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11+ Free Construction Bid Templates

Featured Image: Construction Bid Template Examples

Have you recently been invited by a potential client to bid for the construction project?

Do you find several competitors bidding for the same project?

Is your intention to stand unique and bag the project?

If your answer is YES to any of the questions above, you need to know that there is a wonderful tool called the construction bid that allows you to present the proposal in a professional format.

It eliminates the chances of errors in your proposal with readily available templates and inbuilt formulae.

Interested to know more? Dive right in and grab the best of this article!

Download Construction Bid Templates in Word, PDF & Excel Sheets

Now that you have understood the significance of a construction bid , it is time to introduce you to a range of professional and attractive formats that are readable, editable, and ready-to-use.


When you work in a construction project, you may have to bid and also add cost breakdown in addition to terms and conditions.

This is an editable spreadsheet that allows you to enter inputs and the spreadsheet automatically calculates results.

This approach will reduce time in calculating costs. The template has the potential to increase your chances of winning a bid.

construction bid template


The template is used when you are planning to pitch for a public project.

The best part about the template is that it includes references to legal regulations that you can add to your bidding. You get an understanding on the right methodology to add such information.

Refer to your local laws and make changes to the PDF document.

bid form


If you do not need a fancy template to complete the information in your bid, this is your ideal template.

With simple page breaks and heading styles used in the template, you can directly fill scope, materials, labor, cost, and timetable for the project.

bid proposal template rights reserved

Bid Tabulation

If you have access to previously submitted bids and wish to create a better bid, you can use this template to input costs required for the completion of the project.

Another use of the bid tabulation template is to list costs from various suppliers for specific materials and then choose the ideal one for the construction project.

One-page Proposal

If you are planning to bid for a small-scale project that does not require detailed laws and formats, you can use this crisp, one-page proposal where you answer each section.

From the timeline, cost, technology to other details, you can add values as quickly as possible with this approach.

For General Contractors With Legal Conditions

Similar to the previous template, this is a crisp format but the only difference lies in the scope for adding legal details.

Additionally, you can improve the quality of this template by adding your company logo and contact information in the header and footer areas.

For Subcontractors

If you are invited to bid for a project as a subcontractor instead of a contractor, the approach is different.

You may have to submit a copy to the contractor to get selected and the same shall be presented to the client as well.

In this case, the editable spreadsheet will help you in adding details and automatically calculating values with the existing formula.

With Deliverables

Sometimes, the potential client expects a contractor to focus only on deliverables as these will confirm the allocation of a project.

If it sounds like your story as well, this template will solve your purpose. You get a chance to list deliverables in an already formatted document.

For Cost Proposal

If you are responding to an open bid, you may have to include a request for a proposal (RFP) number and follow the desired format as uploaded on the website.

If the website doesn’t have a specific format, you can go ahead and submit the following free template.

For Public Project

This free template is an example of a work proposal format that is used by public agencies to invite bids from potential contractors.


If your goal is to bag the project by displaying your past works in a professional manner, use the following template blindly.

This follows a booklet format and allows you to present a detailed bid to your client.

No doubt, this proposal bid template eliminates uncertainties and conveys your intention towards this project.

construction proposal template

What is in a Construction Bid Template?

Having said that a construction bid can ease your job and improve the chances of bagging the project, it is quite obvious for you to think the specialty of this tool.

In this section, let us tell you the key elements that let your bid stand out in the crowd.

  • Clarity of parties: You do not bid randomly. Instead, a template allows you to address the recipient and present details of the sender and receiver. In this case, it includes details like date, costs, address, contact number, and signature of parties associated. The best part about including these details is that it can be used in the future if the client fails to make the payment on time or if there are conflicts.
  • Project scope: If you are bidding for a project announced by a public agency, it is impossible for public availability of intricate details. In that case, a template allows you to present assumptions and define scope from your understanding. If you are awarded the project, the client alters the construction proposal and gives clarity on the expected quality of work, materials, schedule, and other expected features.
  • Work schedule and cost: When you bid for a project, the client specifies start and end dates along with payment schedules. However, the bid should repeat such statements and highlight working days during the period. This will avoid changes to the project schedule or costs at a later time.


As stated earlier, a construction bid is mandatory to seek opportunities in the industry.

Every contractor follows unique approaches to bid to the client.

Often, job contractors are unsure of the format to follow. In that case, a bid template helps.

There are several advantages as well.

  • A free construction bid lets you present specifications and possible deliverables in various timelines. This will avoid chaos and maximize flexibility and professionalism at work.
  • Payment challenges are evident in the construction field due to uncertainties. During the project tenure, you may have to encounter bad weather, supplier delays, workplace hazards, labor unavailability, and communication issues. All of these factors can impact your proposed timeline and payment sanctioned by the client. When your bid already has information covering these factors, you can use the estimate as a legal copy to raise disputes and seek your payments. This is probably the best part about developing a quality construction bid.
  • Another advantage is the reputation you build when you use a professional bid template. In general, contractors use simple formats including contact information, charges, and terms and conditions. To stay unique, you can include past works, professional references, legal terms, and provide clarity on charges made. These details can add value to your presentation and also build your reputation. You fall in the goodwill of the client.

These are a few benefits that a construction bid can offer. Adding to these details, there are a few tips to increase the chances of winning a bid.

  • Add details of your past works along with a few images if the project you are bidding for is in a similar line.
  • Add a professional header followed by footer and follow a consistent color scheme.
  • Make your bid as crisp as possible and connect your terms and conditions with local and state construction laws.
  • Request for a meeting with the client to establish a relationship and make sure the client about your capacity and expertise in the field.

These tips are easy to incorporate and also standardize your bidding procedures.

With this approach, you can create a strong professional image in the market that can help you sustain and grab more opportunities.

Things To Follow:

When you bid, there are several things to keep in mind.

  • Follow professional terms when you explain estimates and regulations.
  • Link your expected costs and terms with market standards and local/state laws.
  • Avoid grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.
  • It is better to take the advice of an expert to make changes to the proposal and establish credibility with the provided content.
  • Include your company information on each page and make it consistent.

When you take extra care to improve the quality of your job proposal document, you always end up in fruitful results.


The purpose of a free construction bid is to fasten the development of the proposal and issue the completed document to your potential client for project allocation.

With quality and professional templates in hand, you get an understanding of what and what not to include in the document to bag a chance of victory.

This will also maximize your chances of staying unique in the job crowd.

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