts is during the application of a job or higher studies.

For you to get admitted in a specific course or work under a particular domain, your high school transcript along with a brag sheet (click here for templates) plays an important role.

Since you are going to opt for a fake transcript, it doesn’t mean you can compromise on authenticity. If you do, it will fall under the category of a breach.

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High school transcripts and gpa transcript contain the following sections:

  • Subject code, grade, and credits earned at each level of degrees
  • GPA at the end of each semester or course graduation
  • The complete detail of the high school including logo, address and contact information in the header
  • Issued date and signature of the authorized person giving degrees are added in the footer.

Before you select the fake transcript, know the mistakes that people tend to commit:

  • Students fail to find the sync between the transcript and degree/ college diplomas certificate and then get caught by the receiver. This creates a black mark on the student. So, make sure everything on your school diplomas are in order.
  • The degrees you download on the web can be different from what you were promised by the service provider. As a result, you tend to download a fake college one that has already been printed and used by thousands of students without any changes. Using it repeatedly can increase chances of suspicion.
  • It is unlawful to consider your fake college transcript as the real one to use for higher studies/ degree and jobs. Make sure you get a real one after all.
  • Filling the downloaded university one and submitting to the authority is not just sufficient. You may have to proofread the entire document and ensure consistency with other certificates.
  • In order to be safe, ensure that your one does not contain watermarks of the service provider.

For College

Some students may have discontinued college studies or missed the original college transcript.

Irrespective of the situation, the mistakes are the same as mentioned in the previous section and you need to be extremely cautious about it to use the fake diploma.

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As soon as you download a fake transcript or a fake diploma, ensure that you also apply for a copy of the same from your university if you have missed the original document.

This will save you at a later stage. When you apply for a degree-related job, some employers tend to verify your one with the university. This is one major reason to avoid malpractices.

Envelope Examples

The need for a sealed envelope can be trivial but this is one more chance to display your genuineness.

While a few templates are to be listed for your reference, it is easy to create one based on the institution you have graduated from.

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Envelope covers are already available in the market and you only have to print on it. Here is the list of things to be present mandatory.

  • Logo and name of the institution on the top left area of the envelope.
  • The statement ‘official transcript’ should be printed in a blank region on the front side of the envelope.
  • It is optional to include transparent cover to display the receiver name. You can instead stick the receiver name as a separate label too.
  • A sticking tape at the back of the envelope to seal open ends.

Make sure you don’t use gum to stick it!

Fake Certificates With Transcripts

Like already mentioned, your certificate should be well aligned. Right from the pattern to color scheme to signature of the authority, the receiver notices a number of things to assess your genuineness.

Do not just download diploma transcript and present to the employer.

Instead, include a certificate of completion too.

This can make the process complete and you do not have to worry about getting caught.

Here are a few diploma certificates that you can use along with your diplomas file.

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These diplomas transcripts are supposed to be excellent options to save you in emergency situations but cannot be deemed as permanent solutions.

If you are someone who forgets to carry important things, then store all these templates handy to use when needed.

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