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27+ Free Printable Santa Letterhead Templates

Featured Image: Santa Letterhead Examples

Writing letters to Santa on how the year went on and receiving replies from the North Pole denote that Christmas has arrived.

This is the time when elders write to Santa about the behaviors of their elves and encourage elves to bid goodbye through letters.

In return, kids eagerly wait to receive a letter from Santa.

If you follow this ritual as a part of Christmas eve, then this article is meant exclusively for you.

Download Letterhead from Santa Templates in Word & PDF

Letters from Santa are incomplete without a proper letterhead. It has to include the phrase ‘from the desk of Santa Claus’. This makes it natural and reliable.

The footer can include the address of the North Pole. When children at home read such letters, they get excited and become serious about life.

This is a lot more fun too.

This post presents a range of attractive new letters from Santa templates and printables.

Official Blank Letterheads from North Pole

Blank Printable templates listed in this section follow the usual color theme of red and white.

This is to stay aligned with Christmas eve.

There is also the signature at the end.

It is easy to download these blank templates and write what you want for your little ones.

Letterheads give little one’s surety that the letter has arrived directly from Santa Claus and they follow the points mentioned in it religiously.

It is good to get a colored print as the letter will look appealing to the children and they will read it again and again.

You can print these printables in the usual A4 papers.

Of course, all you need to do is fill the text and print it.

Alternatively, you can just download and then present a handwritten one.

Isn’t it interesting?

Santa Letterhead Santa Claus Letterhead letter from santa

When children in your home are small, you can start the tradition of sending them letters from Santa.

Each note must be printed on official Santa letterhead that you can create or download from here.

These personalized notes from the big man to the children are addressed directly to them.

They can speak of their likes or hobbies and can remind them to try harder on something they may be struggling with. It motivates them and creates a bit of extra magic.

Do you know someone that would enjoy a note that comes directly from Santa and feel extra special?

Download one of these templates and let them have all the fun this season.

Lette head Letterhead from Desk of Santa Santa Letterhead from North Pole Christmas Letterhead Templates Free Letterhead Templates for Holidays Free Letterhead Printables from Santa Printable Santa Claus Letterhead

Filled Letterheads From The Desk Of Santa Claus

If you are not sure what to enter as the text, you should take a look at the templates listed in this section. These are filled letterhead templates to save you all the time during this holiday season.

You simply need to select one of the templates from the examples given below and download it. You can write the name of the kid with a pen if you want and all other information will be pre-available.

Kids are excited about such letters because they have written to Santa, about their whole year’s routine and they expect a reply from him.

Kids want to get rewarded for being nice for the whole year and especially during holidays.

Such a practice also promotes good behavior and positive behavior among little ones in the long run because they become sensitive to other’s needs by behaving nice.

You can surprise kids in your home by sending them cute letters that they think have come directly from the desk of Santa Claus.

These small appreciation letters during the holiday make them really happy and they are likely to play nice when you need time preparing Instagram-worthy house corners.

Free Printable Santa Letters Free Letterhead Printables Letterhead Template from North Pole Santa's Official Letterhead Free Letterhead Printables from Santa Fun Santa Letterhead Templates Merry Christmas Note from Santa Claus Free Santa Letter Template Printable Santa Claus Letter

When you draft a letter, you need to keep a few things in mind.

  • Use the regular format and take care of alignment.
  • Use words that convey positivity and connect with the reader emotionally.
  • Address the concerned reader directly. Never beat around the bush.
  • If you are writing it to a number of people, you can just allow a placeholder next to the receiver’s name and print the rest. This will minimize your effort.
  • Don’t create lengthy paragraphs. An effective Santa letter will include anywhere between 2 and 4 paragraphs based on the intent. In other words, a maximum of 15 lines are preferred.


Christmas is not just about red and white colors. It includes green as well. Include a combination of them in objects like Christmas trees, snow, and Santa.

You can alternatively include golden color for the bells. These ideas work well when you are creating the letter format for the kids in your home on your own.

Preparing the format on your own is a great way to spend some time being a kid again and remembering how you celebrated Christmas and welcomed Santa during your childhood days.

When you prepare the format on your own, you can also append pictures of Santa with reindeer in the header part and the North Pole seal or address in the footer. This will make it look attractive too.

There are hundreds of clipart available online, you can also get one of them.

A beautiful Santa’s letterhead can help you make the magic happen. It can also be used to:

  • Convince those curious and naughty munchkins who ask too many questions about the festival season.
  • Insert a note from Santa in your advent calendar.
  • Tuck inside the child’s favorite Christmas book. The note will encourage the him/her to sleep on time.
  • Attach to a gift that’s too big or giant to wrap.
  • Thank them for helping mom prepare those chocolate cookies.
Printable Fun Christmas Letter Elf on the Shelf Letter Template Elf Printable Template for Kids Printable Letterhead from Santa Claus Holiday Printable Template

Once you write the message in the letter, pop the letter along with a card into an envelope.

A red and green colored would be awesome and mail it to your kid.

This is a tradition every child will look forward to. As soon as November hits children start to muse about when they would receive their letters.

When notes written on Santa letterhead arrive in the mailbox they would just want to rip the envelope open to see what messages and surprises the big man has for them this year.

You can send these to your children, nieces, and nephews! It is exciting to think about what to write on a Santa Letterhead for each child.

Anyone following this tradition would love to write exciting letters for little munchkins and enjoy the season as much as the children do.

Santa Letterhead Template Santa Letterhead Templates


Writing a letter to Santa Claus is an old concept but receiving a letter is certainly exciting and fun too.

It creates the right impact among the readers.

With the help of any printables listed in this post, you can plan this Christmas better.

Use these to celebrate elf on the shelf with your children at home!

Alternatively, apply your creative skill as much as possible.

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