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How To Write A Letter To Santa? Check Out Best Templates!

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One of the activities that kids are fond of during Christmas eve is writing letters to Santa.

Gone are the days when people ask ‘what will you do if God comes in real’ and you keep thinking!

Santa is a go-getter who does nice things and offers hearty blessings that can stay with you forever.

To a lot of kids, Santa is Jesus in disguise.

So, writing a letter and venting out the experience for the year are amazing!

Do kids in your house want to write similar letters to Santa?

We have interesting ideas and ready to use templates on this subject.

Letter To Santa Templates For Kids

Letter writing can sometimes be a boring task for kids but writing a letter to Santa is not.

There is so much love, joy, and excitement as kids get a chance to hear responses from Santa.

When there is reciprocation in this process and kids know that they will get a letter from Santa in return, they display extra attachment and involvement.

If your kids are new to letter writing, then you should use one of the templates listed below.

Letter To Santa Template Letter To Santa Template Letter To Santa Template Letter To Santa Template Letter To Santa Template

A simple letter to Santa will contain the following – a statement that addresses Santa, the ending signature of the child and the content in the middle.

However, there are ways to make it look better.

You can add a border to the letter and also include the clip art of Santa Claus in the header or footer region. This is one way by which the letter becomes meaningful and attractive.

If you do not want to create one on your own, print one of these templates and ask your kids to fill them.

If writing is difficult too, ask your kids to choose templates that contain questions related to likes, dislikes, and behavior in the year.

These are simple and quick. Going forward, kids can experiment with new forms of letters.

Letter To Santa Templates For Coloring

Do you think that kids should acquire new skills?

Then, this is a fun-filled activity where kids can play with colors and also involve better in writing a letter to Santa.

The readily available templates encourage children to just enter their contents and experiences.

However, letting them color the letter keeps them occupied and is also a wonderful experience on the whole.

Stop scouting for coloring books as we have letters to Santa templates that you can use for coloring as well.

Letter To Santa And Elf

While it is common to write to Santa on the occasion of Christmas, some write to elf too in the same letter.

Letters to elf usually are about how children behaved since last Christmas and how things have changed or improved over time.

Elf is considered more like a teacher who rewards when the student does good things and punishes for wrongdoings.

When you write to an elf, you follow the same letter format. However, the content needs to intensify further.

  • You can talk about specific events and their impacts on your performance.
  • You can bid goodbye to Elf at the end of the festive season and tell how much you are going to miss.
  • You can request Elf to gift you something special for your proper behavior.

Most of the letters to Elf have that personalized communication. Looking for templates?

Letter To Santa Envelope

This section is one of the crucial parts of this post.

We all write letters! But, how do we send them? Have you ever thought about the envelope?

As promised earlier, we give ac complete pack of templates that you can use on the go.

Before we explain this part, let us present a few templates for your reference.

After spending enough time in drafting the letter to Santa, you should not miss the final touch.

You need an envelope that matches the design and format of your letter.

There are two options – use these templates and directly prepare the letters or create one on your own with these as your inspiration.

There are also a few tips to ease this process.

  • When you create the pattern of your letter, simply replicate the same pattern to the envelope size.
  • Identify the local stamps required to send a post and include their pictures on the top right space of the envelope.
  • Write the address as ‘To Santa, North Pole’.

You are done!


Letters to Santa or from Santa always give us pleasure.

In this activity, kids learn virtues, communication, and values of life.

Though happiness spreads in the form of gifts, sending and receiving letters give special feelings and they are a must for every child.

With Realia’s printable templates, you can directly print and ask your child to write as many letters as he/she wants.

This is an excellent practice and a way to test the child’s creativity and immediate needs.

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