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15+ Notarized Letter Templates in Word & PDF

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Do you need to present a notarized letter of authorization or want a legal stamp on your employment letter?

Though it may sound somewhat intimidating, notarization is a fairly straightforward process that you can get done within minutes.

It is just a matter of visiting a public notary and getting some legal stamps, and you are good to go!

Free Download Printable Notarized Letter Templates

A few situations where you might need to visit the notary public to get your documents notarized include:

  • Proof of residency
  • Child travel
  • Letter of bank
  • Personal letter
  • Letter of guardianship
  • Affidavit
  • Letter of authorization

You need to first draft a letter for each of these scenarios, which is somewhat complex.

Notarized letter of authorization to collect the passpord

So, why take the chance? This guide gives you plenty of notarized letter samples that you can refer to for preparing your essential documents.

Additionally, you can also get your hands on free templates for each of the above situations.

Besides, you may require notarization for other purposes like getting your mark sheet, employment letter, etc., notarized.

In such cases, you can use the free basic notary signature template given below and sketch your document accordingly.

For Proof of Residency

One of the most common situations when you need to notarize a document is when you need residency proof. You may need to provide residence proof in credit unions when opening an account or any other personal or business process.

Though you may have a utility bill or lease agreement for this purpose, a notarized letter still holds higher legitimacy.

Moreover, you can also use this letter in case you misplace your original documents.

Blank letter of residency

As you can see in the notarized letter sample and template below, this document requires your signatures as well as your landlord’s.

Additionally, you need to enter details like address, date, along with your identity proof.

Proof of residency letter

For Child Travel

If your (minor) child is traveling overseas, you, as a parent or guardian, will have to provide a letter of consent.

Your kid’s school will require a notarized letter stating that you willingly permit your child to travel abroad.

As you can see in the free blank template below, this form requires your and your child’s identity details.

Consent letter for minor to travel

These include your name, residential address, passport details, and phone number.

Further, you need to write the travel date and other information about the trip.

You need to give your signature at the end of the notarized letter in the notary public officials’ presence.

Once you have signed the document, the notary personnel will notarize it with a seal.

Consent Letter for traveling minor Parent authorization for unacompanied minor travel

For Bank

Your bank may need you to notarize multiple legal documents. These may include address proof, property papers, valid identification certificates, business papers, etc.

Higher authorities consider the notaries as a way of legalizing or authenticating your identity and other essential documents.

When you take the particular letter for notarization, the notary service will first verify your identity.

Letter for bank to revoke power of attorney

Next, the official will act as a witness while you sign the document for its authenticity.

Further, they will enter their signatures and mark the document with a government seal along with the date.

You can then use this statement letter for all your legal work without any problem.

For Guardianship

Do you want to hand over your child’s guardianship rights to a third party?

You may need this letter in the following circumstances:

  • Your relatives reside in the same location as your child’s school.
  • The child’s parents will be absent for a short period.
  • A parent or original guardian cannot care for the ward due to some reason.
  • The parent is in jail or any other unreachable situation.

Note that the law for notarized guardianship statements may vary among different states.

Also, if the child custody is a permanent one, the court will likely intervene in the matter.

Regardless, you can use the notarized letter of guardianship for every official process.


Temporary guardianship agreementParental authorization for minorsFinancial support letter for parentsExample letter for parentsTemporary guardianship affidavit

Letter Of Authorization

Are you out of town and want your acquaintance to act on your behalf?

A notarized authorization letter will be ideal for such a situation.

Walk-through the following scenarios to get the hang of when you may need to use a notarized statement of authorization.

You can visit a notary for notarization of this letter in advance and use and when required.

Remember, you need to create an authorization letter with precise details and sign only in notary public officials’ presence.

Letter for purchase of new home Letter to deliver on behalf

For Public Signature

Did you ever get a request from your place of work to get a notary public signature letter?

Owing to the increasing fraud activities, multiple individuals have changed their company laws. They only accept notarized documents or requests for any change in employee information.

In such a case, your firm will usually provide you with acceptable notary forms.

These letters need to be signed by you in the presence of notary officials.

They will then verify the documents with a government seal.

Refer to the attached notarized document sample or use the blank notary signature form given below.

Notary signature template

Affidavit Example

An affidavit is a statement declaring facts about self, affirmed in the presence of legal parties.

You need to state the required details about yourself, while the notary personnel will witness your signature.

They will then verify the affidavit by signing and marking it with a notary seal.

A notarized letter of the affidavit will bear your name and signature, date and location of signing, name, and designation of the notary.

Refer to the given example for further clarification.

Notary affidavit template

For Personal Use

You may often come across situations where you need a personal notarized letter. These include emergencies like medical, accidents, jail, etc.

A personal notarized document will allow the authorized person to act on your behalf.

To prevent any fraud, the notary will require you and other signers to present their identification documents.

Additionally, the letter will contain details like the date, name, and address of all the signers and the notary seal.

For special situations, you can also attach other relevant documents like the bill of sale etc.
Personal notarized letter


What is a notarized letter?

You will come across multiple situations requiring an official (government) stamp to prove your document’s authenticity. That is when a notary public comes into play.

It is a bureaucratic authority that verifies the identities of individuals signing the document.

Furthermore, the government personnel witnesses the signatures of everyone signing the document and marks it with an official stamp or seal.

That being said, there are a few points that you need to bear in mind while getting your document notarized:

  • Valid identification proof
  • Signers must sign the document willingly
  • Every signer needs to be in a sound condition

Note that if you cannot fulfill either of the above conditions, the notary public can refuse to authenticate your documents.

Also, remember that the notary services will charge a small fee usually.

Once you have your document notarized, you can easily use it for all the official matters.

How do you notarize a letter?

Write the required letter as per the notary standards, mentioning all the necessary details clearly.

Next, visit the nearby notary with two proofs of identity such as driver’s license, passport, ID card, birth certificate, etc.

Sign the letter in the presence of the notary.

Once you have signed the document, the notary will verify the details, place the seal, and your notarization will be complete!

Can a handwritten letter be notarized?

Yes, you can take a handwritten letter for notarization.

You need to carry valid identity certificates that the notary must approve and sign the letter in the presence of the notary.

How much does it cost to get a notarized letter?

The exact fee of getting your letter notarized varies among notaries of different states. Still, it may range anywhere between $5-$20.

Who can notarize a letter?

Though a public notary specializes in notarization, other notary authorities include banks, courthouses, tax and real estate offices, online notaries, etc.


A notarized letter requires precise details that you need to write in a standard manner.

Well, you need not search for it anymore, as this article brings you a handful of blank templates to use with ease.

Make sure to carry valid identification and sign the letter only when the notary is present for successful notarization!

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