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25+ Printable Secret Santa Notes

Featured Image: Secret Santa Note Examples

Are you playing a secret Santa game at your school or workplace and creating gift ideas?

If you think you are all set to surprise your pal, you are wrong.

There’s more to this eve. Gifts are incomplete without personalized notes.

Secret Santa Notes

When a secret Santa gifts a person, it is essential to include a note that can be a positive saying or handwritten letter or simply a cartoon.

All that one has to achieve upon receiving the gift is happiness.

Before you draft notes for your secret Santa gifts, you can take a look at the templates listed in this article.

These can give you better ideas as well as tell you what will work and what won’t.

Sayings & Quotes

If you are gifting to a person who is less known to you, it is wise to add sayings over the gift.

For example, you have a family that has recently become your neighbor and is celebrating Christmas. You have planned a present and do not know what to write on it.

Keep it simple! Just wish the family with good and happy sayings that can brighten the eve and also their lives.

Some sayings that have instantly etched a mark in the minds of people are here.

secret santa notes secret santa notes secret santa notes notes secret santa notes

You can notice that these sayings are full of positivity and determination and they can instantly boost up the mind of the receiver.

What more do you need on this festive eve?

Personalized Messages

Are you gifting someone close to your heart?

Skip sayings and write personalized messages including santa clipart.

It is better if you prepare a handwritten note as it stays deeper in the heart.

Some templates for your reference are here.

secret santa notes

If you are moved by these notes, we would like to help you further with interesting tips to make your note special.

  • Keep your note short (it should not exceed 15 lines as it can be boring)
  • Address your lovable person with a nickname
  • Include an instance when you got close. Make sure you don’t write stories to recollect that instant. This section should not exceed 3 lines.
  • Tell the person why this gift is special and what you would like to convey through this gift. This part should not exceed 4 lines.
  • In the rest of the space, you can wish the person and convey your plans going forward with the receiver. This can keep her/him informed and happy on the eve.

The purpose of the personalized note is to create a long-lasting relationship with the other.

When you express abundant love in your note, it is no doubt that it is going to be a hit.

For Teachers

Here comes the trickiest part of writing notes.

If you are a teacher or an employer, you may have to write numerous notes which can be monotonous at some point.

As we list a few templates for your understanding, we shall also list trustworthy tips in this post.

When you gift several people, print a common label that will include the receiver’s name and a brief white space to write your message.

If you are bored with writing lengthy messages as notes, you can just wish the person with a nickname.

If you believe that experiences matter, you can write a short note of appreciation followed by your wish. This can rejuvenate the mind of the receiver.

Kids love receiving such notes that are filled with love.

Ensure that your printed label has a theme that matches the age group of the receiver as well as the type of association.

Play with colors if you are a teacher gifting children on Christmas Eve.

Gift Tags

Now that gift and notes are ready, have you ever thought how you are going to present them to your pal?

Here are cute, printable and attractive gift tags that can be directly attached to the gift.

The purpose of the tag is to differentiate between gifts and also add a higher degree of cuteness to your gift.

You can play with colors, lines, and patterns. Some prefer handcrafting these tags.

Remember that your tag can either include a wish ‘Merry Christmas’ or just the icon of Santa along with Christmas Tree. This can instantly reach the audience.


While gifting is an excellent gesture, make sure you achieve the desired experience by learning the art better.

A gift is incomplete without attractive thank you tags and personalized notes. Though these can be time-consuming, they fit well to the occasion and achieve the desired feelings.

Most of us have the habit of treasuring handwritten notes that we received as gifts decades ago, don’t we?

Let the legacy continue and take a chance from this Christmas!

You now have the power to stay happy and keep others happy too. Act quickly as the day is nearing!

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