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Letter Of Authorization Sample & Templates – Choose From 43+ Formats

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During many instances in life, it is impossible to be aside someone and express consent.

At times, you may have to issue an authorization letter which will be considered as a legal document to progress further.

A better example to understand how this works is the case of surgery in the hospital.

It is possible for your loved one to fall sick and undergo surgery and you may be asked to create and submit a document confirming the authority issued to surgeons to proceed with the operation.

That’s when these one click templates come in handy.

To make it even simpler, every parent is requested by schools to sign a letter or progress report to inform the institution that the child’s progress is being monitored.

These are just a couple of instances to understand the concept but it happens commonly in business settings.

The process differs when you may have to issue the letter of authorization within a business setting.

A lot of procedures might be involved and it is mandatory to follow a structured approach and display professionalism at the end.

Instead of complicating the process, it is a wise idea to make use of readily available ones that save time and allow you to fill all the required details to complete the process hassle-free.

For every scenario in life, we have listed templates in this post.

Authorization Letter Templates For Bank

The bank is one such place where every process involves the use of an authorization letter.

Right from requesting the bank to let you withdraw an amount to applying for a credit card to changing the address associated with your account to allowing a third-party to access your account, letters are mandatory and need to be in a specific format.

Here are some easy to edit templates where you can easily fill in your data to suit your needs. Just click on the download button, edit and fill the details and you are good to go!

Authorization letter sample to assign representative for bank account Sample format to assign representative to collect bank statements Letter to access banking details Letter of authorization to use checking account Authorization to withdraw money and access bank account on behalf Authorization to close account

The thumb rule to create a quality authorization letter that can get approved easily like a work order form or a blank check template by the bank account manager is to be aware of 4 important sections – sender and receiver information as the first section, a message with details of the bank account in the second section, request for action in the third section and authorized signature in the last section.

The sections are the same though the purpose can differ each time and the other point to keep in mind is to address the department rightly as your letter might contain important information that should not be misused.

Letter Of Authorization For Academic Purpose

This is yet another instance faced widely where institutions send authorized letter to students to collect certificates or to parents to pay fees.

Alternatively, parents use the same authorization letter to make a special request to teachers or principal.

There is another instance where the student fails to collect the certificate on time and requests someone else to do it and sends the letter containing this message.

Since the environment here is an educational institution, professionalism and quality play major roles.

It is important not to miss any points and every time a letter is sent or received, it is stored in the internal records.

Here are some of the them to serve different purposes.

Authorization letter sample to collect academic documents from college Authorization from parent for kids medical requirements Parental consent example letter Child care authorization letter Degree collection letter of authorization Letter from college to recruit international students

Authorization Letter Format For Travel

Whether you have a child who is all set to go for a trip and the school requests you to send the consent letter or you are traveling with a minor, there are several formalities involved.

Similar to letters sent to higher authorities in the situations mentioned above, you can draft one for this case too. But, you must know the complication involved here.

When you consent for travel by a minor, you also understand and accept the risks involved and you shall not blame the institution or travel agency for any issues.

Also, it is important to know the facilities and safety for travel by a minor. Here are a few samples of travel letters.

Authorization letter sample for minor to travel alone Consent for international travel without supervision Authorization for foreign travel of minor Consent for minor child to travel Letter of parental consent for minor to travel Authorization letter for child to travel for school excursion Minor consent form to travel with school authority

Along with the letter, it is a wise idea to affix photocopies of identity proofs of the child and notes of emergency numbers and addresses. This maximizes safety and also leaves you stress-free.

Authorization Letter Example For Claiming

Having discussed educational institutions, banks and other places where we would need authorization letters to progress further, it is high time to develop letters to claim rights on something in particular.

For example, these documents are essential to claim ID, check, salary, documents, passport and even money.

Though the format of the letter is going to be the same, the inner content is entirely different and you need to be as specific as possible.

Here are a few samples for you to create one based on your situation.

Authority letter to claim money Authorization letter for passport collection Letter of authorization to transfer funds Authorization letter to claim check Claim reimbursement letter Authorization letter to claim id card Access bank account on behalf

Sometimes, you become fortunate as the organizations tend to issue authorization letters and only ask you to fill the details.

However, it is appropriate to learn how to create one on your own.

Authorization Letter Sample To Act On Behalf

What if you are not available at a point of time and wanted someone else to discharge your duties? It can be vice versa too.

At times, organizations demand managers or supervisors to attend meetings and conferences on behalf of the entire firm.

So, the authorization letter is important for the organizer to understand that you are the right person and authorized and confirmed by the firm. It improves trust and legitimacy on you.

Act on behalf in company matters Appointing a representative in absence Classmate acting on behalf Execute transaction on behalf of company

When you appoint someone else on your behalf, here are a few things to take care of to ensure that the representative does not commit faulty acts.

  • Always mention the activity assigned to the concerned person and the terms and conditions involved.
  • If there is a cost involved, then that should be added as well.
  • If you are planning to convey an important message to the receiver and that is confidential, enclose it with the letter and mention about the enclosure in the authorization letter.
  • Make sure that the person you choose is trustworthy. When the relationship extends to a longer period, always ask for updates and watch activities closely so that your name or brand value is not affected.

These are certain problems that occur when you appoint someone else to act on your behalf to do a specific work.

Sample Letter of Authorization Giving Permission

What makes a personal authorization letter is that it is always in the first person. It is applicable for all instances in life.

Before we learn more about this personal authorization letter, let us look at the them.

Giving permission to collect tickets Granting authorization to specific purpose Authorize to use bank account Permission to vaccinate child Letter of authorization to secure permits

If you are looking to create a personal authorization letter on your own and still make it appear professional, then here are a few steps to follow.

  • Addressing recipient- At the upper left corner, include the complete information of the recipient. Followed by this section, begin your greeting by including the recipient’s name and title. If you are not sure, then you could include ‘to whomsoever it may concern’. The only point to keep in mind here is to avoid making spelling mistakes in the name or address.
  • Introduce the point- If you are creating the letter to assign a duty to someone else, then introduce the person’s full name and the type of permission you are granting and this has to be at the beginning of the paragraph. If you are including an excuse, ensure that it is reasonable. Don’t exaggerate! Never beat around the bush when you write this letter.
  • Adding the main point- Since you are assigning work, detail responsibilities and tasks that will be carried out by the representative. This has to be to the point so as to eliminate misinterpretations at the later stage.
  • Closing section- Never miss highlighting the period when the activities will be carried out. It is essential to have an appropriate closing by adding your contact detail, signature, and printed name.

Printed letters are like a party as compared to a handwritten letter as the latter does not look professional and can seem complicated to read.

Make sure that the content is single-spaced and there is no indentation applied to the content.

Most importantly, the information you provide in the letter has to be authentic and this needs to be evident in the tone itself.

Consent Letter Sample For Medical Treatment

Like mentioned earlier, authorization letters are extremely crucial for medical environments. Granting a specific procedure involves the use of consent form.

Medical treatment authorization letter Authorization for medical care Employee medical treatment letter

At times in life, you may be asked to take an important decision for your loved one.

Authorization letter meant for medical treatment is usually regarded as a legal document and holds true under the court of law. This letter is extremely critical as it influences the life of someone else.

Some of the mistakes committed in this type of letter are mentioned below.

  • Creating a blunt message that encourages the reader to make different interpretations.
  • Writing the letter by hand.
  • Not justifying the text alignment to left thereby creating unnecessary gaps between words.
  • Creating an incomplete letter that has no room for insurance or medication applicable.
  • Not providing the space to notarize the letter.

As soon as a patient is admitted in the hospital and is all set for a treatment or a surgery, this letter is handed over to the guardian of the patient.

Based on the nature of the treatment, more details on the health status of the patient shall be asked.

When it is directly taken forward for a surgical procedure, you may be issued a consent form where you will have to go through the procedures followed, risks possible, aftermath treatments required and responsibilities of parties involved.

When it is only a consent form, you have limited time to take the decision but it is right to consult a family member before you agree to the terms and conditions.

Also, these letters are common in educational institutions where parents are encouraged to consent to the child safety infrastructure available and liabilities of both the parties.

Keep yourself informed on what the institution offers and how your child is protected.


Did you know that these letters benefit the patient’s family?

  • Medical treatment letters allow the patient’s guardian to seek insurance protection.
  • Authorization letter keeps you informed about the procedure and gives you the right to question the institution if the outcome is not what is promised.
  • Medical treatment letters should be submitted to the human resource department of organizations and they sanction benefits to the patient in return.
  • Medical consent letter acts as excellent evidence to avail benefits from the government and also the organization that the person is working for.

With all these advantages in hand, patient’s families are expected to make the best out of it.

Authorization Letter To Pick Up Documents/Other Items

When you think of pick up, many instances can come to your mind where you might have to act on behalf of someone such as picking up documents, child, package or an item.

However, you may need an authorization letter to pick up the item as desired.

Here are a few examples to make use of before you pick up the item/document or act on behalf of someone with their permission.

Authorization letter to pick up documents Pick up refund cheque Letter of authorization to pick up passport

Authorization Letters For Signatures

Is there a new person appointed by the firm to sign on behalf of the firm? Do you want to inform the same to your clients? Use the authorization letter!

Whenever a new person is in an authoritative position and you wanted the client to be aware of it, you should draft a letter informing the same and seeking cooperation from the client to accept the change.

In this case, do not forget to highlight the period under which signature by that person will remain valid.

Employee name correction in medical insurance sample letter Company signature authorization letter format Assigning signatory agents on behalf


There are many types of authorization letters that have not been mentioned here. For instance, sale letter of authorization, third-party letter, legal authorization, and financial authorization are some of the types.

Before you hand over the letter to the recipient, proofread the existing document and eliminate any spelling/punctuation/grammar/data. Data inconsistency is a common problem faced by first-time document creators. Realize the value of the document before you submit it to the client.

Using these mentioned printables in this post can be really helpful to deal with situations you encounter on a daily basis.

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