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29+ Best Secret Santa Clues, Riddles & Hint Ideas

Featured Image: Secret Santa Clues Examples

Secret Santa is probably one of the most played games during the eve of Christmas.

As this is completely a fun-filled game, clues are mandatory to kindle the attention of participants.

So, how do you create such clues?

We have developed a collection of examples of such clues along with notes that you can use to play the game.

Generic Secret Santa Clues

Clues need not always lead to the answer. They can even arouse the emotion and encourage the person to involve further.

Some clues prolong the game and keep the player occupied with them for some time.

Here are a few generic secret Santa clues that you can use to your friends and family. These are simple and interesting to crack.

Secret Santa clues Example of multiple clues Four hint cards Clue cards hunt clues

If you are playing it inside your house, allow the person to experience a hunt and find out the gift they have wished for.

As the gift is identified, let the person also find his or her secret Santa. Sometimes, gifts indicate the person who has gifted.

For example, your friend would have shared with you that he needs a bicycle and you would have gifted it. This makes it easy to guess.

Some more templates that you can use to play scavenger hunt on the eve of Christmas are right here.

Printable cards More clues Hunt template Clue cards with green border Scavenger hunt template Christmas morning game template

Printable Secret Santa Clues

So, how can one find secret Santa?

You can provide clues in the form of sayings or poems or a riddle.

Some people also prefer providing a small gift that can lead to a bigger one. It is a wise idea to attach a clue to the gift so the person can guess it out.

Secret Santa Gift exchange riddles More riddles Hint

It is absolutely fun to crack riddles and find the answer. The key is to avoid being very specific about the clue.

This will allow the person to enjoy to the fullest.

Some more templates of riddles are right here.

Cryptic letter riddle Gift exchange puzzle Personalized Puzzle

Secret Santa Clues For Teachers

Clues will make playing Secret Santa with your students so much fun. If you are not sure which template to use, here is one you will definitely love.

Clues for teachers

Secret Santa Clue For Co-workers

With the holiday season knocking at the door, it is time to work on your gift ideas and clues for coworkers.

As for your coworkers, they observe and see you all the time so giving a clue can be a tad bit adventurous.

You can download one of these free printable templates.

Merry Christmas eve note with hint Card with hints Hint for coworkers

How To Come Up With The Best Clues?

When you create a clue, make sure that you pay attention to the following points.

  • Give a hint related to your relationship with the receiver
  • When you give a clue, feel yourself in the shoes of the receiver. Some people prefer adding gender and the first initial to the riddle so it gets easier to identify. For example, your clue can be like this – Santa and I have the same hair color but I do not wear specs!
  • Never provide tough clues that cannot be cracked. This can discourage the receiver from participating in the game.
  • Make it even personal. Instead of writing the clue as ‘I dropped the gift at your workstation earlier as we belong to different shifts’, you can write it as ‘We work in different shifts but we share the same workstation’. This is interesting and the person can quickly guess your identity.
  • Clues need not always have to be in the printed version. You can also experiment with the handwritten version!
  • Add some pun and create a festive mood in the clue. For instance, you can purchase a gift card meant for Christmas and then write your riddle there. This will let the receiver know that you have gifted on the occasion of Christmas and it is a special one.
  • You can also let your gift be a clue. Look at the last template. The small house presented is to denote that the house-hunting of the receiver will result in successful outcomes. This allows the receiver to guess a part of the answer. If the person has shared the matter to you, he or she can find it out easily.
Printable clue cards template creative Gift exchange hints

Your clues can also be in the form of letters. Write out your personal experience with the receiver and recall one such situation.

Indicate clues that will allow the person to relate to the situation and recall what happened. This is damn easy and thrilling too.

Some people prefer gifting after the receiver finds the answer to the riddle.

Some attach the clue with the Christmas gift.

It is entirely up to you!

Funny secret santa hints Hand written example Secret Santa poem Printable riddle

Mistakes To Avoid

Some mistakes that you should avoid are right here.

  • Do not use rude words or never recall a worse situation that the receiver encounter in his/her life.
  • Never forget to create a festive mood with your gift. Else, the purpose is unresolved.
  • Give as many chances as possible to the receiver to find out who the secret Santa is. Never be strict on your terms and conditions in this game.


What do I write on a secret Santa note?

Things get interesting when there is an untold mystery behind gifts! Everyone can give a present but a gift with emotion means a lot to the recipient.

Clues and riddles can be a pretty interesting way to keep kids excited about their gifts.

You can place the gift at a random place, give the player hints and organize a scavenger hunt.

Your secret Santa note can also have naughty or nice clues. Such a note is meant to throw a riddle and encourage the kid to find the gift.

The note can also contain guess who tags. For example, He is fair and handsome and gets you a chocolate ice cream every week. Guess who?

Kids love Treasure Hunt, how about playing it?

How do you reveal Secret Santa?

It is a beautiful Christmas tradition in which group members are randomly assigned a person to whom they have to give a holiday gift.

Ideally, the identity of the person giving the gift is kept secret and not revealed.

Do Secret Santa reveal themselves?

No, secret Santa does not reveal itself. Though group members can include a guess who note with few clues for the receiver to guess who the gift giver is.

The basic concept of the game is simple.

Participants’ names are placed into a hat and each member then chooses one name from the hat, but the name picked is kept secret.

How do you make Secret Santa Fun?

For those of you who haven’t played the game for a while; note that the basic rules are simple.

Each participant places their name in a hat.

Each group member selects one name without telling anyone else whose name they drew. Then they secretly buy their chosen recipient a gift.

Kids can play Scavenger Hunt, Treasure Hunt, Guess Who game, musical chair game, or Christmas story pass and grab game.

LEFT RIGHT LEFT game is an exciting Secret Santa game for kids. You can either get a story online or create one yourself and include words left, right, left in it. Kids pass their gifts when the word” Left” or “Right” comes in the story. The game ends when the story is complete and each kid gets their gift.

Kids love the Hot Potato Gift Exchange game as it works well for gift exchanging. What you need for this game is a hand-held timer. Children can pass around gifts one at a time. The child who has a gift when the timer goes off becomes the owner of the gift.

You can continue this game until each participant receives a gift. Kids can open their gifts as soon they receive them or wait until the game ends.


Gifts are a part of Christmas and clues are a part of gifts. They are interrelated!

This article includes as many printable templates containing clues that you can directly use or treat as an inspiration for a new clue that you are about to create.

Never lose a chance to add that extra fun to your special occasion!

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