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17+ Free Printable Fax Cover Sheet Templates

Featured Image: Fax Cover Sheet Examples

When exchanging important company paperwork through fax, it is considered a professional courtesy to attach a fax cover sheet.

The fax cover sheet design should be simple enough to communicate your information to the recipient easily.

To make faxing easier for you, this post will go through different fax cover sheet templates, along with situations where you can use them.

Download Fillable Fax Cover Sheet Templates & Examples in PDF & Word

A fax cover sheet is how you identify yourself to the person on the other end of the fax machine.

It should, therefore, have the content framed clearly and concisely.

This is easier to design when you are aware of what the basic form looks like. That’s why the free fax cover sheet templates are listed below for.

You can use these basic but high-quality templates to add information without going through the tedious job of designing one.

Downloadable free printable fax cover sheet template


This generic fax cover sheet template follows a basic format, which you can download in Word or PDF format. It has all the essential information like name, phone number, and fax number.

As the name suggests, this printable fax cover sheet template can have any generic or basic use. Here are some basic free cover sheet examples.

  • Medical fax cover sheet to send to healthcare providers
  • Business cover sheet to exchange reports, documents, or billing invoices

So whether you want to send it to your friend or your office, these will serve every purpose.

Generic Template 1 Template sample from University of Idaho Template with check boxes Cover sheet in tabular format Designer sample by GenS Astronomy



A blank fax cover sheet template has a very minimal and basic structure with little to no content. That is why blank fax cover sheets are ideal for adding more elements like a logo, additional information about the fax, and check-off boxes.

Check-off boxes will help you mark what kind of response the fax requires.

Here are some basic examples of how you can print them out and send them as faxes for particular scenarios.

  • Confidential cover sheet to send paperwork to law firms
  • Claims submissions to insurance companies

So this blank fax cover sheet template is ideal for customization according to whatever the receiver’s requirements are.

The customization should be done carefully. Once you download and print free fax cover sheets, there’s no going back.

You will have to redo the process all over again.

Blank fax cover sheet template Example by Superior Healthplan Admission checklist fax cover sheet from Guardian Pharmacy Maine

For Personal Use

A personal fax cover sheet template comes with several basic uses, including sending out funny messages to your friends!

All you need to do is download the Word or PDF format, print, and fill in the essential details.

Here are some basic examples of how you can make use of these printable cover sheets.

  • For getting a message across to an out-of-town relative
  • For faxing your resume to a business owner or hiring manager

Make sure that all the details filled are in the correct sections before sending it through the fax machine.

Personal use fax cover sheet Personal sheet example 2 Personal sheet example 3 Personal sheet filled by a kid

For Professional Use

The professional fax cover sheet is a popular cover sheet used formally across businesses that prefer fax messaging as their primary means of communication.

This sheet is sent to the recipients of fax messages, whose names are included in it.

Professional fax cover sheet format with company logo Facsimile sheet format Fax cover sheet for health information Sheet with multiple choice options Simple sheet for professional use


How Do I Make A Fax Cover Sheet?

There are several sources available online from where you can get printable fax cover sheet templates.

You can download blank fax cover sheets and modify them to suit the purpose of faxing the cover sheet.

These can also be used as a reference to make your own in a PDF or Word format.

Here is a list of details that you need to add to make a basic fax cover sheet format.

  • From – Sender’s name
  • Fax – Sender’s fax number
  • Phone – Sender’s phone number
  • To – Recipient’s name (organization or person)
  • Attn. – Specific person’s name if sending to an organization
  • Fax – Recipient’s fax number
  • Phone – Recipient’s phone number
  • Date – Date of fax
  • Re – What the fax is in reference to
  • Pages – Number of pages
  • Subject – Additional note or message

If you are sending from a workplace, make sure to add the company’s logo on the top of the form before you download it.

Does Microsoft Word Have A Fax Cover Sheet Template?

Yes, Microsoft Word includes several fax cover sheet templates, from basic to stylish template designs.

You can access these by opening a new Microsoft Word document.

Steps To Create: Go to File>New, and then below the templates given, click on “More on Office.com”. Microsoft will take you to its Templates page, and you can click on the category for “Fax Covers”.

All that’s left to do then is to edit, print, and fill it!

Does A Fax Page Include A Cover Sheet?

Yes, it should include a cover sheet, especially when sending it to a place of business. Some consider cover sheets unnecessary when you already have a fax header on a fax page.

However, fax cover sheets include additional information. This is essential for the smooth transmission of fax to the appropriate receiver.

Do You Need A Cover Letter For A Fax?

It depends on the situation. When it’s a personal fax between family and friends, this letter is generally not required.

However, companies are constantly on the receiving end of faxes of reports and documents.

So places of business typically ask employees and clients to send a fax with a cover letter on the first page.

This will help them identify how sensitive the information coming through the fax machine is.


As you can tell by now, cover sheets provide a structured layout and briefing of your faxes’ content.

With free fax cover sheet templates, all you have to do is print, fill in the details and fax them away in no time!

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