37+ Printable Lined Paper Template For Kids PDF Download!!

    printable lined paper

    If you are calligraphy or a music student or just improving your handwriting, you should definitely use lined papers. With in-built margins and proper spacing between lines, it makes it easier for people to write and align the text effectively. Using lined paper templates can also improve the look and feel of the text.

    Lined paper PDF free printables

    When you use a lined paper template, you must be aware that the spacing is even throughout and it is important to writing practice accordingly. If you are the one who always writes text in curvy lines and wants to straighten it, there is no better solution than a lined paper template.

    This not only improves your handwriting style but also makes it versatile to write in different types of papers without having to worry about the alignment. Makes your writing better basically on your notebook.

    Printable Lined Paper Printable Lined Paper pdf Printable Lined Paper for kids

    Customized lined paper free printables notebook

    It can be boring and monotonous when you will have to use the same old lined paper template to write your text. In such cases, you can opt for customized printables. These printables are audience-specific and are attractive. As a result, you are glued to achieve your vision.

    Here are a few templates that you should take a look at:

    lined paper template
    Lined Paper

    lined paper background lined writing paper Lined Paper

    If you are using a collection of lined paper template as a music note, you need to store them together. Fortunately, a couple of templates listed above point the space to punch papers and tie them together. You may also need writing paper with special lines for you to mark chords and notations separately. It is essential to notice that such writing paper or notebook paper/graph paper do not have the same margin and indent values as the usual ones.

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    Alternatively, if you wanted to teach straight line hand writing to kids, you need to go for templates that contain colorful margins and funky icons that can leave the kids excited to accomplish the activity.

    Lined Paper

    Lined Paper

    Lined Paper

    Who doesn’t like to write on a paper that looks different? One of the templates above has a background picture which can make it extremely interesting for elementary students to use. The final template has two different blocks – with and without lines and this can be used for academic purposes.

    Create your own lined paper

    If you are motivated to create a lined paper on your own, you could either use a Word processing software or do it manually.

    • In Microsoft Word, open the regular file that is already set in default margins.
    • Use the underscore key to create the first line.
    • Copy the line already created and paste it in subsequent rows.

    That’s it. Your Lined Paper page 1 is ready to print. You can also play with colors, frames, icons, and images on your lined paper based on the purpose and interest.

    Conclusion – Lined Paper

    Lined paper templates are meant to ease your job and quickly practice your hand writing or notes and they are printable too. However, if you are to create one for your institution, include the logo at the header and go ahead in creating the first page.

    Writing on this type of paper makes you focused!


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