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13+ Free High School Diploma Templates

Featured Image: High School Diploma Template Examples

Although just a piece of paper, high school diplomas are an essential student document.

These are required in several scenarios as a way to confirm you have completed schooling.

The high school diploma should, therefore, look presentable with a professional and formal design.

Scroll down to find out what situations call for a high school diploma template and find the free one for you.

You may wonder what the best way to go about creating a high school diploma is.

Samples and templates are available online to guide you through the process.

Listed below are different printable high school diploma templates and how you can make the best use of them.

These downloadable and printable templates will get the job done faster.

Printable Real & Fake High School Diploma Templates in Word & PDF

High school diploma template sample
Real templates come with columns that you find in all traditional diplomas.

This includes school name, student name, and course of study.

You also have the date and signatures, venue of the graduation ceremony where the student was awarded the high school diploma.

A student will need to show their real diploma for various scenarios. Here are some examples.

  • To display learned skills for a new job or further academic studies
  • Admission requirement for those wanting to pursue a college/university degree

This template is available in PDF format for easy editing and download.

Real diploma template sample Download blank printable word template Sample Diploma Certificate

Blank High School Diploma Template

You might want to show the certificate to friends for some fun and show-off.

Thanks to the internet, you can now have some fun creating a faux certificate, school, and even college diploma!

Students primarily use this as a novelty document.

Fake highschool diploma template

You can remember your school accomplishments as they go on for further studies or a job.

You can download this diploma in PDF or Word format. The template is created in a way to give it the quality and feel of a real one.

So it will mention the school, date of graduation, course, final grade/GPA, name of the student, and signature.

With their high quality, these templates can easily replace your original diploma if it ever gets lost, just like fake transcripts.

Blank fillable diploma template Blank fillable highschool certificate Blank high school completion certificate

Templates With Seal

These diploma templates have stamped golden seals.

This is created to commend the graduate on completing the courses set by the school or state authorities.

The seal of approval will make the template perfectly fit the standards of diplomas most schools give out.

It will also have fixed columns for the authorities to sign.

Once you fill in all the details in the PDF, just download and print it out. That easy!

Genuine looking free printable high school diploma template with seal Highschool template with seal adn golder border and corners Sample certificate with seal

Homeschool Diploma Template

A homeschool high school diploma serves the same purposes as a public school diploma.

However, you may not know what all information is required for an official homeschool high school diploma.

This blank homeschool high school diploma template already has all the crucial sections given, like date, name of the homeschool high school, and signatures.

Homeschool high school certificate with seal option

The sections can be used to briefly address the kind of specialized homeschool high school courses given to students.

You can easily modify these in a printable Microsoft Word or PDF format.

All that’s left to do then is to have your parent or the people overseeing the homeschooling sign it.

The homeschool high school diploma templates here include a seal, giving it a more official and formal appearance.

The end result is a high-quality printed homeschool high school diploma.

Along with it, you can also submit a brag sheet.

This will leave a good impression on the college admission committee and potential employer.

Homeschool Diploma Template


Question: What is a high school diploma?

Before diving into the different high school diploma templates, let’s take a minute to understand high school diplomas.

A high school diploma is given to students upon graduation.

It is an official leaving certificate, confirming the student has completed their academic curriculum.

In the US and Canada, schools give this to students who successfully finish schooling from grade 9 to 12.

Many institutions, educational and business, use this diploma as a measure of your general skills.

Question: How to make it?

You need to follow some basic standard guidelines to create your own printable high school diploma. Otherwise, the diploma will not seem legit and trustworthy.

When you nail the PDF format design, it becomes much easier to fill it up with the necessary details.

Printable template to create certificate

So follow this step-by-step process to get your template right the first time.

Step 1 – Set The Paper Size And Margins

You will start by opening the software of your choice and setting the margins for the page. The standard margins set all around the page are 1 inch.

You can edit the page size to fit the standard diploma size, i.e., 8″ height and 11″ width.

Step 2 – Choose Font Style And Size

Font style and size are how you will set the professional look and mark the different sections.

Calligraphic fonts will help the title and headings stand out.

For the actual content that you fill in later, use readable fonts and keep the size small.

Step 3 – Place Logo And Borders

This is the fun part! You can decorate high school diploma templates with the school logo and borders.

The school logo should have high resolution so that it does not look pixilated on the diploma.

The design should be as clean and minimal as possible, so the readers remain focused on the information at hand.

Step 4 – Describe The Diploma

Now that the design elements are set, it is time to start adding the actual content. You can add the school’s name as the title.

It would have a bigger font size than all other section headings.

Next, you add a transition like, “This certifies that…” or “We gladly award this diploma…”.

You can add whatever wording you think will suit your institution best.

After this comes the name of the student.

Then briefly describe what the student achieved in one or two sentences.

Step 5 – Make Space For Signatures

The last step is to set aside some space at the bottom for 2 signatures by relevant authorities.

You typically get these signed by the school principal and the director of the board of education.

Below the space left, type out the names of the signatories.

You now have a solid template ready for printing in PDF format!

Question: Can you make fake a high school diploma?

Yes, you can either download the printable high school diploma templates available online or use them as a reference to create your own.

The same steps given above for making a diploma will apply here.

While doing so, pay close attention to the original seal, logo, calligraphic font, and watermark to see how you can replicate it.

Then fill it with the following details.

  • School Name
  • Name of the Student
  • Date of Graduation
  • City, Country, and State
  • Date and Signatures

Since the originals are created using special paper, make sure to use the same.

Question: Do fake high school diplomas work?

Both fake public and homeschool high school diplomas work with families and friends but not authorities. The only exception is when you use it to replace an actual diploma.

It is not uncommon for students to misplace their documents. So universities and workplaces allow the use of a faux diploma until the school can make a new one.

It is best then that you avoid using them to get past government or professional authorities.

Question: How to make a fake GED?

It is a challenge to make your own faux GED as you may not know where to start.

An easy way to create one is to go on a website that offers printable GED certificates. They will already have the columns and sections set up. All you have to do then is download the certificate template.

Apart from your name, here is a list of details your GED will require.

  • Student ID Number
  • Date of Birth
  • School Name and Address
  • City, County, and State
  • Date of Graduation
  • Type of Degree
  • Cumulative Grade Point Average
  • Transcripts Issued/Printed Date

Make sure the quality of the paper matches the real thing.


High school diplomas help you qualify for several educational and employment opportunities.

These templates cut down your time and money on acquiring one!

If you liked the article, be sure to like and share it with others in need of making a new high school diploma.

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