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15+ FREE Market Analysis Templates

Featured Image: Market Analysis Template Examples

Every business needs a marketing strategy to perform and achieve the desired outcomes in the market.

To find out the effectiveness of the strategy, it is essential to conduct a market analysis.

With the help of the market analysis, the business understands the potential market, competitors and the financial attractiveness of this project.

Download Printable Market Analysis Templates in Excel & PDF

Even if you are a novice in this field, using market analysis templates can increase the likelihood of success of the project.

It gives clarity to the business owners as well as other stakeholders.

Are you a novice too?

Look no further as we have handpicked free professional templates that can offer better guidelines and allow you to instantly analyze the market or scope for your service or products.

The best part is these are free, standardized and are used by industry professionals.

For Standard Use

Some of the free marketing printable listed for download in this section are for your reference while the rest are standards that you can blindly apply to your case just like a project timeline.

Market Analysis Template

This one follows a flow chart model where you answer the questions in every step and the solutions automatically develop at the end.

The best part about this is that you are also informed of the risk associated with the market so you can prepare the contingency strategies. Download it below.

Market Analysis Template

PESTEL analysis is a standard framework used to examine the external environment where the product or service is applied.

There are six sections – political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental.

Under each of the sections, identify the factors and this gives you the situation where your product/service will be launched.

Market Analysis Template download pdf and word

This is a four-section framework that allows you to examine the target market in the long-term and explore other options such as acquisition, retention, and growth factors.

market analysis word pdf

If the product/service is new and you need to identify the right target market segment to target, this is of real use.

There are four segments in marketing.

As you answer every segment, you can define your audience and then identify the size of the target market and supporting marketing strategies to attract the audience.

market analysis in pdf and word

If you have done the basic market research about the size, you can directly categorize into a serviceable available market and non-serviceable for marketing.

Subsequently, you can identify the competitors for your business in the serviceable target market research and then prepare the competitive strategies accordingly.

If you are presenting your business plan to the investor, you need to have solid pieces of evidence about the size, strategies, financial advantage, estimate, and human resource management.

Create individual answers for every section and then highlight the differentiation.

market analysis

Subsequent to the presentation of the market research open to your business, you need to conduct a competitive analysis to find out if your offering holds a competitive advantage.

determine current marketing data with competition overview market analysis swot analysis rights reserved

This also implies Porter’s five-force framework.

There are five sections that define the external environment and the customer responses to your offering.

Performing this analysis will give a detailed understanding of the needs of the market, investments required, supply chain, exit barriers, differentiation strategy, purchase power, and government policies.

These factors allow the investor to decide the profitability of your offering.

For Real Estate

All the templates mentioned above are appropriate for all the industries including real estate.

However, if you are particularly in the real estate field, we have a few real estate based analysis templates for your market trends reference. These include terms and concepts related to your field.

As a result, you can gain in-depth insights into your field and offering with these.

microsoft word

Found a property?

Wanted to know if this is financially and operationally viable?

You should use this business analysis template to perform a comparative analysis and fix the rates and amenities to your customers accordingly.

Based on the results, you can prepare the report and present to the stakeholders.

start copyright service helps analysis sample

This business analysis research template is a sample of how you perform the comparative analysis of multiple properties and focus on the one that offers the utmost benefit to you as well as the buyers/customer.

share marketing business analysis and research sample

For Products

Launching a product?

Need to analyze the market available for your product?

You should choose the templates listed in this section.

marketing business analysis plan sample word

Splitting the table into multiple sections like the template mentioned above and appending the trend for each of them should quicken the process.

An infographic like this can quickly attract your stakeholder.

marketing business analysis plan sample word marketing business analysis services sample pdf

This is called Ansoff’s matrix and is also a popular framework used by product development organizations to understand the market and pitch the product that has low to medium risks with medium to high returns.

sample marketing business analysis services


You don’t need an MBA degree to analyze the market available for your offering.

All you need to do is to be practical and apply every concept mentioned above from a practical perspective.

You do not only ensure quality reports but also minimize future risks with your accurate marketing analysis.

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