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19+ Itinerary Templates in Word, Excel & PDF

Featured Image: Itinerary Template Examples

Are you a planning enthusiast?

A well-organized list of trip details, meetings, flights, and other events looks aesthetically pleasing, doesn’t it?

Well, this guide offers itinerary templates.

Dig in to find your favorite itinerary template and directly get to the exciting part of planning and organizing!

Free Download Printable Itinerary Templates

For Travel

You want to make the most of your vacation, don’t you?

Then why waste time deciding over lodgings and places to visit at your destination.

A trip itinerary is just the document you need to get ready for your trip.

Travel itinerary template

It is a schedule that outlines your trip’s activities, helping you use your time efficiently. The itinerary holds details of your dates, flight, hotels, local transportation, spots to visit, restaurants, meetings (if any), and more!

A well-structured itinerary will let you prioritize important activities, plan, and, resultantly, save time.

Once you have prepared your itinerary planner, you can pack accordingly and get the hang of all the potential costs.

Isn’t that amazing?

What is even more fantastic is that in this guide, you will get free templates to download as you require.

These include itineraries for business meetings, vocation, family and friends travel, and other templates.

You can download them in the form of Microsoft Word, PDF, Excel, etc.

Store them on your device for quick access or print as per your convenience.

Colorful sample travel itinerary

For Business Travel

Are you planning a business trip?

You sure don’t want to miss out on any important dates and meeting timings.

Simplify your travel plans with a business trip itinerary. These itineraries have a section each for details regarding flights, lodgings, transport, meeting, events, etc.

Download the preferred template on your mobile, edit, and carry a digital itinerary for seamless access.

Alternatively, you can print out this perfectly organized template and take it on your trip.

If you are carrying a digital business travel template, you can easily share it with the office crew tagging along with you. Consider adding a link to your hotels, activities, and destination pages for further ease.

You can use the following templates to plan your company business trips:

  • Business trip report template
  • Checklist template
  • Simple template
  • Group trip template
Business trip itinerary with meeting details Sample business trip itinerary

For Road Trip

Nothing is more fun than a road trip with your craziest friends or a spouse, right?

Except planning for it, because the excitement level is several notches higher.

The ideal road trip itinerary includes sections like date, time, activity name and type, and estimated cost.

It is a perfect itinerary planner that you can use to keep track of time and money and avoid wastage of either.

Plus, you can easily record the details of lodging, transport, excursions, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Find attached a few terrific templates with a printable lined paper format that you can download for free!

Printable Road trip planner pdf Blank road trip itinerary

For Vacation

Are you planning to organize a trip to the beach, desert, or the mountains?

The types of activities that you can enjoy immensely vary based on your destination.

Plus, you will have to pack different clothes and accessories, plan various activities, and make a budget accordingly.

Whether you want to create a personal planner or a group one, this template guide got you covered.

A vacation planner includes sections for hotels, activities, flight details, transport, expenses, and your overall trip details.

Still, you can download this template and modify it as per your liking.

Pick the PDF or doc version and effortlessly edit the travel template.

Here are a few travel schedule templates that you download within a few clicks.

  • Solo vacation
  • Friends group vacation
  • Romantic holiday
Free Vacation Itinerary Template PDF Download Vacation Itinerary in Excel

For Family Vacation

Traveling solo or with friends can be full of unplanned adventures, but you got to be extra-careful when organizing a family vacation. You need to guarantee the complete safety of your entire trip, and nothing is better than an itinerary for the same.

Though you can create a travel schedule on your own, including all the essential sections can get tricky. But why design a planner when you can access multiple ready-made ones within minutes?

A family vacation itinerary includes flight schedule, destination, transportation, hotel information, activity details, date, timings, medical details, etc.

These templates will also let you pack all the essential clothes and items according to your plans.

Besides, you can also create day planners to jot down your plan for each day of your vacation.

Here are a few examples of templates that you can use.

  • Camping
  • Cruise
  • Island/desert/mountains

Download a template for free and effortlessly organize all your vacation activities!

Printable family vacation planner in PDF Family vacation itinerary in excel

For Weekend Getaway

Do you want to schedule a weekend getaway with your partner?

Depending on the number of people you are going with, you can plan a thrilling weekend outing to just about anywhere.

A weekend itinerary template is a straightforward, hassle-free way of organizing a trip. It includes all the vital elements like date, time frame, destination, activity, lodging information, resources needed, etc.

Plus, this way, you can keep track of your budget and save time and have a spot-on weekend.

You can use the template for any of the following scenarios:

  • Weekend getaway with family
  • Camping with friends on the weekend
  • Romantic weekend
  • Personal travel

Prepare your itinerary according to the given format or add sections as per your requirement.

Moreover, you can download and share the digital itinerary with your friends and access it on your mobile device.

MS Word editable weekend itinerary template Weekend travel itinerary

For Flight

From the terminal and gate number to the aircraft information, traveling by air requires you to note many essential details.

Trying to gather all the information on the eleventh hour when you are running late for your flight can get overwhelming.

Use a flight template for a fun experience instead of a restless one!

It is like a comprehensive log that contains your flight number, dates, timings, gate and terminal information, connecting flights, if any, etc.

You can use the blank template given here and fill it right away or save it for later!

Flight Itinerary template excel

For Event

Itineraries are common when it comes to trip details.

However, events require itineraries too to avoid last-minute plan changes and effective outputs at the desired price and venue.

There are many things to take into consideration when it comes to events. Some of the major variables add venue, decorations required, attendees, food, timing, and gifts tips if any.

When you organize a college event, your itinerary will typically include the agenda, relating documents and plans.

However, if you are an event organizer who is organizing a public event or a fundraising event, perfection is the key and you need to make use of various tools to achieve the key.

Refer to the sample below to create your own itinerary and host a perfect event.

Sample event itinerary

For Birthday

Are you planning to throw a huge birthday party for all your friends and acquaintances? And why won’t you? Special days are worth celebrating with your close ones!

Irrespective of your party’s size, you do not want any changes at the eleventh hour, right?

Then why not use a comprehensive birthday itinerary template! Organizing events can get tedious, but these free templates got your back.

From the date, time, and location to the dress code and other party details, this template includes all the vital elements.

You can also use a birthday checklist to plan and enlist the guest names, food menu, decor items, etc. This will allow you to keep track of expenses simultaneously.

Download your preferred birthday template and modify it as you wish or make changes with an editor tool.

You can add photos, change the background, etc.

Birthday weekend itinerary Birthday itinerary template pdf

For Bachelorette

Do you wish to organize a fun bachelorette party for your best friend?

Well, every individual deserves to have a blast with their friends before they get married.

Download a bachelorette template and prepare an excellent itinerary for your best friend’s party. This template will include the date, planned activity, dress code, location, timings, etc.

Plus, you can use an online editor tool to add more sections if you’d like.

Change the format, add background colors and photos as per your requirement. Once your itinerary is ready, you can print and send out the invitations or just share them online with your crew.

Free Printable bachelorette party invitation Simple Bachelorette itinerary template

For Wedding

The wedding day is one of the most important occasions of an individual’s life.

However, the planning and execution bit though exciting, can get a whole lot complicated. Not anymore!

With an easy template download, you can prepare the most beautiful itinerary within minutes. The format of this document includes the date and time corresponding to each activity of the ceremony.

You can also add the dress code details, location, and contact details for further confirmation.

Use the template download option for pdf or use an online editor app to edit the templates instantly.

Printable and Fillable wedding day timeline Wedding itinerary template for guests Sample wedding itinerary


How do you create an itinerary?

Whether it is for travel or an event, creating an itinerary can get relatively complex. You need to divide a page into multiple sections and fill in each detail carefully.

An easy alternative is to download a readymade template and edit it within minutes!

How do I make an itinerary in Excel?

An excel sheet is one of the best options to design an itinerary as it is already divided into multiple sections.

To further differentiate and create sub-sections, you can add colors, themes, etc.

Alternatively, pick readymade itineraries for excel and use them to plan with ease.

How do I create an itinerary in Google Docs?

Gather all your travel or event information before getting to google docs.

Once you have all the details ready, open a new document and enlist the activity alongside the date, time, and location.

Apart from that, you can search for a ready-made itinerary in google docs and use it to prepare one of your own!

How do you set up an itinerary for a meeting?

Official meetings require multiple essential details that you cannot miss.

You need to include elements like topics, agendas, time and schedule, and presenter name, among others.

Create such a timetable yourself or simply download easy-to-use meeting templates and jot down the required information!

Summing Up

Whether you are a travel agent or wish to plan trips and events for yourself, this article got your back.

With the perfectly structured templates given here, you need not search online or design from scratch.

Download your desired itinerary template for a hassle-free planning experience!

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