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17+ Secret Santa Wish List Templates

Featured Image: Secret Santa Wish List Examples

The most exciting month of the gift exchange is back!

If you have already started planning gifts for your loved ones, then this is for you. And wait, if you haven’t thought about it yet, you should use this article as a starter to plan things and then take it forward.

The #1 key to fulfilling the wish of your loved one is to make use of a wish list!

This is quick to use form that asks questions and allows the receiver to fill in data.

As a result, you can plan the eve better and turn this Christmas more exciting and heart-touching!

Free Printable Secret Santa Wish List Templates in Word & PDF

Wish lists are meant to let you know what others want and also to save money instead of an impulse purchase.

It is also fun to fill up and create ideas.

For Kids, Adults & Coworkers

Now that you have sufficient time to collect the choices of your friends, it is appropriate to distribute wish list forms.

Here are a few printable wish list forms that you can start using.

Secret Santa Wish List form Secret Santa Wish List form Secret Santa Wish List template Secret Santa Wish List template

These are common forms that you can use to everyone.

There are two choices of forms – one is to create a list of favorites and ask the person to fill them, the other is to give a few blanks and ask the person to fill his/her expected interests.

It all depends on the time you have.

If you are planning to gift a number of people, you should collect the wish list directly and not ask favorites as the latter can be really time-consuming.

For instance, if you plan to donate to charity, you can just ask people there to fill their brief wish list forms and this can quicken up the process.

Customizable Forms

There are wish lists that target children, adults, babies, teenagers and older people at the office.

Verbal wish lists are not just enough because we tend to forget in due course of time.

As you use these forms, you can maintain the list contained. Some of the questions asked in the wish list are:

  • What do you want?
  • What do you hate the most?
  • What is your favorite movie/song/food?
  • What don’t you want?

These questions are just sufficient to make decisions in a jiffy.

If you are a business owner looking to fulfill the wish of your customer, distribute the pamphlet to him/her and let the person fill the wish.

This is one way to promote your brand in this festive season.

Some more professional looking templates are here.

printable christmas gift exchange christmas gift christmas gift Printable Christmas secret santa gift exchange Printable Christmas gift exchange Christmas gift exchange Christmas gift exchange


Did you find these forms interesting and useful to plan your Christmas better?

You can organize scavenger hunt and leave clues to make the evening more interesting.

Download the one you like and customize it with your brand name or explore the color scheme.

As you gift people around, take an extra step to celebrate with underprivileged people as well. It can create a difference in your life.

Have an impactful Christmas ahead with our creative, ready to use wish list forms and find out what the recipient feels about this thought!

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