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7+ Carpet Cleaning Invoice & Receipt Templates

Featured Image: Carpet Cleaning Invoice Examples

Carpet cleaning is not a typical job as it is a very comprehensive exercise that requires keenness to detail.

Companies are taking up more and more carpet cleaning business, unlike in the past, when individuals could undertake the activity on their own.

The uptake of cleaning by agencies is relative to the dynamic world where people are becoming more involved in their work activities hence minimal time for household work.

Companies providing carpet cleaning services in business locations and at homes use carpet cleaning invoice to document transactions.

An invoice is an order to pay for rendered services. In this case, it is the estimates of the costs to be paid for cleaning.

Free Carpet Cleaning Invoice & Receipt Templates in Word & PDF

In this next section, we present several templates that you can customize to suit your carpet cleaning service needs. Check them out:

carpet cleaning invoice carpet cleaning invoice 1 carpet invoice cleaning invoice carpet cleaning invoice 4 carpet cleaning invoice 5 commercial client Tax invoice with due date and name for carpet cleaning service commercial client work order invoice with email and date

Tips For Carpet Cleaning

Here are a few tips form carpet cleaning service pros:

  1. Use shaving cream: This cream removes all kinds of stains, the faster you apply the cream, the better the results. The best process is to apply it and let it sit there for thirty minutes, then use a mixture of water and vinegar to wipe spots.
  2. Organic: It is not always that you get the best results from chemical removal, natural ways also work. Organic methods are suitable for removing blood stains from animal accidents.
  3. Butter knife for removing candy: When you spot candy stuck on it, remove it immediately with a butter knife.
  4. Try an iron box to remove stuck wax: Candle wax hardens when it drips on fiber and the best process to remove it is by using a steam iron that melts the wax then scrubbing it off using a butter knife.
  5. Dish soap to remove grease: The trick to eliminating fat/grease is by using dish soap and warm water. Use the two components together with warm water for faster removal.

Types Of Invoices

There are different designs of invoice template, like the following:

  1. Hourly: You can use an hourly invoice to calculate the final payment cost of the work order of an invoice. The document takes into consideration the wage input per hour basis.
  2. Credit: A credit memo that reduces the final payment invoice price when the client cancels an order. It is a consequential document that ensures that the service provider does not go at a loss for canceled orders.
  3. Prepayment: With this document, the service provider requires the client to pay an upfront cost before they can begin cleaning.
  4. Standard: This kind of invoice template is very professional. It contains information about the client and the service provider, together with the logo.


Like other forms of invoices, a cleaning invoice template will contain similar information that makes it authentic.

Next, we discuss the contents of an invoice template from a cleaning business.

  • Name of the Company/Business: Having a company name on the face of the document shows professionalism. A logo (of your company name) also increases the overall presentation and professional outlook of the invoice template.
  • Invoice Number: The function of an invoice number is to track payments and never miss on a pending collection. An invoice number is the best process to maintain stay updated on pending payment obligations. It also comes in handy when filing payment tax records and other payment related accounting requirements.
  • Contact Information Of The Business: A  document won’t be complete without contact information about the company or agency offering a carpet cleaning service. It is one way of increasing authenticity.
  • Website: Post your website on the it as a way of marketing your brand. A website speaks volumes about your cleaning services. You can even post testimonials of happy customers and other marketing materials that will show your command for the business to the customer.
  • Address of the Business: The address shows the location of your business which helps your customer find you for in-person meetings. Having a location where the company is domiciled makes it easy for your customers to visit and engage more on contracts and to iron areas of customer satisfaction.
  • Client Information: For the validity of a template, you need to add the relevant customer information. Include the client’s name, due date, customer address, email, and one phone number as the info will help you track the status of a payment from the date of handing it over. If the customer wants to pay via checks, he/she can use check printers to print their own checks too.

Why Do You Need to Get Your Carpet Cleaned?

There are multiple reasons for getting a carpet cleaned, here we discuss some. Read through:

Cleaning increases their life: Clean carpets last longer, it is an investment worth making as it reduces the investment costs of floor coverings.

Better air quality in your home: Indoor air quality determines the state of your respiratory health. They harbor spores and dust that can easily trigger health issues, so cleaning your carpet is the best way to live with a peace of mind that you won’t get sick.

It eliminates bugs and mites: Cleaning properly is the only way to clear insects and vermin that lodge and breed inside the carpets.

Removal of stains: It removes stubborn dirt. If you ignore cleaning a stained rug on time, it may be resistant and cost more in the long run.

Fights allergens and germs: Cleaning clears contaminants like bacteria and fungi that aren’t good for your health.

It increases the overall appeal: A clean environment enhances the appearance of a place, so do clean carpets enhance the quality of home living.

Make sure of the validity of warranties: By not using the recommended methods, you can end up voiding the warranty on your carpet. So it is wise to clean professionally.


Using a carpet cleaning template is a professional way of getting work done.

This allows a company or agent to track orders and deliver them within the required time frame.

The good thing with the templates in this review is that you download and start using them immediately.

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