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Download Printable High School Diploma Templates In Word & PDF

Featured Image: High School Diploma Template Examples

A High School Diploma is given to students upon completing grades 9 through to 12 in Canada and the USA by the school and its governing body.

It is used by employers and college to base a person’s performance during a person earlier years of education.

It is an award for the students who have completed their high school curriculum that consists of various types of core subjects and other modules that have been chosen specifically by the students themselves.

The qualifications and requirements for students to successfully obtain a diploma when finishing high school varies on each state’s grading system.

The grading system is measured on the overall average of all the subjects, on both mandatory and elective modules.

Students receive a GPA (Grade Point Average) of which can be scored with levels of A-F or 1-4.

Each state may have different requirements, such as having higher grades in core subjects like Math and English Literacy.

It is a must for the institution to make them look professional and genuine as they will remain with the students throughout their life. This article guides you to choose the perfect one.

To obtain good scores for a student’s GPA consists of set work and tests given by the school.

Assignments such as coursework throughout the semester contribute to a percentage of the subjects final score which a final exam is held which is then added to determine the final grade.

Other diplomas such as vocational diplomas are given for completing and passing courses that may be outside of school and is not specifically academical.

Diplomas are received in a Graduation ceremony where students celebrate their completion of high school and their achievement throughout 4 years in school.

Different Types Of High School Diploma Templates

A diploma or Fake Transcript should have a distinct look that makes this small piece of paper an official document.

It may just be paper, but it should become a representation of a student’s hard work and their academic excellence during the best years of their lives in school.

Each awarding bodies may use different types of diplomas that can include specific details or just have a unique style and design that represents the school.

In this section, we will show you the various diploma types that are ready to be edited and awarded to that outstanding student.

High School Diploma Template

This is a simple diploma design that is straight to the point with a logo. It has all the necessary info such as the school name and its notable faculty members and the name of the student.

It looks clean and official without any other decorations to take the reader’s eye off the important parts of the diploma.

diploma template

This diploma looks messy at first due to the open boxes all over the place.

The boxes are where you enter the important details and should be removed as soon as it has been filled in.

It is an easy to edit template as it is almost guiding you on where to put that details while printing with the 11×17 printer.

It emphasizes the ‘High School Diplomas’ term, being the largest fonts on the page and is printed with calligraphic font. Both parents signature is required rather than schools official.

free high school diploma template with seal

The most notable of this type of diploma is the type of font used. It remains consistent throughout using a classy typeface while keeping the overall feel very simple.

The basic white background keeps the font as the main feature of design making it not too overpowering.

The religious writing at the bottom shows that this is perfect for a Christian school. You can use printers for cardstock to print these templates.

homeschool high school diploma templates

A sleek and modern look. It does not have any pictures or too much decorations and has stood by a minimalist approach.

The color keeps the diploma from being too bare, with a neat frame that complements the background.

The student’s name is the largest feature on it with the emphasis on the student for completing high school.

 high school diploma templates word

This border-less diploma design makes itself appear complex by making effective use of a calligraphic font and keeping it simple.

The font sizes are smaller than the other examples in the attempt to fit purposeful details while having space for 4 schools signatures.

A curved font design for the high school name enables it to have a large typeface size without taking up most of the space at the upper parts. It displays the certification very well.

 high school diploma certificate template

This diploma template printable design has a busy look on the image.

It has a mixture of different fonts and sizes, with different styles of calligraphic typefaces.

It displays the certification very well with all the other important information included such as name, date, and signatures.

It also displays a bible verse at the end to retain its religious theme as a diploma for a Christian school.

high school graduation diploma

This is a diploma printable with a thick border that makes it look as if it is framed.

The contents of the diploma are simple with enough information on its certification.

It has only space for 1 signatory and it does not come with a seal but that can be put on afterward if you choose to do so.

This diploma printable style has an unofficial look with its spiral designed border.

It doesn’t add a lot of information on the page with only the crucial ones included such as name and date.

There are 2 slots for a signatory at the bottom. A seal has been included however it has been placed in the background behind the characters.

 blank high school diploma homeschool

The highlight of this otherwise very basic online diploma style is its border.

The use of the font is very basic with a change in the ‘diploma’ part just like in an Obituary Template.

There are 4 signatures at the bottom part to make this diploma look more like an official document.

There is no room on the page for a seal thus making the signatures an official stamp.

 homeschool high school diploma customize

This online diploma style is very simple in terms of its certification.

It states the completion of the graduation requirements but not in great detail.

It has a thick border and has an unofficial feel to the diploma where it does not specify which school it has been awarded by and also having just one space for a signatory.

high school diploma pdf print

This college diploma has a vintage touch to the page with well-spaced characters and darker colored background on print.

It is neat but also has a classy look with good sized and well-spaced fonts making it easy to read.

It has space for a college superintendent and a principal with a seal in between to make to make official.

print homeschool college diploma template

The border seems to be the main centerpiece of this diploma with a decorative design.

The font has been kept simple with minimal certification information and kept plenty of space in the center.

It has spaces to include a name of the student, high school name/ university name and the date.

high school diploma template

A very straight forward diploma with a vibrant blue border.

There is sufficient info on the certification however the name of the awarding school or university is missing.

Due to the large border, the spacing of the characters have been concentrated to the center and has a crowded feel to it.

It has only 1 space for a signatory and a small seal just like a work order printable.

Types and How To Make a High School Diploma Template

There are numerous types of diplomas resources which can be applied to most circumstances that require an award after completion. Business training courses and higher-level education also utilize this award to give to the ones who have successfully completed it.

Most people think that there is only one type of diploma which shows that a student has completed and passed high school. In fact, there are also multiple diplomas that are awarded by the school.

General Diploma Certificates

This is the most awarded by the school.

It represents the completion of high school courses at a basic level of the state awarding body’s requirements.

To obtain a general diploma, students must meet passing grades on the major core subjects and various other chosen subjects.

This could also show that they have attended high school in an acceptable amount.

Core subjects often include a minimum of three years in the topics of math, English, history, and science among a variety of other subjects.

Honor Award Diploma Certificates

An honor diploma is awarded to students who have performed well throughout high school and exceeding the passing grades.

This can mean that their overall GPA deserves a higher award than just a general diploma.

Another main contributor to earning an honor diploma is by completing advanced level subjects and classes and also completing successful placements.

Often, more advanced level subjects can include foreign languages.

Students can usually approach a guidance counselor at their school to find out what they need to achieve in order to receive such an honors diploma.

Occupational Diploma Certificates

This award is for students who have taken part in extra vocational programs.

These programs enable them to venture to other non-standard subjects such as motor vehicle engineering and beauty courses rather than keeping them stuck with Math and Science.

This one gains an entry-level passage to the specific courses they have taken without the particular requirement of a general diploma.
This award is great for those who are not academically focused and would rather enter a more hands-on path.

A lot of such industries accept such an occupational diploma as a sign that the high school graduate has the necessary training to take on a beginner entry job.

Certificate of Attendance

This usually applies to students that undergo special education.

They often have a disability and can’t finish the standard curriculum to receive a general one.

To receive a Certificate of Attendance, the student often has to demonstrate basic skills that are in line with their disability.

High School Diplomas vs High School Certificate – What’s the Difference?

To a lot of people, a high school diplomas is exactly the same as a certificate. On paper, this may look exactly the same, but both have a totally different meaning.

To put it simply, a diploma means that the student has completed all the required programs and have obtained a satisfactory score, however, a certificate signifies a student completing programs but have not received the necessary score to pass high school.

To obtain one, students must pass on all core subjects such as Math, English, and Science plus all other studies to a passable GPA.

This will then branch off to different variants, General, Honour, and/or Occupational ones depending on their performance on various core and special subjects.

For students to receive a fake High School certificate, they must attend school without receiving all the necessary grades on core subjects and other elective courses.

An example of a certificate is a certificate of attendance.

There may be many factors for them to receive this award such as having a condition or disability that restricts them in attending school sufficiently to pass the subjects.

Other factors such as simply not giving enough effort to pass subjects mean that the student will receive a certificate of attendance rather than a diploma.

There are other differences such as the military accepts a fake high school diploma certificate but not a fake high school certificate.

Students who get it are also eligible for a federal student subsidy when they attend college whereas others who receive the certificate aren’t.


The best part of a person’s life is mainly experienced throughout a middle school or later part of education.

This is where a person can learn a lot about certain subjects and even about life in general with friends they have made along the way.

For them to receive a memorable award such as a diploma may not just verify their hard work and the sleepless nights they had, it can also bring them pride especially with their parents due to their contribution of giving their child a good education.

Give a student a memorable award that will be cherished for a lifetime, reminding them of fond memories and the measures they have taken to obtain this award. It may be just a simple piece of paper, but to some, it is a reminder of the best part of their lives.

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