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Santa Clipart – Download 37+ Free Printables For Christmas

Featured Image: Santa Clipart Examples

Have you been seeing Santa’s pictures and red and white themes in malls and other public places recently?

It’s Santa’s month and you may need to decorate your Christmas tree and house with Santa too.

If you are preparing a greeting card or a cake or a brochure for your business, you need an attractive Santa clipart that you can customize and use for your needs.

It’s hard to search and fix one, isn’t it?

That’s the sole reason we are presenting a range of handpicked, attractive and natural cliparts of Santa that you can use wherever you prefer.

Simple Santa cliparts For Christmas

That old man who wears a red and white combination dress and carries a bag full of gifts is the special one that reminds us that Christmas is nearing.

To celebrate this lucky man’s arrival, you need to choose one of the cliparts below and print it on the sheet you wish.

Santa Clipart Santa Clipart Santa Clipart Santa Clipart Santa Clipart Santa Clipart

Most of these arts have transparent backgrounds so you don’t have to take extra effort in removing the border or fixing the background color of the sheet.

These figures portray our favorite Santa in different poses and the most commonly chosen one is the clipart with a bag overflowing with gifts.

Santa Cliparts Outline – Christmas Clip Art

If you are the one who prefers drawing and customizing Santa based on your creativity, then we have a few outlines of Santa that you can use and play with colors.

Bored of seeing Santa in the same old red and white combo? Feel free to customize colors.

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Some of the common mistakes that people commit in Christmas when they use outlines are here.

  • Avoiding gift bag
  • Adding dark colors to the face
  • Failing to differentiate the cap in terms of color
  • Smile! Santa is all about happiness. People color in such a way that the smile and excitement on the eyes are missed.

If you can take care of these, then your Christmas Santa is all set to shine like your creative skill!

Free Christmas Santa Claus Clipart With Reindeer and Sleigh

Have you just been singing ‘dashing to the snow’ for so long that you failed to visualize the scene? Then this section is for you!

Christmas Santa’s arrival and snow go hand in hand. He arrives with his deer on the snow way to distribute gifts to his lovely people on this occasion.

Bring this scene true with the cliparts provided below.

free santa claus clip art free santa claus clip art santa claus clip art santa claus clip art with reindeer santa claus clip art santa claus clip art santa claus clip art christmas clipart images christmas clipart images claus christmas clipart images of claus

Loved Christmas Santa with reindeer?

Doesn’t it look majestic?

There is no end to creativity!

We have some more cliparts to show the sleigh of Santa.

Santa’s empty sleigh can be filled with objects of your choice.

christmas clipart images christmas clipart images christmas clipart images christmas clipart images christmas clipart images


Preparing for the holidays is the key to enjoy them thoroughly!

As you get ready with gifts, you should also create that Santa vibe in the environment surrounding you.

These cliparts can look professional, catchy and interesting and the best part is they are printable.

Choose one or as many as you want, print and that’s it!

Wait for Santa to knock your door!

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