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Vehicle Maintenance Log

For every vehicle owner, inspecting it closely and maintaining it as per schedule is tedious. Have you been on the same page too? Then, this is for you!

Vehicle maintenance log is for every vehicle owner who needs an easy to maintain and customisable template to make note of the vehicle repair dates and set a reminder accordingly.

Why use vehicle maintenance logs?

Despite just reminding the vehicle owner about the monthly vehicle checkup, it also allows you to do a number of things.

  • A log allows you to include all the essential components of your vehicle like brakes, battery condition, oil change, mileage, lubrication, and suspension and keep an eye on their statuses from time to time.
  • This maintenance log enhances your safety by letting you inspect problems in your vehicle in prior.
  • Irrespective of the type, size, and brand of the vehicle, this log works and extremely useful when you are managing a fleet of vehicles.
  • Well maintained vehicles are less vulnerable to accidents and repairs.
  • Maintaining a log can let you assess the quality of the brand, life of the vehicle and things to alter in due course of time.

If you are an organization handling a number of trucks, it is a good idea to allocate a log for each truck and this can save your time and money.

Blank vehicle maintenance log templates

Vehicle Maintenance Log

An easier and editable spreadsheet version is here – XLS

When you want to get things right, you need expert assistance. In the field of vehicle maintenance, you need templates that have predefined variables to assess the vehicle. If you were to create one, there is a likelihood that you may miss the variables or the parameters like date, miles that need to be noted before and after inspection.

As the first step, go for blank templates such as the ones listed here to ease your vehicle maintenance task.

Vehicle Maintenance Log

The advantage of these templates is you can directly begin using them and convert all those documents and bills into a log.

If you are using it for your personal vehicle, then the following format can ease the job.

free Vehicle Maintenance Log

Alternatively, if it is an auto, find the below image and make use of this format.

Printable Vehicle Maintenance Log

Periodic vehicle maintenance logs

Businesses handling a fleet of vehicles set specific intervals to assess the condition. For instance, a taxi firm assesses daily and lists the trip starting meter number and ending and evaluates the mileage. All these factors are treated as indicators of profitability that a vehicle can assure.

Vehicle Maintenance Log daily printable

On the other hand, vehicles are also scheduled for weekly maintenance and there is a readymade format you can find below to handle such an instance.

VM 2 weekly printable excel

VM 14

Fleet maintenance log templates to track Fleet

The primary challenging about maintaining a fleet of vehicles is not about the number but about the intricate inspection to track that will consume excessive efforts. For instance, when you are managing a truck, there is an increased number of tires and other parts that influence the suspension and brakes. Hence, one has to track and pay attention to the details and ensure that all of them are in working condition as these vehicles travel longer distances and do not have access to mechanics instantly.

Here are a few Vehicle Maintenance Log template that can help you out:

Car Excel Printable - Vehicle Maintenance Log Template

Editable – Printable Car Excel Vehicle Maintenance Log Template

Service Maintenance Log

Free Vehicle Maintenance Log Template DOC

Free Service Maintenance Log

Free Service Maintenance Log DOC – Vehicle Maintenance Log Template

If you are running short of time and wanted to do an emergency assessment, there is a template to aid you.

Free Service Maintenance Log

Free Tips for better maintenance

The key to maintaining your vehicle effectively does not entirely rely on a log just like  completing a business successfully does not entirely depend on a work order.

The first step is to keep the vehicle manual handy so you can make a note of the schedule and abide by it. Additionally, it also offers basic instructions to keep your vehicle running include oil and air pressure.

The second step is to assess before you use. The common practice followed by people is to directly use the vehicle whenever needed. Now, this is where the problem begins as you have no idea about the battery condition, fluid levels, and tire alignment. It is important to allocate a few minutes of your time to assess and understand the condition before use.

The final step is to let others use the log too. Sometimes, the log is maintained by only one person and there are chances when the person is neither available nor has entered details for quite some time. As a result, preventive maintenance never comes into the picture. In such situations, it is a good idea to have one more person who can enter details on your behalf and keep the vehicle maintenance log updated. This is the key to prevent deterioration of your vehicle.


Now that you are one step short, choose the Vehicle Maintenance Log Template that can fit your need and easy to use and customize the fields of your choice and start using.

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