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25+ Examples Of Notarized Documents & Notary Letter Sample Templates

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When we deal with documents, there are several standards involved.

For instance, an official letter requires us to follow the format as instructed by the organization and also maintain the etiquette in the language.

Other unofficial documents can include informal language but demand clarity and consistency.

This post particularly talks about the notarized letter templates.

What Is A Notarized Letter?

In short, it is a document that has an official stamp. This stamp mark indicates the legitimacy of the document.

As soon as you draft the letter, you need to submit it to the notary who will offer authentication to your document.

There are several documents such as recommendation letters, performance appraisals, job offer letters and internal reports that demand the inclusion of a notary to confirm the credibility.

If you hold a crucial position in your firm or asked for a notary, this article is for you.

Free Printable Notarized Letter Template For Residency

Whether you are applying for a new utility connection or joining a new job, you need a notarized letter to confirm the residential proof.

It doesn’t matter whether you possess a formal tenancy or lease agreement. Notarized letters hold well legally as the landlord as well as the tenant sign the document.

Some of the information required in this type of letter are date, location, date when this agreement becomes effective, the reason for the provision of notarized letter and the termination date.

At the end of this letter, the stamp and notary information are provided.

Suppose there is a formal lease agreement already in place, you can still seek the notary as it holds a better degree of credibility.

Moreover, you can just apply for new connections directly with this notary and the formal document is not demanded everywhere. This helps in cases where you misplace the agreement.

Here are a few free templates for your reference.

Notarized Letter Template Notarized Letter Template Notarized document Notarized document Notarized document Notarized documents with witness for notary public identity to verify services/business laws Notarized document with witness for notary public

Free Notarized Letter Templates For Child Travel

One of the primary situations, when you need a free notarized letter, is to confirm the travel of your child.

If you are a parent, the school probably requests a notary letter to take your child to the trip.

For a minor child to travel across boundaries, the consent of the parent is essential.

This notary letter includes the placeholders for parents or guardians to read the terms and sign at the end.

This is just sufficient for the school to process the itinerary for your child.

In general, the notarized letter for child travel contains information of the child, trip description, parent contact information and consent with signature at the end.

If the child is traveling across international boundaries, it is essential to include the passport details and other exceptional conditions that need the attention of the teacher.

It is easy to create this letter and in most cases, the school sends the letter for the parent to fill in it directly.

credit unions document notarized letter notarized with legal advice or legal document

Personal Notarized Letter Templates

There are also other instances when you need a free notarized letter.

For example, a medical emergency case where you are sick will need a third-party to access your account and obtain funds for the healthcare procedures.

In this case, you will be asked to fill your detail and the person to whom you have granted the authorization.

The notarized document also includes duration, validity, and conditions.

As an individual, you need to know the usefulness of this letter when you are in a critical situation.

It helps you to make appropriate decisions and remain stress-free at emergency instances.

As the document includes the signatures of you as well as the other person along with the notary’s signature, it is valid and trustworthy.

professional business attorney for signing purpose find state public legal notaries with states contract public legal notaries state to find a notary for real estate notary services state public legal notaries

Suppose you are applying for a new job and need the recommendation of the previous employer, you can make use of the notarized letter formats or can use a character reference letter.

The attestation includes the applicant’s detail as well as the employer’s detail.

Subsequently, the employer is encouraged to share the experience and performance capacities of the candidate. In the end, both the parties sign with the notary’s stamp.

Making use of this letter can double the chances of landing in your dream job.

Further, it also spreads a positive outlook about you to the rest of the candidates in the organization.

signed identity has to verify signatures and credit services for verification in different states public legal notaries public legal notaries legal Notarized document

Procedure To Notarize A Document

The concept of notarization is simple but you need to be accurate in this process.

Notarization is used for declaration, contract, attestation, public resignation, address proof letter, and self-employment.

The best way is to prepare the document and reach out to a notary nearby.

You need to show two or more of the documents listed here to get the notary signature – driver’s license, ID cards (school or office, based on the need), passport, green card, SSN, and birth certificate.

If the notary develops suspicion in the documents offered by you, it is not possible to receive the signature.

There are also certain things to keep in mind when you reach out to a notary.

  • Sign the document that you carry only under his/her presence.
  • Do not take the suggestion of the notary about the terms and conditions listed in the work allocation issued by the organization.
  • Take photocopies of the notarized letter before you submit to the concerned party.
  • Ensure that all the documents that you present to the notary are as per the US court of law.
  • Make use of trustworthy witnesses in this process. This can eliminate complications in the future.
  • Ensure that the notary is legally approved and is eligible to notarize all the documents.

These points ensure that the process happens hassle-free.


Getting a document notarized incurs not more than $20.

As it is also a legally binding document, you need to ensure correctness in every information included in it.

Make the document crisp and clear so that the notary does not consume extra time to analyze your authenticity.

The idea of using the templates listed in this article is just to add ease to the process.

Choose it and make the best use of it!

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