13+ Notice To Vacate Forms – 30/60 Day Letters

Notice To Vacate form

Whether you are a tenant or the owner of a property, there are instances when you do not want to renew the lease/tenancy terms and wanted to intimate the other party about the decision. As housing terms are governed by the law and the possession document is already in place, it is important to inform the tenant/owner about your decision by means of notice to vacate form.

Notice forms are ideally meant to notify the other party to make alternate arrangements for the party and the information mentioned in it can be considered legally true.

Notice to Vacate to the tenant

If you have a tenant/rental guy who is currently occupying the property as per the agreed terms and conditions, it can be difficult for you to inform your decision abruptly.

The key to highlighting the power of this notice is – to intimate the reason behind the decision along with pieces of evidence collected to support the same.

Notice To Vacate letter

Notice To Vacate letter

When the agreed period of tenancy has not ended according to the lease agreement but you still prefer to discontinue the occupation and want the renter to move, make sure to cite the local laws that state the impact of violations.

30 day notice to vacate to rental by landlord

30 day notice to vacate

For instance, when the tenant has not paid the rental fee for more than 3 months, then according to the lease agreement owner has the right to ask them to vacate immediately. Otherwise, a time period is offered by the owner.

30 Day Notice to vacate for a lease violation

It is absolutely legal to evict the tenant or ask them to move on account of the lease violation. The problem can be as simple as not switching off the lights when not in use and as complex as damages to the property.

Sometimes, these rental violations are serious and the owner would prefer to issue a warning letter with a shorter notice period to vacate the space. This can also take a toll when the renter tries to find another place as it leaves a black mark.

60 day notice to vacate

60 day notice to vacate notice to vacate letter from landlord to tenant

notice to vacate letter from landlord to tenant notice to vacate template - lease agreement

However, it does not have to always be a problem originating from the tenant side. When the owner does not oblige to discharge the mutually agreed duties, it can be sent by the tenant/occupant unlike a lease agreement.

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Legal Written Notice to quit /eviction notice templates to be sent to tenants

There is a broad difference between these and notice to quit. The former can be sent by both the parties to the other while the latter can be issued only by the landlord and comes with an eviction notice period to be adhered by the occupant. Make sure you read both of them properly before signing just like you would do for a work order template.

nvf 13

nvf 11


landlord lease agreement terms quit

It does not always have to include a cause for the tenant to quit the place. Sometimes, it can even be used by the owner for a different purposes than mentioned in the lease agreement. However, written notice to quit template should include directions on the key handover process, property condition, and refund of the initial deposit amount.


It is interesting to note how the lease agreement laws encourage both the parties to question the other whenever the regulations are not followed. Before filling and sending one of the templates in this article, it is also appreciable to take legal advice to include suitable clauses that have been deviated and the penalties that are applicable for the same.

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