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Fax Cover Sheet Template – 33+ Printable Examples In PDF & Word

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One communication tool that evolved in the year 1842 and is still in existence is fax.

Can you believe that 17 billion faxes are transmitted each year across the world?

Though applications like Skype and Hangouts have already replaced several conventional tools, landlines are still common in business centers.

Business owners still prefer using fax machines to exchange reports, contracts, invoices, and key proposals.

You need fax cover sheets to standardize your brand and use it across all the documents that you exchange with the client.

Printable Professional Fax Cover Sheet Template

Many locations in the world still fail to have a reliable data connection.

To send a fax, it’s machine is found to be a cost-effective investment to exchange documents. A cover sheet is extremely vital to inform the content and the sender’s information to the recipient.

This sheet is the first to be sent. As the recipient receives it first, it is easy to locate at a later stage.

If you are new to the concept of fax cover sheets, we have excellent ones that help you organize your information better.

A professional fax cover sheet will include the company name (sender and recipient), date, fax number (sender and recipient), phone number (sender’s phone as well as recipient’s phone number) and the total page number of pages.

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Some prefer adding miscellaneous information such as urgency level, subject, address and a brief overview of the document.

It is evident from the listed ones in this post that the cover sheet is professional and does not include any fancy elements.

However, if you are sending personalized fax, you can choose a simple design element to include.

As you use this tool to share information, you need to be aware of the confidentiality aspect.

If you are in a sensitive designation and send confidential emails to the client, it is essential to include a statement of confidentiality so that the message directly reaches the intended recipient.

Most of the organizations that exchange business documents tend to add the logo and other features that make the brand look unique.

However, you should also keep in mind that a clear and bold font can convey the information.

How To Create A Blank Fax In Word?

A basic printable in a Word document is extremely simple to create.

Here are the steps to follow.

  • Launch the application and then click on the Office button.
  • Click the option New and then select Installed ones.
  • Alternatively, you can also scroll through the available ones to send a fax.
  • Double-click on the one that is of interest to you.
  • Edit the sheet and format it in a professional way.

Just like how you easily create a fax cover sheet in Word 2007, you can also print it in a minute.

As soon as you have saved the basic document format for the sheet, press Ctrl+P. A dialog box appears. Click Print.

Alternatively, you can also view a preview and adjust the document format.

If you do not find the dialog box, you should choose the link meant to open the PDF document version of the created fax cover sheet.

Here are a few that are editable sheet document in Word.

cover sheet for fax cover sheet for fax cover sheet for fax Fax cover Microsoft template

Basic fax format microsoft templates can be created using other applications like Excel template too.

Fax cover Microsoft template - cover sheet for fax

Fax cover Microsoft template also professional many

Things to keep in mind while creating a basic fax cover sheet

When it comes to creating a professional one on your own, you should be aware of the basic form and then convert it into a printable one that is ready to send.

  • Never add many unnecessary detail or content brief unless and until it is crucial. Align the information of the sender and receiver on top left and right respectively.
  • Never forget to include the page number of total pages. The cover is also a part of the count.
  • Before you let someone send the fax, see the print preview in a PDF to understand if it needs to be aligned better.
  • If the fax is used to communicate something about your company proceedings, follow the basic format but include the company information on the header area. You are free to add a logo, tagline and other attractive elements that support your branding.
  • Include the label ‘confidential’ if there is private information in it.
  • The cover page categories of the fax informs the receiver about the quality and many information in it. As a result, never compromise on margins, indents and font styles.

Printable Fax Cover Letter For Job Applicants

Professional Fax cover letter is usually sent along with the resume to the hiring manager. Though it does sound like an outdated approach, it is still a good idea to fix it.

However, ensure that you seek permission from the hiring manager to fax your detail before you send it as it can be accessed by someone else too.

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For your cover page to stand unique, you should try the following tips.

  • Improve the format and make it readable.
  • Proofread the letter to ensure that there are no spelling or grammatical mistakes.
  • Inform the employer about your values in the letter.
  • You can also add a brief introduction about the purpose of application and your appropriateness for the job.

When you apply for a job, ensure that the tone is persuasive and not too conversational. Also, limit the information that you share about yourself as getting personal is not required.

Now that you have learned the basics of fax cover sheet templates meant for job applications, it is high time that you make use of one of the ones listed above and land in a dream job.


If sending a fax is a part of your daily routine, it is essential to know about several aspects of the cover sheet templates and the way it can add value to your business.

Most importantly, you should begin using them for your firm so that you save time when you send the fax. This will also reduce your effort and add classy nature to your transactions.

In fact, exploring the fax cover sheet templates adds up to your skill and competency.

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