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10+ Painting Estimate Templates

Featured Image: Painting Estimate Template Examples

Colors influence our mood and emotions.

Do you agree with it? When we see a house filled with vibrant colors, we feel enchanted and experience joy.

Sometimes, colors improve our involvement in a particular activity. What if the walls appear dull and lack patterns or styles? Would you like to give it a new look?

It is time to reach out to a painting contractor to get an estimate.

Alternatively, if you are a painting contractor willing to add colors to walls and customer’s lives, you should structure your profession by using professional painting estimate templates.

These estimates allow your customer to choose color scheme, coat, and outlook so you can present a suitable quotation based on the detailing needed.

As all of these are documented effectively, you can implement this approach immediately and add richness to your profession.

Free Editable Word, PDF & Excel Painting Estimate Templates & Examples

In this section, you will come across a handful of painting estimate templates that are ready to use and look professional so you can make use of them as per your need.

For Simple Use

Painting estimation can be done easily by a few formulae.

This PDF gives you an overview of formulae and also includes a worksheet to calculate if you wanted to roughly estimate the cost for a project.

Alternatively, you can also use the PDF template within it.

painting estimate template

For Professional Use

This is by far a widely used work estimate template that includes painting business details, estimate information with individual costs, client details, classification of interior and exterior costs, and authorized signature that make it look professional.

The best part is that it is completely editable and has in-built formulae to calculate costs based on the inputs you provide just like our contractor invoice template and carpet cleaning invoice template.

painting estimate template work

This is an add-on to the second template mentioned above. The interesting part is that you can categorize costs based on labor and materials. This approach can add ease to your job.

painting estimate template

One Page Template

Not every customer would prefer reading lengthy work estimates to find expenses and plan budgets accordingly!

This one-page editable estimate lets you append job information and add respective values including quantity, labor cost, and miscellaneous expenses.

This is a brief job format that avoids fluff in it and can be of use to allow your customer to take a quick glance at the information in it and to make a decision of the related work.

painting estimate template

For Detailed Estimate

What if you get a chance to send a work pdf letter sharing crisp information along with a detailed job estimate?

This is absolutely what this job template is meant for.

If your customer requests for a complete house painting, you can break it into multiple rooms and then calculate quotes.

Eventually, you can sum them up and present them in the form of a letter followed by a quantitative document.

This will present your expertise in the field and also reduce the scope of errors in your presentation.

painting estimate template

For Stage-Wise Estimate

Instead of providing an overall job estimate pdf, you can break down the project into several activities and then give an estimate for each activity.

For example, a primer coat using Galvo One can cost $XXX and this can be used for the kitchen. You can present the job estimate example this way so the customer also understands how every material is used for painting job.

You can also use these project timeline templates to plan your work in an efficient way.

sample painting estimate template

For Approximate Cost

Sometimes, you do not have to provide a detailed cost estimate pdf of the work and instead give tabulated information on whatever is needed and an approximate cost.

This free template allows you to accomplish the same with a simple letter cost format.

sample painting estimate template

For Painter Business

The best part of this painter’s business/ work cost estimate template is the tabulation of several essential fields that will be mentioned in the following sections.

You can directly download this file and use it for your business reason.

Further, you can also append your business logo and address in the header and footer regions along with the business estimate example.

sample painting estimate template

Request For Proposal Template

This is an easy to understand checklist meant to issue proposals to the customer for their work.

It is a detailed cost proposal including answers to the checklist followed by several quotes.

sample painting estimate template

Attractive Template

This free painting estimate is also crisp and includes business information.

It includes a free description of materials and labor work along with the costs.

This is a highly editable template available in Word document.

The contractor can feel free to add pages of cost estimates at the end in addition to a one-page estimate as per their need and this can allow the customer to gather crisp information of the cost and the job.

sample painting estimate template


When to send a free painting quote?

An important aspect you need to consider while using a painting estimate template is to know when you can use it.

As soon as you meet your client, you should not handover the cost estimate templates. This can sound blunt and put your reputation at stake.

Here are a few tips you need to keep in mind.

  • Present a cost estimate at the end of a meeting if the client requests the same or you can also send it via an e-mail.
  • Request for a couple of days time limit to review the requirement and then send the estimate. This will give you ample time to review resources and also prepare the estimate template as per the standards and needs of the project.
  • The ideal time to issue an estimate is within 24 hours of a client meeting.

Sending a free job estimate at a later moment can make a disorganized impression about you to the customer need.

You may also miss critical information related to the project when you prepare the estimate templates form.

Every minute of delay lowers the chances of bagging the project and converting leads to valuable customers at the end.

Why should you use a template?

A painting estimate template is ideally a tool meant to estimate the painting job cost and develop a plan to accomplish the project.

Though this is not a final copy, an estimate is demanded by every customer to understand things like brushes, painting job materials, the value of the painting job, and job labor costs involved in the work.

As long as you are transparent to your customer in painting business operations, you can seek cooperation and support during the rest of the project lifecycle.

As a contractor, you need to use painting estimate templates for several reasons.

Some of them are listed right here!

  • The estimation includes several calculations and references to market rates. Imagine you are meeting a customer and wanting to provide an estimate based on the needs, would you like the customer to wait for you until you prepare it or simply give a quick estimate with a readily available tool? We are sure your preference is the latter. A painting estimate template has in-built formula and structures to simply fill inputs.
  • A ready-to-use painting estimate allows you to demonstrate your expertise in front of a customer and highlight your standards. This can eventually build trust.
  • To gain an instant picture of labor costs, an estimate is needed. This will allow the contractor to keep the labor requirements in mind and prepare the plan accordingly.
  • The final reason is to use estimates for branding reasons. With a company header and a neat estimate presented to the customer, it can certainly bring in new leads and allow you to make a positive outlook towards the customers. Is it not what you want?

When you use an estimate, the project achieves smooth execution and there are no hassles between involved stakeholders.

Further, this also allows a contractor to explore other options available to maximize returns and give the best to the customer.

Since the presented estimate is taken seriously by the customer, the duration mentioned and expected quality will have to be fulfilled by the contractor.

What are the necessary elements of a painting estimate?

If you are planning to make it for your business, you need to understand the essential elements influencing the quote.

  • Always begin with estimating the square feet area that needs to be painted.
  • Estimate the height and width of the chosen square feet area.
  • The number of doors, windows, and other materials to be handled during the painting.
  • Labor charges per day
  • Cost to declutter nail holes and other useless materials on the walls.
  • Price of painting, roller, paintbrush, tape, and other materials used for painting.
  • Required gallons of paint
  • Further information from the client about the painting job project.
  • The final estimate of the project

These are the basic elements that an estimate should contain. This can extend based on the nature of the project and duration as well.

As a contractor, you can also choose to extend the necessary components and variables as per the needs.


A free painting estimate template is an asset for every contractor engaging in a painting project.

Several professional templates have been presented in this article and all of these give you an added advantage to present your business and offer to your customers.

It is time that you add magic to the walls and surfaces of your client’s locations with free professional and attractive templates that appear neat, transparent, and authentic.

Not to forget, carry a free painting estimate book each time you meet a client so you can make note of the requirements on one side and make cost and time estimate templates accordingly

Paint your customer’s dreams and walls with your artistic capability!

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