13+ Root Cause Analysis Templates Download 2019

Root Cause Analysis Template

Have you ever thought of why you encounter a specific problem repeatedly? It can be as petty as going to your office at a delayed time or as major as a key component fault in the machinery. However, the analysis technique is the same and is commonly called the root cause analysis.

The best part about root cause analysis is it is applicable to errors in procedure, failures, human errors and any fault under the sky. To solve problems at an ease, you should opt for templates. Before we tell you the reason, take a look at the templates.

Printable root cause analysis templates

The notion of a root cause analysis is to promote the quality of service or product and streamline the workflow in such a way that the episode does not repeat anymore.

Here are a few steps to begin with the analysis.

  • Always list the problems faced, small or big, major or minor.
  • Collect data (historical and existing) before you get into the analysis.
  • Spot the causes and draft the solutions.
  • Link the causes and solutions with actionable strategies.
  • Do a pilot run before you implement as the permanent solution.

Root Cause Analysis Template Root Cause Analysis Template Root Cause Analysis Template Root Cause Analysis Template

rc 5

The WHY template given here is widely used by companies to perform extensive and accurate determination of the root cause. Unlike the generic templates that determine causes in general, this template gets deeper and eliminates recurring problems.

rc 6

To maximize the effectiveness of these templates, make sure to produce a report comprising of event detail and solution chosen.

All of the templates given above are printable and ready to use. As they are already aligned and formatted, you just have to download and begin using.

Filled root cause analysis templates

If you are new to the concept of root cause analysis, you should be informed that this is extremely simple to use. You can either write it as points or create a flow diagram or just follow the examples given in this section.

rc 7 rc 8 rc 9 rc 10

Having gone through the filled templates, it is understandable that root cause analysis gives accurate results. Since certain organizations try to assess the error rate on a weekly basis, it is advisable to differentiate the events with respective keywords. This idea can make the records easily identifiable too.

Action plan templates

It is essential to implement a solution for every root cause identified. While the templates listed above allow the users to identify the cause for a problem, you need an action plan template to connect the cause to the solution.

rc 11 rc 12 rc 13

When the action plan is under preparation stage, the ideal way to maximize productivity is to assign team members to perform corrective actions within the stipulated time, just like a work order template.


There are many methodologies like DMAIC, fishbone diagram and Pareto diagram that are used to assess the root cause for a specific problem. However, if you are new to this subject, these templates are all that you need to prevent errors in your operations in the near future. They are simple, efficient and useful for better outcomes. Also, check out some project timeline templates to manage your projects better.

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