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12+ Letter Of Support Templates & Examples

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A letter of support carries significant weight in an individual’s application. They highlight the applicant’s credibility and strengths.

Do you face some confusion about what details to include and how to make it persuasive? You can follow a simple letter of support template!

Read this article to learn more about templates and formatting, along with samples.

Letter of Support Examples, Samples & Templates in Word & PDF

For Financial Support

A letter of support is part of an application for grant funds. It serves as a testimonial given by another company, organization, or individual. It seeks to back and prove the legitimacy of a proposal.

A strong letter of support will prove that other businesses, organizations, or people believe that the applicant is capable of getting the job done and deserves to be financially supported.

A letter of support can be the make-or-break that decides an individual’s chances of getting the support they need.

There are a few circumstances where a letter of support would come in handy:

  1. Governments may need funding to support developmental goals.
  2. Business organizations may require financial support.
  3. A student may apply for support, either for funding or merit.

The common thread that runs through all types of letters of support is the need for financial help. Now that you know what a letter of support is, we can jump right into some tips to keep in mind while writing the letter.

The letter intends to reach a potential financial grantor. It also acts as a statement of ideological support.

Request for financial assistance Affidavit of financial support Financial guarantee from parent Support guarantee letter Sample letter of family funds for support

A letter of support acts as a character reference. It serves as an official validation and guarantees your skills, personality, and integrity. It also functions as a background check letter to verify your identity with a reliable source.

Lastly, since the letter transfers the responsibility of funding over to another agency or individual, it also acts as a letter of authorization.

For Educational Grant

Letters of support can come from a major donor or a reputable professor. They can also come from outside organizations or a partner or company you have previously encountered.

Grant application Letter requestion funds

Some grant applications may specifically ask you for a letter of support or commitment. This is not the highlight of your application. However, you should still ensure that it contains all the relevant details.

These details are as follows:

  • Include the organization letterhead and representative’s signature.
  • Add testimonies that prove the applicant’s suitability.
  • Cite specific objectives, goals, and successes.
  • Name the individuals or groups who are involved in the project.
Sample grant proposal

For Individual

Support letters show that other people think your project is worth a financial grant. It provides all the relevant details. It may also indicate that your organization has a good reputation. An additional benefit is that your community also supports your work.

LOS for individual

When you are writing a support letter for an individual, remember to keep the following tips in mind and stick to the letter of support template:

  • Always introduce yourself. Knowing who you are will provide a sense of authenticity. Also, it will aid the reader in the process of deciding whether they want to support your endeavor or not.
  • Identify the individual and connect them to the project that you are willing to support.
  • Be polite, formal, and factual. Instead of using “I feel” statements, try to get straight to the point.
  • Include 3-5 paragraphs and clearly divide your information between them.

Format your letter appropriately. Include all the necessary details. It would help if your letter of support were visually appealing. Consider adding a photograph of projects that will benefit from the support.

While writing, try not to stress fundraising in your letter of support. Focusing only on the money can take away attention from your project.

For Family Member

Support for family member

Much of the same rules apply to a letter of support for a family member. It would be best if you remembered to remain polite, formal, and crisp in your writing.

However, the primary difference here is that it would involve details of the family member who is willing to provide financial support. Some additional details surrounding your own financial stability will need to be a part of your letter of support.

Remember to clearly highlight the nature of your relationship with the applicant and necessary documents such as your bank statement.

Start with a header on the top-left corner of the page, along with the date. Include the writer’s name and institution. Additionally, incorporate the reader’s name and address.

Following this, write a salutation that is addressed directly to the recipient. It would be helpful to avoid general statements like “to whomsoever it may concern.”

As you move to the introduction and main content, reiterate your connection with the subject and the importance of the project. Conclude with gratitude, and remember to add your name, title, and signature towards the end. Any relevant additional documents are also welcome here.

Guarantee for financial support

For Student

While writing the letter, ensure that you are honest and positive. This will help the student stand out and gain a better chance of receiving support for their education or project.

For student

Remember to state your intent and emphasize your relationship with the applicant. Try to give it a personal touch. Additionally, convey that you are willing to back up the student’s application and that they are worthy of financial support.

In this letter, highlight the student’s academic credentials and achievements. This will inform the reader that the applicant is meritorious and deserving of support. Introduce details of yourself and your academic background, along with your academic relationship with the student.

Mention the student’s strengths, achievements, and potential. You can talk about the skills and how you have had firsthand encounters with their efficiency and determination.

Conclude with some highlights of the student’s achievements and how these relate to the funding that the applicant seeks.

For Research Project

Much like a letter of support for grant funding, the research project support letter seeks validation for a specific academic or professional undertaking.

In this case, the letter is given precedence when a research collaborator or consultant writes it for you. This is because they know your research firsthand. They are also well-versed with the topic.

Support letter for research

Your research collaborator should be able to provide some in-depth knowledge of your work. Some details that can be a part of this include:

  • Background for your research – why this topic was taken up, and how is it relevant?
  • The process of working with you – how smooth was it, and are you a team collaborator?
  • The expected result of the research project – what kind of an impact will this project have on the community? How will it benefit society?

An effective research project letter of financial support will convey enthusiasm for your work. It will also add credibility to your merit.

Additionally, remember to maintain a flow in your letter. Try not to mix up your project details with the request for funding in the same paragraph. Mentioning them as two separate points will be more impactful.

Let the reader know that they are under no obligation to provide you with financial support. Consequently, inform them that it is their decision and that there is no pressure.

Sample letter of support for research funds


Now that you have a strong understanding of what a letter of support looks like, here are a few common questions that come up while writing one:

What should a letter of support include?

Your letter of support is broadly divided into three sections – introduction, body, and conclusion. It is necessary to demarcate your information in your support letter as clearly as possible.

The introduction of your letter of support answers some basic questions: who are you? Why are you writing this letter? The body looks into the whys of the applicant. Why are they worthy? What was it like to have them in class? An effective letter of support will answer these questions.

The closing statement would summarize your views and reinstate that you are closely related to the applicant. Try to shorten the letter if it has exceeded two pages.

How do I write a letter of support?

The best letter of support is short, clear, and concise. Remember to keep your letter engaging and to the point. Your writing must include short and direct phrases. In fact, professionals say that an effective letter of support is not more than one page long.

Ensure that you proofread the letters so that the recipient will not find any errors. It has to be formal and business-like. It would be helpful if the tone were persuasive yet humble.

Run through the draft a few times and make sure that you make no grammatical errors while writing the letter. This is essential to maintain the business-like tone of the support letter.

You can always use letter of support templates to ensure that all the requirements are met.


You can follow a sample letter of support or a letter of support template and practice a few times to get the hang of it. An effective financial support letter can do wonders for your application.

Do you think this article will help you in writing your letter of support? If so, make sure to share it on other platforms or with your friends and family!

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