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11+ Letter Of Encouragement Samples

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We all have our share of good and bad days. Sometimes, the only thing that gives us hope is our support system.

One way to express it to your friend or family is a letter of encouragement.

So, here are some samples to let them know you’ve got their back.

Sample Letters of Encouragement, Strength & Love

To A Friend Feeling Down

Did you know that a lot of children and adolescents out there develop serious mental health issues? If left unresolved, these problems are only going to multiply over time.

Needless to mention that the lows can get critically low.

Inspiration letter

How can it help?

Sometimes, the littlest of things act as triggers for the situation to turn from bad to worse. Do you think your friend might need your shoulder to rest their head for a bit?

One of the best ways to lift them up is by writing encouragement letters and giving them hope in their hard time.

Sample letter Letter to a friend feeling down Supporting a friend

When can you be of help to them?

Some of the situations when your friend might needs encouragement letters are as follows:

  • If they are going through heartbreak or the loss of a dear one
  • If you want to put a smile on their face after they went through a tough time
  • If they weren’t able to achieve a goal they had been working hard towards (you can thank them for their patience)
  • If their social media posts suggest they might need help

Encouragement posts sure help you write a wonderful encouragement letter too.

For Someone With Cancer

Getting a medical report that tests you positive is never a delight to handle, especially if the condition is known to make the patients terminal.

Not only does it make the person feel like they’re short of time, but it also takes away their dreams and hope.

In such cases, living a wonderful everyday life like usual can be difficult. Feeling inspired, capable, and positive is probably the last thing on their mind.

But they deserve to find an escape from feeling that way!

Note to a stranger lady surviving cancer Fillable letter example Letter to sister

What can it do?

Sure, treatment to recovery is the biggest help they can get. But knowing the words that encourage them is the next best thing. What better way to do that than through a letter with a personal touch?

A handwritten letter from you that assures them that you’re with them no matter what. This letter helps them bring back their strength.

A simple post of an encouragement letter works too!

What to write in it?

Here are a few things to mention in your encouragement letter:

  1. Write about your memories together, appreciating their presence in your life.
  2. Occasionally mention the antics that make them laugh.
  3. Tell them that you believe in the success of their recovery.
  4. Give them something that they can hold on to and look forward to.

Always remember to stay away from the “sad-talk” in your encouragement letter. Go with things that address a really hopeful and beautiful tone.

To A Student

If you thought that older people are the only ones who have living through difficult times, you were wrong!

As the maturing demographic, we begin to face a lot of behavioral and physical issues as students.

Encouragement for students might come better if you write a letter to them in a friendly tone or as an empathizer.

Encouraging a student Inspiring your students

When could it help?

Here are a few examples where you could express your love and support for them:

  1. When they can’t seem to focus
  2. When you want to wish them luck for an important examination
  3. If they are about to receive their results
  4. If they are a victim of bullying and could hold on to any ounce of support they can get
  5. To let them know that you love them and believe in them

Youngsters often like to be secretive about their personal things. It is one of the main reasons they continue to feel low or anxious for longer than necessary.

Writing the words of life lessons, strength, and encouragement in a supportive tone certainly helps.

On that note, run a search through the example and sample letters on our website to see what fits best.

To A Child

It is hard to forget the things that we now feel like we lost out in our childhood. Often, these things come from the support, love, or encouragement that we lacked very much from our dear ones.

Praising a child Praising your son

How can you help?

Writing a simple letter filled with positive words and personal touches can be a major boost for your child. They even receive it as a gift that makes their heart and mind really happy!

For example, give them an encouraging letter if their behavior or body language call for you to give them your attention. A quote from a famous personality always helps attract their focus! They then have role models and others to hold on to.

With the sample encouragement letter examples on this website, you can figure out just how to nail the essence.

To A Stranger

Remember that even words that support and encourage count as acts of kindness.

And the real marker of kindness comes from the concern you show towards others who aren’t necessarily your friends or family. For example, saying thank you for your patience can assure the person that you care for their time.

It could be your employee or employer, for example. Or, you could be commending an organization for its exceptional work. The letter might be in the form of a thank you card too!

Encouraging words to a stranger

How can it help?

As a new friend or even a stranger, this written encouragement letter adds much assurance to their life and work. You can search for a sample of such letters on this website.

There are innumerable occasions where you can write an encouragement letter to a stranger.

So, the next time ahead, if you see a person disconcerted, take the lead! Remember to search for that kind heart within you.

You never know how much it might just help others!


1. How do you write a good letter of encouragement?

If you search any sample encouragement letter above, you notice a positive tone in the post. Be forward and friendly with your approach. Always use words that reflect good things about life. It may even be something they can learn and adapt, such as a piece of advice.

2. What are some good words of encouragement?

The words written in encouragement letters can be of great impact. At any given time, posting something such as “you can do this”, “I’m here for you”, “don’t give up”, “you’re doing great”, can never go wrong!

3. What is an encouraging letter?

A letter in which you express your sincere support and encouragement for another person counts as an encouragement letter. If handwritten, it further adds to the value and effect.


An encouragement letter springs motivation in one who is going through a difficult time. Having people support us is more helpful than we might think.

You can express your support towards a dear one by picking any of the encouragement letter samples from above.

If you found this post helpful, do share it with others!

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