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37+ Free Printable Letter From Santa For Kids Templates & Examples

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On a Christmas eve when you are busy working with something else, you happened to receive a letter from your dearest Santa.

Isn’t that a spine-chilling moment?

Though Santa does not write letters directly to you, loved ones write and share wishes in disguise of Santa and you receive some of them.

If you are planning to draft some for your loved ones, you should take a look at this article.

We have interesting and attractive ‘letters from Santa’ free printable that can give a long-lasting impression to your dearest.

Perhaps, that’s the whole purpose of this occasion and the ringing bells, right?

Blank Letters From Santa Templates

Typically, a letter from Santa will include the name of Santa at the end. Alternatively, there is also the stamp of the North Pole to make it even realistic.

When you make use of a blank letter, you can directly print it and write the content. That will quicken the process.

Letter From Santa Template Letter From Santa Template Letter From Santa Template Letter From Santa Template

So, what can you write in the letter? We have a few ideas to plan it better.

  • You can simply write a message of celebration or wish the receiver on a special occasion. This is a common message in the letter.
  • You can also recall how you have spent happy times with the receiver and why this bond should last for a lifetime. This will allow the receiver to cherish the memory and also instantly establish a connection with the person.
  • You can write quotes, poems, and sayings that spread positive vibes and boost the relationship further.
  • If you are writing the letter to a child, a letter from Santa usually includes an appreciation statement towards behavior in the last few months. This can instantly energize the child to keep up the same attitude to receive more such appreciation letters in the future.

Need more ideas? Check the upcoming section.

Filled Letters From Santa Templates

The purpose of filled letters is to gain some inspiration and present a pleasing and appealing letter to your loved one.

Letters from Santa are highly expected by children every year as these are followed by lovely presents from Santa.

As they read letters with utmost excitement, it is crucial to maintain the same tone and include sufficient motivating words to keep them cheerful during the festive time.

Looking for some inspiration? Here are a few handpicked letters from Santa free printable.

Letter From Santa Template Letter From Santa Letter From Santa Letter From Santa

How To Draft A Letter From Santa?

The first and foremost step is to choose an appropriate background or layout to fill the text. This needs to fit with the festive mood.

For instance, the white and red combo indicates the arrival of Christmas and the presence of Santa.

Include suitable clipart and outlines of popular figures associated with Christmas. This will create a base for your letter.

The next step is to address the receiver and begin with a greeting message. This message needs to be welcoming and should encourage the reader to read the letter further.

The third step is to get into the subject. It can be an appreciation letter or a general note or a recall of an event that happened in the last year.

Though there were unhappy events, the letter should console and make the reader feel better in the form of words. You can also include quotes and sayings that can create the right impact.

The subsequent step is to end the letter with a peaceful note. This needs to include positive words and drive the emotions of the reader.

The last point of your letter is to bid adieu to the reader and include the signature and stamp of Santa.

To make it even realistic, you can include pictures of the North Pole and other colorful images that relate to Christmas.

Perhaps, these allow the readers to treasure the letter forever.

Tip- If it is not your first time in drafting a letter, then you can also compare your comment in the previous year with that of the present and insist on how the person has improved.

This can really motivate and inspire the person to take extra steps to achieve in life.

free printable

Along with your letter, also ensure that there is a matching envelope and this excites the person on the other side.


Writing a letter is the best way to convey what you feel about the person and also drive the right emotion with the help of enchanting words.

Santa Claus is a figure of positivity and an advisor who spreads happiness on the occasion of Christmas. He is also treated as an elderly figure who shares the right advises to children.

By choosing the right free printable letter for ‘letters from Santa’, you are also taking one extra step to direct your child on the right path and also keep him/her pleased with a happy letter.

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