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43+ Weekly Planner Template – Schedule Planners!!

Weekly Planner Template

How many of us wanted to accomplish all the things that we plan but then fail miserably because we don’t plan better? Did you just say ME TOO to this question? Here is a tried and tested solution to plan and perform better.

A free printable weekly planner template page is an excellent solution to maximize your productivity and accomplish all the desired goals on a daily and weekly basis. If you are new to the idea of a weekly planner, then this post presents you a lot of free printable templates to directly download and use for different purposes in life.

Free Printable Weekly Planner Template Pages #2

Printable weekly planner templates

The first in the list is a range of printable weekly planner in a way that can you download, customize and print. The advantage of these printable formats is that it gives a neat and professional look so you don’t have to shorten the points or have to worry about writing legibly.

Weekly Planner Template #3 Pages

Weekly Planner Template

Weekly Planner Template #4Weekly Planner Template

Weekly Planner Template Pages #5Weekly Planner Template

Weekly Planner #6weekly schedule planner

Weekly Planner #7

weekly schedule planner

Weekly Planner #8

weekly schedule planner

Weekly Planner #9 For You

Weekly Planner Template

Printable Weekly Planner #10 To Keep Track Of Your WorkWeekly Schedule Planner for Free

Printable Week Pages #11 With to-do listfree weekly templates excel per day format printable

As you begin filling these printable schedule templates just like an Itinerary Template, keep the following in mind.

Things To Keep in Mind

  • If certain tasks are common for all the days(check the calendar), don’t fill them in each of the days repeatedly. Instead, also include them under the weekly goals.
  • Instead of writing a detailed plan for activities, you can make use of the notes section to elaborate the plan and add a star above the point mentioned in the plan under the days. This is extremely helpful to follow up and also make your weekly/ daily planner look legible in a way.
  • Use a highlighter pen to highlight an activity that you think is most important or of top priority.
How do you call a template printable?

The template should necessarily have sufficient margins on all sides, follow a specific pattern/design, enough spacing between lines and is well-formatted. These factors are just sufficient to let you determine the print readiness of a design.

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Printable Weekly planner for teacher 

It is the habit of any teacher to maintain list and notes of the lesson plan and things to be carried out in that specific week. What gets frustrating is the exam period when the teacher has so many things to do and fails to keep track of all the activities. The regular list and notes are no good as they look monotonous and do not offer the necessary motivation to accomplish those activities. Instead, a weekly/ daily planner in a way is a must-use tool that can let teachers plan and fulfil all the proposed lesson plans on time.

Also, If you are a teacher looking to use one for your personal use, then you should take a look at the following templates. Also, if you like, check out these time log template for an efficient weekly planning.

Printable Week Planner Pages #12

weekly schedule template

This template is ideal if you are the class teacher as you can keep track of all the lessons handled in each session. At the end of the day, you can reflect on important points and communicate with other teachers also with this template of weekly planner.

weekly schedule template weekly schedule template - blank monthly events planner

In the columns, you may have to write the class name you have to handle or the timing of the class. This will keep you productive throughout the day and plan efficiently for the examinations without having to stress about last-minute lesson plans.

Weekly schedule planner for family 

If you ask who is most benefited by using an organized weekly or daily planner in a way, it is working women undoubtedly. Especially when the woman has to balance between her work life and personal life, it gets difficult unless the family members cooperate. What happens when you do not plan earlier? All the household tasks group together during the weekend making your life miserable.

If you are facing a situation or are a working woman, you may have to begin using a weekly planner to schedule your tasks and inform your family members on their roles and responsibilities that week. Here are a few week templates for you to understand how an organized weekly planner works for your case.

blank monthly events planner template for planning and print blank monthly events planner print needs for planning download free weekly templates with calendar for print needs download free weekly templates excel format rights reserved people needs download

If you think a simple weekly planner page download is just meant to plan your household chores, you are wrong. You can plan the menu for the entire week in one go and take the approval of the rest of the members. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

If you are convinced to begin using these formats for your life to get stress-free, then there are more ways to maximize the effectiveness.

How To Maximize Effictiveness Of Your week
  • Have three columns for each day – household chores to be done by self, meal plan (weekly meal planner page) and things to buy. As you are occupied with your busy week schedule template download, this planner reminds you of what to do next keeping you organized with weakly meal planner and others.
  • When your format is planned for the entire family, you may have to divide the columns based on the number of people in your family. For each day, list the activities to be carried out by the concerned person against the name. Later, you can share it across your family group and this is handy.
  • If you prefer to download one page weekly planner that can help you manage your personal works and official works, then you may have to divide the columns into two for each day – one for personal week and the other for official week. It is appropriate to maintain one more column for notes. At the end of each week, you can write your reflection or lessons at the bottom of the paper for that past week. This will help you make better decision for the upcoming week so you can achieve more in the next week.

Just stick the final simple week/ day page template on those places at home where you frequently pass by and at your work desk. Ensure that all your family members have access to such places so they can complete tasks allocated to them without any hassles.

Printable Weekly planners for business excel format download

Any working professional needs to download a week/ day planner that can let him/her plan meetings, goals and other works as desired and double the overall productivity rate. This section also includes the best range of simple week templates also meant for business owners and managers.

free to get weekly templates calendar with day page free weekly templates excel format with day page download download free weekly templates excel day format page download free page weekly templates excel per day format like

If you already use a week planner to add ease to your daily operations, here are a few productivity tips to keep in mind.

  • The purpose of a weekly planner for people in business is to reflect on their performances and weekly planning. Hence, it is mandatory to print and have a separate placeholder to also include successes, failures, and also the targets for the upcoming week.
  • If you are a person who is generally equipped with a number of meetings in a week, it is essential to divide your week template based on each hour. You don’t need a personal assistant if this is used efficiently.
  • Suppose you travel frequently in a week for business task, make sure to find, print and attach your itinerary and also other documents planner pages along with the simple planner so you don’t miss any of them at the eleventh hour.


You can always download and customize the week planner in terms of duration based on your daily schedule template. However, you need to differentiate between the most important tasks and the least important tasks by using appropriate colors for highlighting. It is perhaps easy to create your own week template by adding suitable rows and columns but you may have to ensure if it is interactive enough and ready to print as there are always issues with margins.

Once you download and start using this planner, inculcate this habit to your kith and kin as this is an excellent habit that successful people follow to progress further and conquer the world.

Play with the grids but never compromise on your goals! Grab one of these and start using today!!

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