Blank April 2020 Calendar & Yearly Calendar Template Download – PDF, Word, Images!!

    April 2020 Calendar

    How many times have you thought that the calendar that is hanging on your wall is boring? Have you ever thought that you can give it a new look and use it as your productivity tool? If this excites you, then you will enjoy the deliverable of this post.

    Gone are the days when we used calendars to find out the day, date and auspicious occasions. We have now turned our mobile phones into a calendar tool, alarm and what not. However, the use of a calendar is amazing when you know the how-to aspect of it. Here are a few tricks to turn all the remaining months of this year into useful ones and you get the monthly template as an add-on.

    April 2020 Calendar

    April is the fourth month of the year. It is another very important month as this is the end of the fiscal year. Check out these calendars here.

    April 2020 Calendar

    April 2020 Calendar

    May 2020 Calendar

    May 2020 is the fifth month of the year. Here is its calendar.

    March 2020 Calendar

    March 2020 Calendar

    Looking to download March 2020 calendar? You’re spot on. March is the third month of the year and it is very important month without any doubt. Specially for organisations as they inch close to financial year closing.

    March 2020 Calendar

    Here is another one:-

    March 2020 Calendar

    February 2020 Calendar

    February is the second month of the year. It is the month to stay committed with your goals and get things done. Here are some good feb 2020 calendar templates that you can download.

    February 2020 Calendar

    Here is another one for you!

    Feb 2020 Calendar

    2020 Year Calendar

    Here is the whole year calendar of 2020.

    2020 year calendar

    Here is one more for you. Just right click on the image and save it on your computer.

    2020 year calendar

    December 2019 calendar

    With the year ending in just 31 days, get into the festive mood and take a pledge to be the best version of yourself. Look back at all your accomplishments and plan for the next year.

    December 2019 calendar December 2019 calendar

    Let Jingle bells ring the entire month!

    January 2020 Calendar

    With the year starting, there is nothing better than having Jan 2020 calendar so you can mark down your important events and get started with organising your life in a meaningful way.

    January 2020 Calendar

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    January 2020 Calendar

    November 2019 calendar

    You just have 61 days left. What are you going to achieve this year? How are you going to convert the rest of the days productively? It’s time to plan as you would hardly find some free time to care for yourself the next month due to the range of festivals.

    This month, develop new habits with the use of your calendar.

    • Formulate a routine for yourself.
    • Keep the monthly calendar handy in your mobile phone or you may integrate the tasks with your Google calendar.
    • Practice the idea of appointment slots where you get time for yourself apart from the daily chores you carry out.
    • Ask your friends on their interesting practices followed to maximize the use of a calendar.

    November 2019 calendar November 2019 calendar

    Nov 11 marks Veterans day and Nov 28 marks Thanksgiving day. Do not forget to thank your calendar for guiding you better.

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    October 2019 calendar

    With the changing climatic condition, the month of October is definitely a treat for anyone who loves holidays. However, you may have to look back on your good, better and worse days in the past and transform the rest of the weeks in 2019 into memorable ones. So, it is always a good practice to look back and change before you look ahead.

    Waiting to know the list of holidays? Use these templates to note them down.

    October 2019 calendar October 2019 calendar

    Doesn’t the color code in the second template of this month look catchy? This is one productivity hack to stay focused and colorful.

    calendar october 2019

    October 14 is celebrated as Columbus Day and US indigenous people’s day and is declared as a regional and federal holiday. 9 Oct is a state holiday in Texas on account of Yom Kippur and 14 Oct is a locally observed occasion in South Dakota on account of Native American’s day. 18 Oct is a special day for people in Alaska as it is Alaska day and people get into the festive mode. 31 Oct is observed as Halloween.

    oct 2019 Calendar background

    September 2019 calendar

    The month of September just begins with Labor day on Sep 2nd. However, there are other special days in September that you might hardly know. These include – national grandparents day on 8 Sep, patriot day on 11 Sep, constitution and citizenship day on 17 Sep, September Equinox on 23 Sep. Native American day on 27 Sep is special to California though it is only observed locally. Rosh Hashana on 30 Sep is special to Texas and is declared as a state holiday.

    September 2019 calendar September 2019 calendar

    August 2019 calendar

    With just one and a half months left for the fall season to begin, you may have to be prepared to take climatic changes into consideration and schedule your days accordingly. When you use a calendar, here are a few days to turn it into a productivity tool:

    • Use different colored markers to highlight days of importance. For instance, a family event can be marked in green throughout the year while your weekly meetings can be marked in blue. This helps in categorizing and planning days well in advance.
    • At the end of each week, reflect on your progress and plan for the next week. List your short-term and long-term goals and reflect your performance on weekly and monthly intervals. This is definitely helpful irrespective of what you do.
    • Does your work demand you to travel frequently? Use your calendar as a to-do planner. Mark the days of travel along with destinations. in the footer space, you can write down hints or tips to keep in mind.
    • Schedule yourself in such a way that you are neither less occupied nor over occupied. Always split enough time for your family and work on each day. This is the key to maintain healthy relationships irrespective of your tight schedule.

    Here are a couple of templates to apply all these tips.

    August 2019 calendar August 2019 calendar

    July 2019 Calendar

    As the month begins on a weekday which is also the start of the week, you may have to focus on your ambition and maintain a balance between your work and health. But, do not feel exhausted as you have July 4th as Federal holiday and is marked as independence day. Take your time to learn a bit about the independence of the United States and major historical events that had happened in this event.

    July 2019 calendar July 2019 calendar

    June 2019 calendar

    June is that month of the year when you will have to plan milestones for the remaining 6 months. Whether you are a student or a business professional or just a common man, you need a calendar to mark daily events and progress to turn 2019 into a successful one. This is the best opportunity available in front of you.

    June 2019 calendar June 2019 calendar

    June 16 is observed as Father’s day and you should take your time to spend with your father to make him feel special on this occasion.


    The purpose of a calendar is wide and has historical significance in addition to religious and productivity benefits. All templates mentioned in this article are attractive, professional and customizable so you achieve more this year with this simple tool.

    Unleash the beast in you with these interesting templates!

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