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17+ Free Work Order Templates

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A work order template is a critical document for ensuring the full completion of services, but it also helps to facilitate communication.

Work orders detail a request for the task to be completed, show relevant customer information, contractor info, and details of the job such as number, services to be performed, date, estimated time and cost, and equipment needed.

Printable Work Order Templates in Excel, Doc & PDF Formats

They can include much more or sometimes less, depending on the company or contractor providing the job, as well as the industry and services that are involved.

Maintenance Work Order Template

Downloadable Maintenance Work Order in Doc format

This maintenance order templates is simple enough to use in nearly any repair situation.

It’s set up in a way that makes it ideal for responding to client requests, tenant repairs (you might want tenants to vacate the property), and necessary tasks within the company.

With this, you can also use a free Contractor Invoice Template to create an invoice template like Carpet Cleaning Invoice.

It includes the request number and date, reason for the report of task needed, as well as the individual that requested the job and the individual that accepted the request.

For General Work

General Work Order in Printable Doc format

If you’re not sure what kind of specific form you need, this one, in particular, is a great start for any industry.

It provides plenty of space for all the essentials you need, and enough room to allow you to provide your customer with a detailed info of the task at hand.

You’ll see pertinent information about the party, as well as dates ordered and dates to be completed.

At the bottom, there’s a tidy space to total and tax amounts, as well as a payment method and amount paid section.

For Multiple Orders

multiple work order

This form allows for more than a single item of a task to be listed, which is convenient for when you’ve got multiple pieces for a client.

By setting these items in a grouped format, your orders allow for more detail and efficiency while cutting down on your overall paper job.

After the object description, there’s also a place to add in any insurance value, which helps you keep your ultimate costs together.

For Transport

Transport Work Order Template in Doc

This order templates format helps keep track of valuable transport info, which keeps you and your clients secure.

All the details you need to track are included, and it has the added benefit of fields that require validation for every step of the transport’s arrival.

Once it is finished, you can use these blank check templates to pay them. Though it is recommended to use an authorization letter if you are doing it on behalf of your company.

For Data Recovery

Technical repair is a rising industry, and that’s why it’s focused on data recovery jobs.

As you’d expect, all the usual customer details are there, but there’s ample space to log all the specifics that you need to know before getting into a data recovery job.

Data Recovery Work Order Template

With this form, you’ll see all your client’s system details at a glance, including capacity, operating system, what is the most important data to recover, as well as whether or not they’re running a raid array.

For 3D Printing

3D Print Work Order Template in PDF

3D print requires a lot of details, and the costs can quickly get complicated when you’re dealing with different sized projects on different machines.

This 3D print work form allows you to itemize costs with the general pricing listed above the table and the total cost listed at the end of the project’s row.

Using this, you can track the various machines needed for the project, as well as the provided file names, and quantity.

For Plumbing Service

Plumbing Service Work Order form in PDF

This form is meant to make completing task easier, and faster for plumbers.

It goes through detailed info of parts, services, and prices to make it easier to add up costs for you and your customer.

Naturally, you can change the parts and services, as well as costs to fit your business model. This gives you a running start that you can use again and again.

These one can be edited with any PDF editing software.

For Building Maintenance

Building Maintenance Work Order Template PDF

For businesses that need to take care of a lot of internal task, or work on owned properties, this one is made with you in mind.

The building maintenance work order request templates lets you specify the building and priority level which ranges from emergency level to low priority work that can be done when funded.

For Custom Work

Custom Company Work Orderd

This one can be fully edited and customized for your company’s needs.

It comes with spaces for shipping and receiving information as well as typical reference fields with a blank space for sign to show agreement.

The benefit of using this free format comes down to the amount of detail you can record, with fields for hours, cost, and status, as well as a textbox support that can link it to the invoice number.

All rights reserved to the creator of this form.

For Automotive Work

automotive work order

For the automotive industry, these include everything you need to properly log an order for auto service.

In addition to all standard customer and general car make and model info, there are boxes to check for common service and a field to detail labor and costs.

These fields can all be edited, allowing you to have a standard auto template, as well as one for more advanced repair work.

For Bio-Medical Work

bio-medical work template

This serves as a general purpose biomedical form, conveniently formatted to cover anything that doesn’t involve physician to patient encounters.

For any inventory shift or equipment repair, you can easily document all the necessities.

As a bonus, there are fields to document the contractor and client contacts, so you never have to try and look up who you spoke to.

At the top, you can specify department and room number, as well as account number, making lookup even easier.

For Graphics Design

graphics design work order

Here is a job template made for graphic designers, but it also caters to many other kinds of creative contractors.

Clients can select choices from a variety of services/purchase, all of which can be edited to match your specific needs.

It also takes care of several initial consultation steps, such as whether the client has photo material for you to work with, or whether they’ve established a budget yet.

For Inter Facility Request


This one works wonders for inter-facility requests and includes details for any moving work that may be required in the business.

Any items to be moved can be recorded with precise details including a basic detail, inventory number, serial number, and all other specific identifying details.

There’s also a section that helps keep materials organized by allowing you to allocate necessary resources such as paper and cleaning products, so you know the total expense needed to budget the task for the business service.

For IC Work

IC Work Order Tracking

This template helps you keep everything streamlined by giving you a place to track your work orders.

Along with order number and description, you can add details about the requesting party, start and expected end dates, status, and even a percentage of the labor’s completion.

These templates allow for easy visual interpretation with special color-coded fields so you can find the critical info quickly.

The priority field will stand out in red if a task is named high priority, and that percentage of completion field actually shows you in a bar graph how far along progress is.

Request Work Order Format

This request form lists the priority first, allowing you to efficiently task manage, even when it gets busy. All the building and contact info is neatly listed, in an easy to read version.

You also have a field to list the onsite contact, so you or your contractor always know who you need to talk to when you arrive.

It lists a variety of home and property services and also has an option to use it for a quote.

For Cleaning

Cleaning Work Order Template Excel Sheet

Source: Smart Sheets

For professional cleaners and cleaning companies management, these templates give you a detailed way to record your orders.

In addition to allowing you to organize by floor level, you can also specify areas where there is a specific concern, such as organizing a closet, or a guest room that only needs a dusting.

Once the task is finished, you can fill out info of the cleaning that was done in these templates, and specify any additional terms of your agreement with your client.

For Web Design

Web Design Work Order Template terms conditions

For web designers and developers that need to keep track of detailed client task, this website task template can be filled in to fit your needs.

It provides a structured phase by phase description of work you’ll be doing, so you and your client stay on the same page.

You can also add in more details about package styles that you offer, as well as the client’s budget and presumed date the website will go live.

Under the website section, you can keep track of their domain name, as well as a note if you’ll be needed to create a new domain or not.

That being said, there are some staple pieces every form needs:

Information about the requesting party

This includes customer name, address, phone number, company (if applicable), and the address where it will take place (if the location is different than the address listed for the customer).

Information about the work in the Invoice

This will show items such as the date the task was requested, the date the task is expected to take place, time or date the task is expected to be completed by, the name of the person to complete the task, task involved (parts and extra costs may be included here), and any other pertinent stuff about it.

Why Do You Need Work Orders?

They help to ensure that all commitments made to customers are kept.

As a general rule, these templates help track all the important info of labor, and as a result of the increased organization and efficiency, more things get done.

Since all the stuff are mentioned, you reduce the risk of a contractor showing up without crucial equipment and info.

Job orders also help you keep track of parts, equipment, and inventory, as well as helping you to manage your labor force without over or underestimating your labor needs.

Work Order Forms Vs Invoice – What’s The Difference?

Invoices/Purchase order and orders often contain some overlapping information. As a result, it can be difficult to know which to use when, and what the actual difference is.

Here’s the thing:

These are primarily concerned with the things at hand.

While they often contain a total cost of the task as well as taxes and extra expenses, that isn’t their main purpose.

A task order specifies the task to be done, when it will be done, how, and by whom. It’s more of a ‘in progress’ document.

Invoices cover information that job orders do not, and don’t contain as much detail about the actual task to be done.

These detail items such as expenses per part, rates charged for days, hours, etc, and generally itemize all costs related to it.

Invoices are sent to customers post work completion, show a request for payment, payment options, and the date payment is expected by.


Work order templates are a critical piece of an efficient organization when you’re providing services.

Not only do they track and streamline the process of completing the task for clients, but they also help workers to have the critical info they need at glance.

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