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30+ FREE Printable Thank You Card Templates

Featured Image: Printable Thank You Card Examples

Thank you is the most powerful word that can foster relationships and also develop happiness in the surrounding environment.

Sharing a thank you card is even special than saying it as the receiver can feel overwhelmed and preserve it as a memory.

However, not many of us have this habit of sending such cards. If you think further, you might realize that you have no idea what to write in it.

Download Printable Thank Your Cards

Do you think this is your story too? Then, printable thank you card templates have come to your rescue.

These are customizable and have all the necessary text to convey your feelings to the recipient.

Before you scroll down further, make sure to identify whom you are going to present this card to and then choose the design. Print it and fill it, that’s it!

If you want to keep things short, you might want to consider printable thank you tags.

For Teacher

Thank you cards can generally be given to teachers either by the student or by his/her parent.

In fact, teachers play a great role in shaping up the young mind and guiding throughout life.

Though teaching is yet another profession, it does have a great responsibility behind as such teachers work tirelessly to achieve the results and build the generations of tomorrow.

If you are a student, you may plan to give a simple card or write a personal memory shared with your teacher to make it great.

Free Printable Thank You Cards Free Printable Thank You Cards Free Printable Cards

If you are the parent of a student, you may plan to give a card that tells how helpful the teacher was in molding your child.

Free Printable Cards

These are a few Free Printable Cards templates to make the teacher feel proud of her/his profession and achieve more.

For Wedding Guests

Planning an event in the coming days? Then this section is for you!

Return gifts are becoming popular these days and these gifts are either personalized or purchased randomly based on the occasion as a Thanksgiving effort.

However, stop spending excessively on those return gifts and start telling your guests how much they mean to you and how their presence transformed your event.

Sharing a thank you card is a must in weddings and the general format is to write the message first and then add the signature/names of newlywed along with their parents.

If you are still confused on how to draft one for your wedding, here you go!

Printable Cards Printable Cards free tyc 8 Printable Cards free Printable Cards free

You may realize that all these look simple yet elegant and every person who receives it can feel special and proud about the presence.

For A Friend

When we talk about relationships, friends are always great no matter what. A friend is the one who stands with you during your happy and sad times.

While words can’t express enough, your actions can add value to the friendship. Here’s how!

Do you have a friend who you value abundantly?

Are you missing her or just wanted to thank her for being with you so far?

Pick one of the templates and print it. Sign in with a personalized, hand-written message and post it!

As soon as your friend receives the card, you will surely be praised for your kind act.

Printable Cards with love Free Printable Cards with no create terms tyc 15 tyc 16 tyc 17

These simple acts can sound silly but mean so much in a relationship. You don’t need to wait for friendship day to make your friend feel special.

Stand unique and celebrate it today!

For Parents

Having spoken about friendship, there is one relationship that is even special and that is the parent.

Mother and father are definitely important for every person in this world.

This is the reason to dedicate a day exclusively for mother and father every year. But, it is important to celebrate every moment with them.

Gifting a thank you card with quotes to someone who never expects or ends to make life better for you is truly a pleasure and you should never miss such opportunities in life.

The advantage of gifting your parents is you are never judged. So, it is time to apply your creativity to make it the best.

Free Printable Cards for a special day Free Printable Cards for a special day to send along with gift on mother's day rights reserved Free Printable Cards for a special day to send along with gift print and send cards by baby print and send cards by baby for anniversary tyc 23

You can use similar templates to thank your grandparents too.

The key to making it look good is to write it on your own and highlight a couple of events when you have realized the value.

Such moments need to be cherished forever, isn’t it?

For Kids

If you are a parent, you should probably teach your children to write thank you cards to express gratitude and feelings to their friends or parents or teacher.

Teach them the value of each relationship and the method to use these cards.

While it is not right to expect them to draft the complete card, it is still a good idea to teach them to write a few words, to begin with.

Right from writing a thank you to the guests at kid’s birthday party to coloring the card, it is a wonderful act that every child should practice.

tyc 26 Printable Thank You Card Printable Thank You Card Printable Thank You Card Printable Thank You Card

Children love to color, they love our bookmark templates as much as they love lined paper!

So, give them a few crayons to color these cards. There are a few tips to make the whole process effective:

  • Choose the template that has interesting icons or cartoons in it that will keep them engaged
  • Give them a pack of crayons so it is possible to let them match colors on their own and then develop the creativity
  • Give a small space at the side or footer space of the card where the child can write a few words.
  • Make sure that the template you choose has outlined the shapes.
  • Give different patterns for your child to color and write on the card. Similar patterns can turn the activity boring.
  • Teach your kids the importance of sharing such cards to valuable people.


Saying thank you never requires an occasion.

When you present a card to a valuable person, it allows you to express your feelings for you and you may also receive it from someone else as it is a butterfly reaction.

Be an angel in kickstarting this effect and you can see your life getting brighter and merrier as days pass by!

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