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Free Letter From Santa Templates – Printable Messages & Notes for Kids

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Isn’t receiving a letter from Santa Claus on Christmas Eve a spine-chilling moment?

Though Santa does not write letters, loved ones write and share wishes in disguise of Santa.

If you are planning to draft some for your children, you should take a look at this article.

Fill In The Blank Printable Santa Letter Templates

You can print a blank letter from Santa Claus along with a card and write a message of celebration towards a child’s behavior in the last few months.

Here are some templates:

Free Printable Fill In The Blank Letter From Santa Template Santa Greetings ELF certified Letter Sent From the office of Santa Simple Letter from Santa Claus Colorful template

Filled Santa Letter To Kids Templates

A filled personalized letter from Santa Claus always appeals to the little ones. Children expect Santa letters every year as these are followed by lovely presents. Here are a few handpicked free templates.

Filled Santa letters template Filled and approved by the chief elf sample Santa's Special Letter Personalized template with fillable child's name Magic Mail from North Pole Sample Magic Santa Claus Mail Personal letter from Santa

Personalized Letters From Santa

Kids read letter from Santa Claus with utmost excitement, so it is crucial to maintain a personalized tone and include sufficient motivating words to keep them cheerful during the festive time.

You can also write letter from Elf about their good behavior. It encourages them.

Santa's Letterhead template Letter from Santa Claus Reindeer Santa Letter Special Snow Santa Template Red & White Santa Letter

Message From Santa

Message from Santa must fit the festive mood. So, you should choose an appropriate background or layout to fill the text.

For instance, the white and red combo indicates the arrival of Christmas and the presence of Santa.

Include suitable clipart and outlines of popular figures associated with Christmas. This will create a base for your letter.

Message from Santa Claus Santa Message with envelope Christmas theme letters Printable letter from Santa Special First Santa Letter

Note From Santa

Note from Santa should be short and crisp.

You can include quotes and sayings that can make the child happy and create the right impact.

Colorful Note Personalized Santa Note Note from Santa


How do I write a letter to my child from Santa?

You can download a holiday Santa letterhead, include pictures of the North Pole, and write positive words in it. It should drive the emotions of the reader.

The last point is to bid adieu to the reader and include the signature and stamp of Santa.

How do you get a letter from Santa?

You can write a personalized response and sign it “From Santa.” Insert the into an envelope, and address it to the child.


By sending a free printable Santa’s letter, you are directing your child on the right path.

Don’t forget to encourage your child to write a letter to Santa about his/her achievements and behavior.

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