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15+ FREE SWOT Analysis Templates in Word

Featured Image: SWOT Analysis Template Examples

If you wanted to start your own venture or even perform a self-assessment, you need a proven theory to rely on the results and address the need.

SWOT analysis is a trusted theory that enables individuals and companies to analyze strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for a given case.

In the majority of the business studies, this theory is given importance due to its widespread validity.

Download Editable SWOT Analysis Templates

This is a 2×2 table that gives you precise results on where you should focus on and where you are good at.

In fact, this technique is easy to apply and involves basic terms to analyze a particular case.

Instead of creating a table on your own, you can use readily available SWOT analysis templates that are editable and printable too.


If you are new to this concept, begin with basic templates that are structured and can also guide you better with hints, examples, and keywords.

SWOT Analysis Template word SWOT Analysis Template excel SWOT Analysis Template pdf

In all these templates, you can notice that you can assess your potential with the help of a SWOT framework.

In the first section on strengths, add all the positives and under weaknesses, you may have to add all negatives.

To gain a deeper understanding of the case, it is essential to fill opportunities column based on strengths and weaknesses and then the threats column.

Once all of them are filled, you may have to analyze the root causes of weakness and threats and establish an action plan that can eliminate hindrances and maximize scope for your case.

If you are still unclear on what to fill, then the following template can help you better.

SWOT Analysis Template ppt

Since all the results are interrelated, arrows highlighted in this template can be really useful.

The template tells you that SWOT analysis is a step by step process and it needs a practical approach.

This template is really helpful when you need a direction in your business or when you wanted to compare yourself with others.

The best way to groom your character is to learn from others and alter your weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

This editable template gives you the chance to reflect on the performance as a team as well.

For Competitor Analysis

Like already mentioned, market analysis and SWOT analysis are widely used to perform competitor analysis and develop a strategy to outperform and sustain in the market.

This is a detailed template that lets you identify strengths and weaknesses in internal and external environments and you can compare with up to 3 competitors.

If you are at a managerial position in a firm, you should make use of this template to maximize the available opportunities and learn from your weaknesses to perform better in the coming quarters.

business SWOT Analysis

Right from the performance of human resources to values generated to the stakeholders, it is possible to carry out an extensive analysis and then draw conclusions based on the results.

Want to do an employee-specific SWOT analysis? Here is an easy-to-use template for your use.

business SWOT Analysis

For Career Change

Planning to change your career domain? Or appearing for an HR round shortly at your dream company?

You need to prepare yourself better and know the complete information about the new field.

business SWOT Analysis

This template just like a decision tree is definitely going to give you an understanding of the values and deficits of the new field and let you decide if threats and opportunities are appealing to you.

Every person who does a career change will have to use this resource mandatory in order to take a well-planned step that can influence your future.

For Personal Use

Here is an editable version for you to analyze the opportunities and threats yourself.

free business SWOT Analysis blog customer world data internal and external

New to this concept? Here is a template that tells you what to ask yourself and how to evaluate plans and people better.

simple business SWOT Analysis with market project strategy factors

Before you take an important life decision, it is essential to foresee the climate and this template lets you accomplish the same.

simple business SWOT Analysis with market project strategy factors business SWOT Analysis

Ways To Use

After having used the template to do external factors analysis, it is important to make the best use of outcomes. Here are a few things to carry out.

  • After you identify your strengths, link them with opportunities and draw an action plan to make the best use of opportunities to control threats. This action plan has to be result-driven. Once example is a project timeline that is essential for the successful completion of the project.
  • Set milestones for the rest of the year and look back at your performance in every quarter to see if your accomplishments are as proposed.
  • Take the help of others to find out how you can enhance your productivity rate. You can use a time log to keep track of your performance.

If you are using SWOT analysis for business reason, you may have to do the following:

  • Instead of the boring, lengthy reports of your performance, convert the analysis result into pictorial representation like graphs, charts, and infographics.
  • Draft a marketing plan and stakeholder communication plan accordingly.
  • Let your goals and activities align with the proposed strategic plan. Look back on the performance level each day.

Questions To Ask Yourself

Before you fill out SWOT templates, you need to know what to ask and fill in each quadrant. Here is the brief.

  1. Strengths: What has contributed to your success so far? What are your key assets and skills?
  2. Weaknesses: What makes you one among the crowd? What are the areas that require improvement? Do you face constraints at the moment?
  3. Opportunities: What makes you unique? How can you take advantage of your existing skill? How do you see opportunities in your field 5 years from now?
  4. Threats: Is your field going to get outdated? Is there any emergency around you that can prevent your growth?


Though the SWOT analysis template is originally a 2*2 table, it has a really high value on your personal and professional growth points.

All you need to do is to use them effectively at the right time.

Whether you are taking an important decision or presenting yourself to someone, use results to prepare your strategic plan and work as per the proposed list of milestones.

SWOT is powerful. So, use it wide!

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