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53+ Authorization Letter Samples for Giving Permission (Word & PDF Templates)

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An authorization letter is a written proof giving permission, in a letter format, that the recipient is liable to perform the listed actions they are authorized to, if they are carrying an authorization letter. A letter of authorization transfers the authoritative role from the sender to the receiver, giving them the permission for the same.

You might find yourself perplexed at the prospect of drafting a letter of authorization and that is the reason we are providing you with several free to use templates for authorization letters.

Free Authorization Letter Samples & Templates

Sample Letter of Authorization Giving Permission

You can use an authorized letter sample to give your consent to the recipient to act on your behalf or use this authority letter sample in various scenarios with three parties involved.

You would need this letter to grant permission:

  1. For receiving a legal parcel
  2. For obtaining a permit to undertake travel
  3. For signing legal documentation
  4. For collecting medical or any other official records
Authorize someone to receive a legal parcel using this letter Authorization letter sample for minor to travel alone Employee name correction in medical insurance sample letter Authorization letter to pick up documents

Two of the most common sample of authorization letters to grant access are for picking up a document and processing the same.

To Pick Up Documents

There can be various situations when you need to pick some important documents but cannot do that in-person.

You can use an authorization letter to permit someone else to perform this role in your absence.
You will need the authorization letter sample for such a letter below.

However, you should keep the authorization letter sample in mind not to miss any crucial detail.

Keep the language formal and concise to convey all the exact information regarding the role.

Pick up refund cheque

To Process Documents

Another probable situation to grant permission through an authorized letter is for processing documents in your absence.

The need for such a letter can arise if you are absent or not physically available for the process and want another person to do it on your behalf.

You can follow this letter of authorization format to ensure that all details are adequately communicated.

This sample will help you grant permission to somebody else to process the documents on your behalf.

Letter of authorization to process the documents

Consent Letter

A consent letter seeks permission for performing some tasks either independently or on behalf of somebody.

A consent letter can be sought for business, legal, educational, professional, or personal objectives.

By learning how to write an authorization letter, you will also learn how to write a suitable letter of consent.

You can follow an authorization letter example to take the lead in drafting a consent letter.

While writing consent letters like these, you should keep the tone formal and precise.

Sample consent letter to travel without supervision

To Act On Behalf

You may not be present for all events at all times. To that end, you will have to assign the responsibility of acting on your behalf.

A sample authorization letter will come in handy in this situation.

You can authorize another person to act on your behalf on multiple occasions.

The person granting authority is termed as the principal, while the recipient is recognized as the agent or power of attorney.

Situations when you would this authorization letter are:

  1. For collecting or processing documents
  2. For performing monetary transactions
  3. For acquiring medical or official records
  4. For dispersing legal obligations
  5. For allowing children to travel without parents

Follow these samples to draft a suitable letter.

Authorization letter sample to assign representative for bank account Appointing a representative in absence Classmate acting on behalf Execute transaction on behalf of company Authorization for foreign travel of minor

To Claim Money

You will need a letter of authority sample for claiming the money as well.

There may arise a situation when you cannot collect money by yourself. In this case, you have to authorize another person to fulfill the responsibility.

For drafting the correct letter, you can use this authorization letter format. This will simplify the process for you.

Occasions that will warrant you to use this sample authorization letter include:

  1. For collecting money while you are away or physically incapable
  2. For making monetary claims at the bank in your absence
Authorization letter to claim check Authorization to withdraw money and access bank account on behalf

For Bank

Writing a bank authorization letter can be tricky.

Bank documents require complete accuracy in terms of the information you mention and the language you use.

You can use this letter of authorization sample to permit someone to disperse your obligations to the bank in your absence.

Letter to access banking details

You will need an authorized letter to ask another person to activate a frozen bank account or take the bank statement.

Authorization letter to activate frozen bank account Sample format to assign representative to collect bank statements

This bank authorization letter format is also useful when changing the nominee associated with your bank account.

Use this authorization letter to change nominee in bank

For School

You will need to learn how to write an authorization letter if you have any acquaintances in school.

There are multiple requirements for such a letter in an educational institution.

Such a letter is necessary when the child is traveling without parents or when the parents want somebody to collect the child from the institution or take them outside the school boundaries.

Minor consent form to travel with school authority Authorization letter for child to travel for school excursion

A letter of authority also comes in handy for a parent to permit a third party to collect their children’s documents.

Authorizing someone to collect child's documents

Besides, there can be several similar situations where you would need to draft a formal letter of authorization for your children.

Child care authorization letter

To Pick Up A Passport

A passport is a significant identification proof and piece of personal information.

Once your application is processed and the passport is ready, you need to collect it from the office physically.

You will need a sample of authorization letters in the possibility that you want a second party to collect the contents on your behalf.

A sample letter of authorization will make the process easier.

The standard format of an authorization letter to pick up a passport should include correct information with a positive tone.

Authorization letter for passport collection

For Minor To Travel Without Parents

An authorized letter is mandatory to allow minors’ travel without parents with a second party. This is most commonly required when children take up trips or field visits through their schools.

You will need to draft an authorized letter sample permitting your child’s travel.

Use this format to write a suitable letter for delegating your child care responsibilities to someone else.

Consent for minor child to travel Letter of parental consent for minor to travel

For Credit Card Authorization

A credit card provides you with the ability to spend freely without directly spending your money.

Banks and companies providing these cards take credit card theft seriously enough to block the card in case of unusual spending by someone else.

So, if you wish to allow a third party to use your credit card, you will need an official document of authorization for this purpose.

Credit card authorization letter for bank

For Signature Authorization

With a notarized authorization letter, you can permit somebody to sign documents on your behalf.

This letter will also convey precisely when and on what ground the recipient can sign in your stead.

Giving permission to collect tickets

A good letter should encompass complete details to eliminate any confusion. This signature letter should also enlist the documents that the recipient can sign for business activities or otherwise.

Therefore, you should use this letter of authority template to grant only as much permission as you want to give to the concerned third party.

Granting authorization to specific purpose

For Medical Treatment Authorization

Numerous medical grounds warrant a letter of authority from the patient.

Primarily, a medical letter sample seeks permission for taking care of a child, elderly, or mentally challenged individual in the absence of their parents, partner, or guardians.

Based on these grounds, you would need authorization letter templates for the following scenarios:

  1. For any medical administrative purposes
  2. For emergency transportation for medical reasons
  3. For routine check-ups and tests
  4. For critical surgical procedures like anesthesia
  5. For disclosing confidential medical records

This template of authorization letter will come in handy for such situations. You can attach this letter with the doctor’s note while addressing the surgeon involved.

Medical treatment authorization letter

Letter of consent for disclosing confidential medical records Medical Authorization Letter for routine checkups and test Authorize for critical surgical procedures like anesthesia Letter of authorization for emergency medical travel


What Is A Letter Of Authorization?

Before you go through all the scenarios for using a letter of authority, you should first understand what an authorized letter is.

To put it into better context, an authorized letter would be needed if you ask someone to collect some documents on your behalf.

Therefore, with a written proof, the receiving person can take the documents in your absence.

You can use a letter of authority on multiple occasions and in various forms, such as:

  • Permitting a medical professional to make decisions for your child or elderly
  • Allowing your children in the minor age group to travel without you
  • Authorizing your friend to perform some bank-related obligations on your behalf
  • Permitting your representative to act on your behalf concerning some matters
  • Seeking the release of medical information related to a patient

Now that you are clear about the meaning of a letter of authorization let’s look at some of the most common uses for one.

You might find yourself wondering how to write a letter of authorization when it comes down to it.

But writing an authority letter becomes easier when you have a sample to follow.

So, here are sample letters for every possible scenario where you may need one.

These authority letter samples and templates will come in handy, especially for someone with no prior experience on how to write a letter of authorization.

How To Write It?

Writing authorization letters requires proper attention and complete information on the subject.

Without a good understanding of an authorization letter format, you cannot write an appropriate letter.

There are multiple steps involved in the process. Besides, you have to keep the standard format in mind while drafting the letter.

Here is a step-by-step section on how to write a letter of authorization.

Step 1: Writing the header with your details

You will start the letter with your name and address placed on the page’s top-left side.

There is a set structure for writing these details as well.

You should write this information in precisely three lines with your name in the first line and your address in the remaining two.

You have to mention the city, zip code, and state mandatorily.

Right below these details will be the date of your letter. This letter should always be dated. The correct format is Month XX, Year.

Step 2: Recipient’s name and address

All the above details will be followed by the recipient’s information.

A point to note here is that the recipient is not the person being authorized in the letter. It will be the person receiving this information for some purpose.

For instance, in a letter of authorization attached to a doctor’s note, you need to mention the doctor’s name and address.

The recipient’s name and address with city, state, and zip code will be in the same format as your details.

However, you can leave this part blank if you are creating authorization letters for the future.

Step 3: Writing the main content of the letter

Before you begin drafting the body content, you have to choose a suitable salutation for the recipient.

You can use ‘dear’ in informal cases or ‘to’ for a more formal touch followed by the recipient’s title and full name.

Additionally, leave the salutation as ‘To whom it may concern’ if you are writing the letter for the future.

Some points to remember while drafting the content of your letter of authorization are:

  • Brief Content: Keep the content concise and precise. Making the letter too verbose only to increase its length will leave a negative impression. You have to convey your point as concisely as possible.
  • Mention the Objective: Clearly specify the objective of the letter. To that end, enlist all the duties that your representative is permitted to perform. Keep this information as specific and clear as possible by eliminating any scope for misinterpretation.
  • Details about Timeline: Mention the timeline, if any, for authorization. Some cases warrant a fixed timeline and you will need to specify the dates clearly in your letter.
  • Explain the Reason: Specify the reason for authorizing your representative to perform the given duties on your behalf. An explanation for permitting somebody else for fulfilling your responsibilities is essential to validate the letter.
  • Enlist Restrictions: Explain any restrictions that you want to enforce on the representative. While permitting them to act on your behalf, it becomes crucial to detail everything they cannot do beforehand. This precautionary step can prevent any potential mishap.

While these are some basic guidelines to follow for an authorization letter format, you should also know what details to include.

  • To the bank: This depends on the kind of letter you are drafting. When writing a bank authorization letter, specify relevant details regarding your account number and similar. You would also need to mention the recipient’s ID and your relationship with them.
  • For giving permission: When writing an authority letter to grant permission to collect or process documents, you have to specify the details about the document. You should also explicitly specify the documents that do not fall under your representative’s authority. Mentioning a fixed timeframe for the role is also a crucial detail.
  • For medical purposes: A letter of authorization for medical purposes should include all details about the concerned individual and their family. This letter should also include a list of all procedures that can be performed on the patient. Besides, you should also enlist all the procedures that cannot be performed on the patient. In such cases, specifying the reasons for not consenting to certain procedures is also required.

Step 4: Concluding the letter

Once you are done drafting the authorization letter template, you can conclude with a suitable closing word. ‘Sincerely’ and ‘Thankfully’ are two good options.

This is followed by your name and contact details.

Step 5: Formatting the letter

After you have drafted the entire letter, you have to format it correctly.

An authority letter will have the same formatting as a standard business letter.

The text has to be single-spaced without any indentation and a line’s space between all paragraphs.

Step 6: Notarizing the letter

Since this is a legal document, it is mandatory to have a witness’s signature and details at the very end.

The witness’s role is crucial to state that you did not sign this letter under any duress or by force.

If you have access to a notary, then you can ask them to notarize your letter.


Many situations warrant such an authorization letter.

With this post, you are well-equipped to draft one on your own. Therefore, use any of these templates to cut down on your hassle!

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