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29+ Free Printable Secret Santa Cards

Featured Image: Secret Santa Card Examples

When you play the secret Santa game, you will certainly need cards to inform the other and also participate in the gift exchange program.

Sometimes, it is absolutely fine to just issue a card that says the receiver to find who the secret Santa is and at many times, it is a wise idea to add some fun to it.

In this post, you will come across different ideas to use in your secret Santa cards and also give an all-new experience to the receiver this Christmas.

All these ideas in this post will be supported with professional, printable templates.

Download Secret Santa Card Templates

Celebrating the spirit of giving is the concept behind this special occasion.

During this seasonal exchange, you need to make it as special as possible with interesting text, designs, and pictures that can stay in the hearts of the receiver forever.

If you are a part of the secret Santa gift exchange program, try to stand unique with the text.

Here are a few printable templates that you can use as cards.

Secret Santa Cards Secret Santa Cards Secret Santa Cards Secret Santa Cards Secret Santa Cards Secret Santa Cards

These look professional and have just the right amount of text to convey the information.

They are well designed so you can use them directly.


It is okay to add some funny texts on the cards as the whole concept of Christmas is to spread happiness.

Here are a few things that you can do to add some fun to your secret Santa cards.

  • Write a joke that you have laughed together with the receiver. This can allow the person to quickly guess who the secret Santa is.
  • Include a riddle or a puzzle on the card along with the wish. This will let the receiver stay engaged to your card.
  • Include a dialog of the receiver’s favorite actor or actress. This allows the receiver to instantly relate to the situation.
  • Add some funny clip arts and icons to convey the situation or the festive occasion.

Not knowing how to incorporate these ideas? Take a look at the templates listed below.

As you prepare the card, make sure you also pay attention to the commonly committed mistakes as listed here.

  • Don’t include rude jokes that can hurt the other person.
  • Avoid racist comments as the occasion is all about spreading love.
  • Do not hand over a text-only card as it does not catch the attention of the receiver.
  • Don’t use profane words in your stories or text on the card. These affect the festive mode.
  • Avoid including too many elements like text or image or both as they can look clumsy. The receiver does not enjoy such presentations.

With these points in mind, you can prepare excellent cards that can stand out and also allow the receiver to enjoy the notion behind.

For Coworkers

Cards are not just meant to share or stick on the gift but also to collect information and invite people for the gift exchange program.

In the office environments where gift exchanges are mandatory, it is impossible to call them one by one in person.

You can alternatively invite to Christmas program via an online invitation or just handover the physical card in their respective tables.

Alternatively, you need to collect a lot of information about the likes and dislikes of the participants.

A plain card that randomly collects likes and dislikes is not appreciated by them and as a manager or a higher official, you need to exercise creativity and design the card in such a way that it quickly impresses them and also appears professional.

This is one way to ensure that all the participants are honest in their comments and participate heartily in this game.

Looking for some quick templates to use? Here you go!

Convinced with these ideas? Looking to try one on your own? Here are the tips to follow.

  • Use an A5 sized card.
  • Choose the icons and clip arts related to Santa Claus and Christmas trees.
  • Arrange the icons on the border and sides. Leave the center space empty.
  • In the working space that is empty, add your content.
  • Ensure proper line spacing and also choose the right font style to fit this eve. Ensure that it does look professional and stylish too.
  • Use colors for the font that fit Christmas eve.

With these points, you are good to go to design a secret Santa card and issue to your colleagues on your own.


Christmas is the perfect time to network with your friends and colleagues and also learn new things.

You need secret Santa cards to give along with the gifts, collect information, and to invite people for the gift exchange program.

With the right choice of templates, the purpose gets accomplished better than what you expected.

Choose them perfectly and have a wonderful Christmas ahead!

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