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21+ Elf On The Shelf Letter Ideas – Download Free Printables

Featured Image: Elf On The Shelf Letter Examples

It is that time of the year to encourage your child to behave himself/herself as Santa is watching!

Wondering what we are talking about?

It is the popular Christmas tradition where a scout is sent from the North Pole to your home to watch the behavior of children and report if the child was nice or naughty.

This practice has been creating magical moments for children. If you have a child at your home, you should recognize Elf on the shelf too.

The first thing to mark the beginning of this tradition this year is a letter.

Elf on the shelf letter is meant to let the children know that you are writing to the secret scout about the proper behavior of them.

This post gives you a range of interesting templates to use.

Printable Elf On The Shelf Templates

Kids get excited when they get rewarded for behaving well.

Christmas is not just limited to exchanging gifts but also includes wellness in life which can begin with the behavior.

If you are waiting to draft the letter to this special scout, here are a few templates to take a look at.

Elf On The Shelf Letter Template Elf On The Shelf Letter Template Elf On The Shelf Letter Template Elf On The Shelf Letter Template Elf On The Shelf Letter Template Elf On The Shelf Letter Template

These templates tell that your children have behaved nicely and are eligible to receive gifts from Santa.

There are different themes that you can append to these letters to deliver the right experience this festive season.

Elf On The Shelf Goodbye Letters

Christmas is so much fun! However, bidding goodbye to Elf is definitely the hardest part but there is no choice. Letters do not have the complete effect on children until they receive response letters.

The purpose of goodbye letters is to let the children know that Elf is happy about their behaviors and would like to pass good vibrations to the family until the next Christmas arrives.

Hence, this letter is once again drafted in different themes so children can enjoy reading and following the points mentioned.

Thinking how to draft these goodbye letters?

We have professional templates that are ready to use. Just edit the names and you are good to go!

Elf On The Shelf Letter Elf On The Shelf Letter

Elf On The Shelf Sick Letters

While Christmas is all about happiness, sickness is inevitable and sometimes, kids need to undergo hard times during the festive season.

How can you help your children understand that it is nothing to worry about? It’s simple!

With a letter from the North Pole, it is easy for the children to know that he/she will recover soon and the fun element will not be missed.

Some more ready to use templates are listed below.


Elf on the shelf is an interesting concept that should not be missed this festive season.

Explore as many ideas as possible to involve children in this game and you can certainly observe a change in their attitudes and behaviors.

No doubt, Elf leaves magic behind in the lives of these children.

With our templates, your elf on the shelf letters is getting easier as you just have to alter names and use them on the go!

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