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15+ Free Printable Thank You Tags

Printable thank you tag banner

There is probably not enough paper in the world if you began listing down the occasions where you could need to thank someone! But coming up with ways to thank people isn’t that easy.

You never know when you’d wake up and think “Today I have something or someone to thank.” But that’s where printable thank you tags have your back!

Editable & Printable Thank You Tags: Word & PDF Templates

Gift Tags

You extend a simple thank you for gifts, or special favors, or even assistance and support. You could also find yourself thanking someone who holds out the door for you!

Certain occasions affect us in a way where you feel like verbal communication of your gratitude is not enough. So, printable thank you tags do a better job.

All you need to do is pick your favorite gift from our collection of Thank You and gift tag templates, download the file, and print it out. Next, cut along the borderline and send it across!

Gift tags 6 Christmas themed gift tags

You can also enter a short message or sign for a personal touch.

Here are a few amazing ways to prepare customized thank you tags:

  • Opening greetings
  • Fill the details
  • End with regards

A better idea? Just add one of our templates in your bags!

For Birthdays

Wait until your special occasion comes around to find out how many times you have to extend thank-yous. You receive endless wishes on text, social media, and whatnot! You can use them:

  • If you’ve received a special wish
  • When you’ve received cards or vouchers as a present
  • If someone’s done something extraordinary for your special day
  • When you host a party

Just like this thank you tag, printable tags thank the recipient for you.

happy birthday tags printable

If you want to express your gratitude in a short and sweet way, then a free printable thank you card is the way to go! You have got to admit that these tags have something super cute about them that spread the warmth.

8 thank yo tags for birthday

Have you ever wanted to say thank you for their gesture but ran out of ideas?

Here you will find a range of free printable thanks and gift tags. You can attach these printables after you’ve downloaded their pdf formats and printed them out.

A better way to make it even cuter is to create a wonderful ribbon twine and then attach it.

For Coming to My Party

Throwing a party and have people socialize is one of those experiences that one should never miss out on. From the preparation to greeting people to the wrap-up – everything is so exciting!

Their Speciality

The first impression begins with the invitation cards. So, you have to make sure that your cards are as enticing as possible. Printable party tags leave a lasting effect on your guests! When to use them?

  • If you’re throwing a Christmas party
  • When you have a baby shower
  • If you’re having a wedding celebration
Sharing my party fun tags

No worries if you aren’t a “DIY paper cards” kind of a person. Neither will you need to search through a long aisle of cards at some shop.

Just like those before, you can download our free printables, add them to your cart, print, and voila!

Unicorn themed tags thanking for coming Colorful thanks for coming tags

For Your Purchase

If you thought you would need a thank you card only for birthdays and weddings, you were wrong! Often, these thank you gift tags and shipping labels go hand in hand.

You can say something like, “among thousands of brands, thank you for choosing mine,” and what better way than a free super cute tag for this! When to use them?

  • When you’re a new business owner expanding the reach
  • If you sell homemade products
  • If your reach is through social media platforms

It is easy to print and use these tags. You can pick from our free templates, download them in pdf format and then get them printed on a page.

Thanks for purchase tags Flower design thanks for order tag

If you attach such a paper tag with the product you sell, it’ll make your customers want to return. And that is always a good sign!

For Favors

Often, people help you out with something really important, and you run out of ideas to appreciate them. Besides, in such cases, to add a simple thank you is just not enough.

You might bag a set of gifts for them too, but what’s better than to express your gratitude through beautiful favor tags or cards? When to use them?

  • To leave a small message for your guests.
  • At your wedding or party tables.
  • To extend a token of appreciation towards your guests.
Thanks for celebrating inspiration idea

For Teachers

Teachers and parents do a thankless job indeed. The least you can do to acknowledge their effort is put up thank you tags on their table!

The range of free printables that you have is just the gift your teacher needs for a brighter day.

Free best teacher ever printable tag

You could even try bookmark templates to keep it interesting.

When to use gorgeous gift tags for teachers:

  • For teachers’ day
  • On graduation day
  • On their birthdays
Hands down, you are the best teacher tag

You can print any digital tag you want! Besides, if you plan to offer another gift along with it, just punch a hole in a corner, twine a ribbon through it, and knot it up real good.

Editable Templates

If you need an editable gift tag, there’s no need to look any further. In this range, you have the liberty to make online digital edits.

It will cut down the time you might otherwise spend looking for something that will save your day.

When to use them?

Here are some occasions where editable ones might come in handy for you:

  • For holidays and festivals
  • Wedding sparklers
  • Business card

Leave an impression with a custom gift tag. Customizing your tokens is the best way of showing originality and uniqueness. So, the next time you want to build an impression, you can download one of our printable templates.

Free printable thank you tags

You can impress anyone around with these tags whether it is a family member, your friends, customers, teachers, or anyone you want to thank for their gesture.

Purple and white tags Black and white tags


You can never tell when you would require a gift tag or even simple thank you tags!

Download one of the tags, edit it or use it as it is to make people around you happy. These tags are free and you can use them to thank people on special occasions.

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