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21+ Free Printable Letter to Santa Templates

Featured Image: Letter To Santa Examples

One of the activities that kids are fond of during Christmas eve is writing letters to Santa.

To a lot of kids, Santa is Jesus in disguise.

So, creating a note addressed to Santa Claus and venting out the experience for the year are amazing!

Want some ideas for the little ones in your home to write a letter to Santa?

We have ready-to-use templates on this subject.

Download Letter To Santa Templates in Word & PDF

Writing letters to Santa Claus is an exciting activity for kids. It is because they get an opportunity to ask him for their gifts.

When kids know that they will get a letter from Santa North Pole; in an official Santa Letterhead, in return, they display extra attachment and involvement.

Your kids can use one of the letters to Santa templates from the examples given below.

Fill In The Blank Letters

Santa Letters Template Blank Letters to Santa template Letters To Santa Template Free Gift Santa Letter Template Example letter for Santa Free Christmas Blank Template Online Santa Blank Note Santa Letter Template Santa Letter Writing Template Winter Wishlist Letter Example

You can add a border to the letter and also include the clipart of Santa Claus in the header or footer region.

Print one of these templates and ask your little ones to fill them.

For Coloring

Do you think your child should acquire new skills?

Then, coloring Santa letters will keep them involved.

The readily available templates encourage the whole family to enjoy the holiday season together. Don’t forget to add Christmas tree outline to it.

Coloring letters to Santa keep little ones occupied the whole of December.

We have fun Santa’s holiday note templates that parents can download for their children.

Write a Letter to Santa Claus Coloring Santa Note

For Santa And Elf

While it is common to mail to Santa in December, some write to elf too.

Letters to the elf, North Pole usually are about how children behaved since last year and how things have changed or improved over time.

Elves are considered teachers who reward when the student does good things.

You should stamp and mail your note to Santa in December but do not forget to add a return address.

Before you post your letter, you can request Elf to gift you something special for your proper behavior.

Looking for templates?

Cute Christmas Letter Downloadable Template Elves Letter Template Colorful Kids Santa Letter Template Elf Christmas Letter Write a letter to Santa Claus Letter Template


We all like writing to Santa and expect to get a letter in return! But, how do we send them? Have you ever thought about the envelope?

It should match the design and format of your letter.

Here are free online templates for your reference.

Do not forget to add a return address. Else you will miss all the fun.

December Holidays Envelope Example Santa Claus Letter Envelope Holiday Season Envelope Example Christmas Letter with Envelope Winter Envelope Template


Where can I send a letter to Santa and get a response?

You must write the address as To Santa, 123 Elf Road North Pole, 88888. Add a return address and mail it to the following address:

ANCHORAGE AK 99530-9998

You should check the detailed process and updated guidelines at USPS website, in order to get the letter postmarked.

What do you write in a letter to Santa?

The outline of your letter to Santa Claus North Pole must include a statement that addresses Santa, the ending signature of the child, and the content in the middle.

This makes your letter look more meaningful and attractive.


Letters addressed to the North Pole always give us pleasure.

Mailing and receiving letters give special feelings and they are a must for every child.

With Realia’s printable templates, you can directly print and ask your child to write and address as many letters and make Christmas cards as he/she wants.

This is an excellent practice and a way for the family to test the child’s creativity and immediate needs.

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