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39+ Free Printable Christmas Card Templates

Featured Image: Christmas Card Examples

Christmas is just a week away and you need to prepare beautiful Christmas cards to invite people to the party and also share season’s greetings.

Exchanging cards are meant to build relationships and spend the holidays together.

If you are a business owner or a teacher, you may have to send your greetings to many and it can be a cumbersome task.

However, this is also a way by which you show your creative ability to the receiver.

Having understood your circumstance, we have a collection of printable templates that you can use or customize as per your need.

Download Editable Christmas Card Templates

The advantage of using a printable card template is that it saves time. There is no need to spend time on aligning text, formatting, setting margins and choosing font styles.

Instead, all of them are already set and you just have to include the text in appropriate placeholders.

These printable card templates also advise you on the paper size that you should follow while you are printing.

Here are different formats of ready to use templates for your reference.

Christmas Card Template Christmas Card Template Christmas Cards Christmas Cards Christmas Card Template

All of these have formatted backgrounds with the necessary icons. All you need to do is to append the text in suitable spaces.

Wait, if you have just limited recipients, you can transform these templates with a personalized touch.

Start writing the wish to the recipient and this can bring a change. Your recipient will understand how much you value him/her and the relationship goes to the next step.

There are also foldable formats listed above where you can stick collages in the inner portion or write personal stories and memorable events and then end with a wish.

All of these can make the eve brighter than ever!

For Family (with Picture Insert)

If you are sending seasonal greetings to your close friends and relatives, you should avoid sending blank Christmas cards and instead choose a personalized card.

Wondering how it could look like? Here you go!

Christmas Card Template Christmas Card Template Christmas Card Template Christmas Card Template

The best part about family cards is that you just need one picture to personalize the card and there is not much effort required from your end.

If you are left with some more free time, then you can turn your card into a collage with your family pictures and send it to the recipients. It gives an instant connect and is also treasured forever.

With Messages

Writing season’s greetings and Christmas wishes is not just enough to make the recipient feel special about your effort. You need a personalized message or a happy saying that allows the recipient to engage with your card at least for a minute.

However, we often go out of words to express our happiness and fail to write like a pro. Of course, grammatical errors make the wish meaningless.

To help you overcome these glitches, take a look at these merry Christmas Card free photo holiday greeting templates.

merry Christmas Card free photo holiday greeting merry Christmas Card free photo holiday greeting merry Christmas Card free photo greeting merry Christmas Card free photo merry Christmas Card free photo design merry Christmas Card free photo gift terms free new merry Christmas Card design free new merry Christmas Card design

Here are a few other ideas to include in your Christmas cards as messages.

  • Positive sayings and wishes
  • A verse of Jesus from the Bible that blesses wisdom and riches
  • A quick riddle or a puzzle that tells the person that there is more to follow this Christmas in addition to a wish
  • A two-line story that will convey a message to the reader and take it forward to the next year

If you are writing wishes to kids, you can do the following.

  • Write a short story that talks well about Santa Claus and richness of the eve
  • Include a puzzle or a riddle that the child can easily solve
  • Include greetings from Santa, in the form of a letter, inside the card and the child will certainly be carried away with this gesture

For Kids

It is not a good idea to use same template for recipients of all ages. It can affect the involvement of the person in your effort.

When you are sending cards to kids, choose one of the templates below.

free Christmas Card free Christmas Card free Christmas Card free Christmas Card free Christmas Card design free Christmas Card design design free Christmas Card free Christmas Card design free Christmas Card design free Christmas Card design

The good aspect of these templates is that there is an activity to follow and the child gets engaged. It can be coloring or cutting the card with the help of the dotted line to create a new element.

This is an interesting activity that ends up in satisfaction and excitement.

When you send it to kids, include as many icons in the card and engage with the suitable riddles or coloring the Christmas tree.


Sending a Christmas card is an age-old tradition that you can never skip.

But, you can always improvise what you send to the recipient and make this eve special to them.

The notion of this post is to turn your effort productive, exciting and useful to you and the recipient.

Observe the recipient’s response after you send the card to him/her and you will be overwhelmed with our templates undoubtedly!

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