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17+ Printable Christmas Tree Outline Templates

Featured Image: Christmas Tree Outline Examples

Christmas and trees go hand in hand.

That special occasion of the year is approaching and you need to set Christmas tree at your home, office or in your residential association.

Not to forget, this is the time when children explore their creative skills by decorating Christmas trees on paper.

On the other hand, if you are a business owner, you may need a Christmas tree outline to color based on the color scheme of your business.

It is high time to start communicating with your customers about the occasion and special offers.

Though it is easy to draw the outline by yourself, there are chances for the lines to go haphazard and affect the beauty of the tree.

This post has handpicked tree outlines just for you.

Download Free Christmas Tree Outline Templates

When you look for outlines, you can find just the tree or the tree with adornments like bells and gifts.

While it is a practice to make use of green to color the tree, you can also explore with other colors if you find it attractive.

Take a look at simple Christmas tree outlines right here.

Christmas Tree Outline Christmas Tree Outline clipart Christmas Tree Outline

Sometimes, silhouettes have the ability to attract the audience and reduce the need to color them further.

If you are looking for a silhouette to print on a business letter or at a different paper, then you have excellent templates listed below.

Christmas Tree Outline

Stencil For Kids

Christmas is one occasion when children at your home can acquire a skill and get praised by Santa for the same.

For instance, you can ask children to color the tree so you can transform it into a wall hanging or get a Christmas card template and make a beautiful card.

This lets the child learn color and explore artistic elements like texture, space, and form.

As you give outlines to kids to practice coloring, they enjoy the experience and improve their capabilities.

As a result, they develop the skill to create one on their own. Amazing, right?

You can also write about this new skill to an elf at the North Pole and he may write you back.

If you still want kids at home to draw from scratch, you can print these outlines and use a tracing paper to mark the outline. Eventually, the kid draws from scratch and plays with colors.

Here are a few ways to make this activity fun-filled.

  • Announce a gift at the end of the activity to the one who colors it perfect.
  • Give a minimum number of colors and ask the child to use them rightly and bring a realistic perspective.
  • Let the child fill the color first with the outline you give and then draw a fresh one from the scratch. You can observe the memory power.


Christmas is a lot more fun than you can even imagine.

From drawing a Christmas tree, decorating the surrounding with lights, gifting your kith and kin, writing a letter to Santa, etc. are some of the best ways to celebrate the festival season.

Christmas tree outline is just one way to experience the joy on a special occasion.

Merry Christmas!

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