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25+ Free Printable Bookmark Templates

Featured Image: Bookmark Template Examples

After reading several pages of a book, you doze off unknowingly and the next time you take the book, you couldn’t find the page where you left.

Sounds like your story?

Bookmark comes to your rescue.

For every bookworm in this world, a bookmark is an exciting thing that you can use as a marker to start the reading from the next time.

We understand that you wish to start this habit right away but not sure of the procedure of having a Bookmark Template.

Download Blank Editable Bookmark Templates in Word & PDF

Let us introduce you to a fantastic collection of bookmark templates that are printable and ready to use.

For Kids

One of the best habits that children need to imbibe at an early age is book reading.

When everyone has shifted to smartphones and e-books, to read a book is an age-old practice that actually provokes the reader and connects mentally.

Just a page each day is easy enough and you can provide funny, attractive bookmarks that instantly connect with their like.

Here are a few Bookmark Template ideas for you to implement right away for your bookmarks.

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The above colorful bookmark template is usually the free one that kids like a lot.

That’s primarily because these ones are more vivid and joyous in nature.

Hence, if you are looking for a bookmark template for a kid, then select and download any of the above given bookmarks design and you will be good to go.

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As you prepare bookmarks and encourage your child to use these templates, you should also make sure of several attributes of a bookmark.

  • The bookmark needs to be vertical and big enough to cover the length of the book.
  • A quality bookmark does not stretch beyond the quarter page in terms of width. Anything slightly lesser than the quarter is acceptable too for a Bookmark Template.
  • Bookmark needs a thin and durable material that can be easily placed between pages without affecting the learning process.
  • Make sure that the bookmark you print is from one of the materials listed here – metal, paper, plastic, silk, and cloth. Anything other than these can appear fragile and affect the outlook.

To make it even interesting, find out what your child likes and print the same character in the form of a bookmark. This kind of Bookmark Template develops the habit as well as encourages the child to become productive.

Also, it remembers them of the character’s good things that they like. Helps them develop those characteristics in them in the long run.

Not sure what your child likes? There are several other bookmark template ideas to keep it interesting.

  • Allow the child to solve a puzzle or a riddle each day by listing it in the bookmark. These bookmarks will develop interest and also enhance knowledge.
  • Ask random questions and allow the child to answer. For example, how many times do you see the mirror in a day? This is interesting and the kid does not misplace the bookmark until all the questions are answered.
  • Let’s get even more innovative with Bookmark Template. Provide a free blank bookmark template and ask your kid whatever he/she likes to. This keeps you aware of the creative skill as well as broadens the thinking capacity of the kid. Isn’t it all you need in free bookmarks?

For Coloring

We have more bookmarks to our list. Not every child has the same interest. Even if you are running short of ideas to create the right bookmark, we have a list of bookmark templates that encourages kids to color the shape. Who does not like playing with colors?

These are bookmarks templates that even adults like to use.

From creatures to positive quotes to natural sceneries to Mandala arts, there is so much that you can try in just one bookmark or can use multiple bookmarks.

Reading a book gets exciting as you feel like a kid with these bookmarks inserted between pages of the book.

Bookmark Template Bookmark Template free Bookmark Template free free Bookmark Template easy Bookmark Template easy Bookmark Template Bookmark Template Bookmark Template Bookmark Template Bookmark Template Bookmark Template Bookmark Template Download Bookmark Template


Those were the days when we had to go to a supply shop to purchase bookmarks. Right now, you need a printer and a laptop to get done with Bookmark Template.

What is even easier is our templates that you can directly print and use.

There are several actions by which you can get benefits out of bookmarks. All you need to do is download our Bookmark Template to create bookmarks of your own.

Bookmarks are wonderful to promote your business.

If you are a business owner waiting to achieve better brand visibility, a bookmark is a cheaper way to make it happen.

Customers do not wish reading tons and tons of information about your business in pamphlets and brochures. Instead, a bookmark comprising of your logo, products or services, and contact information is sufficient to get that conversion as well as lead generation.

If you are looking to tap such customers, you need to reach out to local book reading groups and issue printable bookmarks for free.

Alternatively, you can also present these bookmarks to every existing customer as he/she walks in. This promotes your brand as well as the habit of reading books.

Yet another way to choose use these free bookmarks is to share positive quotes and distribute them as a return gift from your shop.

This acts like a memory and the person treasures the free bookmarks printable that you give.

We need a lot of positivity to step ahead in our lives and this is ideal to take it forward and spread positive vibes to others. It is also a form of personal expression.

The other great way to choose is to use this as an invitation card.

Whether you want to have a birthday party arriving or the shop inauguration, all you need is a blank bookmark where you can print complete information in one go.

For instance, you can print a school photograph of the person celebrating birthday along with venue details and contact information. This reduces printing costs as well as appears attractive.

The last way you would want to use a blank bookmark is to find and introduce a great educational tip for school.

For instance, you may want to introduce parts of speech or mathematical concepts in it if you are providing it to kids.

Now that you have understood creative easy ways of using printable bookmarks, you may want to take one step ahead to promote readership and revive traditional books.

Bookmark Template designs cards like printable Bookmark Template designs cards printable like printable like Template printable templates favorite printable pdf templates download design printable text pdf templates download design blank printable word templates download and read copyright blank printable word templates download Bookmark Template

So, the blank templates we have included above are primarily unique in nature.

These templates can be used in tons of different ways. They don’t necessarily follow a theme and hence can be used in a variety of situations be it to impress a client, or to gift them to your colleagues and numerous other situations.

These free templates are generally very eye catching in nature and we are pretty sure if you use these, you will be constantly asked by your friends where did you get these templates and you’ll certainly receive some praise for them.

So, basically a win-win situation all around.


It is mandatory for every book to be accompanied with a blank bookmark for the readers to cherish those moments.

Based on the age and interests of the person, it is possible to make a customized blank bookmark templates that are printable and attractive.

Even if you have guests, you can quickly hand over a few bookmarks as return gifts and the habit just spreads.

It is a chain reaction that supports good deeds and you should never miss taking part in it.

Blank Bookmarks templates are wonderful instruments accepted and cherished by people universally. Hence, you can blindly use our templates to begin your association with bookmarks.

All you need to do is simple print and make a bookmark template and start using it.

It is recommended that you use a good quality of printer so that those bookmarks look crispy and appealing rather than dull ones.

Also, if you found these bookmark template to be useful, do share this post with other bookmark fanatics such as your friends and family.

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