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Contractor Invoice Template

Each one of us works for a monetary return and invoice is one procedure followed by companies to process payments for us. If you are a contractor associated with a business, there is a different template for an invoice that you have to follow.

Let’s understand what a contract invoice is.

This is a bill that you provide to a company for the services or products offered by you. It is essential for you to be enrolled as a contractual employee so manual approval happens effortlessly. The problem with preparing a contractor invoice is the diversity in the content and structure followed by the clients.

To eliminate this chaos, we have structured invoice templates that can be used to obtain your payments.

Professional contractor invoice templates

A firm engages an external contractor only when there is a need for expert advice or a large-sized project which the internal resources cannot handle.

Contractors are engaged in domains like refrigeration, electrical, flooring, construction, software development, and other private jobs. Sometimes, organizations present you with the in-built payment invoices that include company logo and billing details. Many other times, you need to take the initiative to bill your customer with details like – contact information, license detail, address, work description, terms, and payment information.

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How to make an invoice?

The contractor invoice is typically a document that is sent to the clients either prior to or after the supply of services or goods. It is considered a legal document and given a priority by the accounts department. People get confused between a receipt and an invoice. A receipt is supposed to be a document that confirms the payment of the buyer while the invoice is meant to monitor the sale till the end.

The process of creating an invoice is simple.

  • Begin with your information such as name, contact number, address, logo and license detail.
  • Next, add the work description. You need to include the same terms as in the agreement mutually agreed by both the parties.
  • Subsequently, explain the resources involved to get the work completed. This should include the materials, labor and time spent towards this project.
  • Bill the net payment along with your bank information. This helps the accounting department to quickly process your printables invoice.

When you work with an organization, you need to be as specific as possible with respect to the materials, quantity, cost per piece and also the net amount of each material. As you calculate the cost, ensure that you add the justification and the due to be paid.

There are a few tips to ensure an easy workflow as you request payments from various clients with your invoices.

  • Capture the pictures at various stages of the project and use them as pieces of evidence.
  • Check the values included before you hit the send button.
  • Format the online payments printables in PDF as this is the professionally acceptable format by clients.
  • There is a specific duration within which the business has to release your billing online. Refer to the agreement or the local contract law.
  • If there are taxes applicable to you, check the exact percentage and include it in your pdf. This helps the client to claim appropriate tax credits.

You can also create an online invoice using Google Docs similar to a work order(here). This invoice template is extremely easy to work on.

  • Login using Google account and then select the invoice templates option.
  • Choose the invoice template that is suitable for you.
  • Create the invoice and alter the information in it.
  • Click share so you can send the contractor invoice to the client.

Simply repeat these steps for all your contractor invoice formats.

Freelancer invoice templates

The contractor and freelancer invoice templates go hand in hand. When you are in a trade, you need to know the formats accurately. The invoice template for a freelancer will include the following details.

  • Order detail or job number as assigned by the company.
  • Project name and description.
  • Hours worked and supporting documents.
  • Date of completion of the work.
  • The amount they owe you.

This is quite easier to create just like a Bill Of Sale. Based on your convenience, you can use applications like Excel or Word or online tools to use an online invoice and customize based on your project detail.

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Alternatively, you can choose printables that we list here for your business. You can blindly use these invoices and edit the information.


The invoice template is a crucial document that every organization records and maintains for future references. It is a legally binding document that needs professionalism and standard printables to charge the business rightly. Before you send your contractor invoice, do a spellcheck and also assess the numbers included in it. You never get a chance at a later time to edit it.

Pay close attention to the invoices you use!


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