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Free Printable Secret Santa Questionnaire For Better Gifting

Featured Image: Secred Santa Questionnaire Examples

Did you hear those jingle bells ringing?

Santa is approaching you in a month’s time and gifting season is about to begin.

Christmas is all about keeping people around us merrier and gifting them what they like and crave the most in Santa’s disguise.

Did you plan for a Santa surprise this year? Whom are you planning to surprise with your gift?

If you are not sure what to gift to him/her, then here are some secret Santa questionnaires that you can ask the person to fill out.

Shh, the person will never know that you have a purpose behind it. Amazing, right? Let’s dive in!

Secret Santa Questionnaire For Kids

Kids are generally fond of gifts.

But, what would happen if they don’t like what you gift? Maybe, they like a different color or a different brand?

Don’t wait for that last-minute fuss.

Plan it ahead by asking the kid to fill this questionnaire.

Secret Santa Questionnaire Secret Santa Questionnaire Secret Santa Questionnaire Secret Santa Questionnaire

Make sure that you never miss out to ask about the color or brand or type when you ask for the product that the kid likes.

Secret Santa Questionnaire For Colleagues

Are you the one who still loves to play the secret Santa game?

Gift your colleagues this time with what they wish and transform this Christmas into a cherishable moment.

Here are a few questionnaires that you can use to ask your colleague.

If you prefer to keep it simple, you can use a secret Santa wish list instead of a questionnaire.

The person can directly enter what they need and you can make a decision accordingly.

This approach is actually interesting and easier too.

Ensure that you do not accept more than five items on your wish list. It can appear cumbersome!

Secret Santa Family Questionnaire

Christmas is the time when you have a toast with your family and you should never miss gifting your partner.

This is one occasion where you can express your love in the form of gits.

Use one of the questionnaires here and find out what your partner wishes to have in his/her life.

secret santa gift exchange secret santa gift exchange secret santa gift exchange form form

This is an excellent way by which you get to know about your partner to a better extent.

You can also add certain questions based on your relationship levels so you can plan for a long holiday ahead of Christmas.

However, ensure that you never disclose that you are collecting all this information in the name of secret Santa.

Once you’ve prepared your gift, don’t forget to make it more exciting by leaving the clues for the receiver to find out who his/her secret Santa is.


A lot of us love receiving gifts but we goof up at the eleventh hour.

This time, Santa wants to come early and help you in planning the Christmas eve better.

You can either organize a quiz or just issue the questionnaire or a worksheet where the receiver can answer all the questions and you can make your decisions.

Secret Santa game ensures happiness, trust, and collaboration and may you get all of these this Christmas!

Good luck playing the game with our readily available, trustworthy and printable templates enclosed in this article!

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